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Northwest Territorial Mint  Call 800-647-6168 (toll free)
Offering an online store for the world's largest collection of minted products like challenge coins, commemorative medallions, bullion etc for corporate, governmental, military and private entities around the world.
Northwest Territorial Mint, P.O. Box 2148, Auburn, WA 98071-2148   (992)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Minted Products Business

It is strange that in the midst of so many people trying to dive in success there are still some businesses they are simply ignorant about. Perhaps these industries sounded pricey or they were just considered inaccessible. But haven’t we all been shopping in retail for minted coins? Well, here we are not discussing about natural herb mint but that specially marked medallions that makes you proud of your army men in the country. Special eagle coins your office awards for achievers, the traditional collection of country coins specially adorned on your wall and several similar mementoes that made those coins special are all set to make you rich. But before we move on to business details lets learn a little about origination of minted products and how they gained popularity?

Minted products were usually associated with military, army, government specifically coins and medallions. There have been debates about origination of challenge coins amid several military units and similarly commemorative medallions were also famed amid ranks in navy or to pay homage to some specific event and so. Conclusively, we can say minted coins, medallions and bullions were put to use by government and military to some extent. But with its royal presence and prestigious stratum these minted coins and medallions were seen shopping by buyers in retail stores.

But who were these buyers? As sports was getting individual identity each of famous games had their own fraternity, clubs and fan following like football or Harley’s motor bikes become a rage and its minted coins a mania amid teenagers. Apart from sports there were fire departments, police department, fraternal organizations, poker series players all wished to have their individual minted identity for their members. Hence with customized minted products tradition each group states its presence and strength. Now coming to business terms what products exactly can we accommodate in this category?

Initially this category was limited to medallions and coins which were also expensive to produce because crafting a dye for metal and then producing the minted coins all required specific working. But then gradually they have evolved to wide range of customized products like coins for army, navy, kids, bikers, religious, historical, accessories, coasters, tie tacks, cuff links, jewelry products, specialty coins, lapel pin and bullions. You can have an exclusive retail business of offering minted products customized to clients requirement or if you can offer some old valuable collection to collectors that could also earn you great bucks. Here what matters is your outlay, eminence, overhaul and precision in delivery rather than what you were shopping for to generate those products. So you have few options in this business stream as either it has to be government, military or typical minted impressions or you can invest on new metal dye cast to offer exclusive range to your clientele.

We would not say invest in this business as it offers good scope because this is an expensive business investment. Minted products manufacturers deal in gold and silver bullions too which imply dealing in good amounts and high cost investment. Other than this if one has funds, contacts and resources for the business it can be a good opportunity to invest in an old business stream with new creations. For instance one can offer to give 3-D effects to emblems on coins and medallions and so on. One cannot enjoy a profitable retail business in minted products because these products are usually produced on order and in bulk so retail business can get caught in dead stocks and wastage of funds.

As online retail shopping is the most talked about trends these days one can also set up list of products as if offering an online store for his collection of minted products. Finally offering you our suggestions we would state that all such businesses that cater to communities, people and social contacts run on goodwill and words of mouth. Here also trust and quality are such two features that can offer you success in this stream. Hence whether it’s plush minted bullion or customized bookmark for book store, your have to magnetize your punter back for good profits!

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