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1800marryme.com   Call 1-212-265-1915
USA based online seller of engagement and diamond rings jewelry in different styles. Take some of your time to give a visit to site for further information and product specification details along with online shopping.
1461 First Ave. New York, NY 10075, USA
http://www.1800marryme.com/   (3271)

1800MarryMe.com Inc.   Call 1-212-265-1915
USA based online seller of diamond rings for engagements at affordable discount diamond ring prices in different styles and sizes. Visit the site for online retail shopping and to get more information about the products.
1461 First Ave. New York, NY 10075, USA
http://www.freddydiamonds.com/   (3269)

Bluenile   Call 800-242-2728
As the largest online retailer of certified diamonds, engagement rings and fine jewelry, the company offer outstanding quality, selection, and value for all its business products such as wedding and anniversery rings, Watches and Accessories, silver and gold jewellery, pearl jewelry and much more. Visit site for detailed information about different products.
Online shopping store
http://www.bluenile.com/   (3304)

Emerald Rings   Call 888 926 4272
Gorgeous Emerald Rings at up to 80% off! Enjoy 30-day returns and FREE shipping on orders over $150. Amazing selection and value, only at ANGARA.
Angara Inc, 550 South Hill St, Suite 1554, Los Angeles, CA 90013
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Gerald Online   Call Online Support
One of UK's largest online jeweller offering items like jewellery, engagement rings, earrings, wedding rings, bracelets, bangles, jewelry sets and more in different collections like white gold, gemstones, fashion collections, gold and silver, platinum and diamonds, eternity, trilogy and more. Give a look to site for complete business information and for online secured retail shopping of all products.
PO Box 312, Bicester, Oxon, OX26 9BL, UK
http://www.geraldonline.com/   (3303)

James Allen   Call 888-582-5840
Offer a wide range of classic and contemporary designs as well as three-stone bands and eternity rings including women wedding bands, men wedding bands, three stone diamond rings, hearts and arrows diamond rings, sterling silver and gold jewelry, the perfect match engagement rings, loose diamonds and much more. Further business information on the site.
1291 Riverbend Way Frederick, MD 21701, USA
http://www.jamesallen.com/   (3306)

RingsRUs Wedding Rings   Call 01292610190
Offer a wide selection of rings with 20-40% discount on 9ct or 18 carat gold, silver, platinum, palladium, titanium and zirconium rings and also offer alternate rings such as spinning rings or titanium rings either inscribed with a message or pattern of your choice. Visit site for online shopping or if you need to know more business details.
35 High St., Ayr, KA7 1LU
http://www.ringsrus.co.uk   (3456)

Transatlantic Jewelry Ltd.   Call (44) 20 8099 6849
Online shopping store offering cost-effective huge range of diamond rings, earrings, necklace and more. Offering a wide range of products for both men and women and offer jewellery in materials such as gold, diamond, and silver. Also can help with custom designs as per customers requirments. Take some of your time to give a look to site for further business information and details.
1, Chasewood Park, Sudbury Hill, Harrow,Middlesex, HA1 3YP, United Kingdom
http://www.diamonds-ring.co.uk/   (3305)

Business Information: A Guide To Engagement Rings Business

For most of the people the most important jewelry they purchase is the Engagement ring or the wedding rings. It is common rituals in most of the religion to exchange rings during engagements. It represents an agreement for future marriage. Again during the wedding rings are exchanged. It represents the promise made to each other. So it is one of the most important rings in one’s life. There are many types of rings available from platinum to gold. You can find people shopping for these rings all the year round. Engagement and wedding rings kind of business has nice potential and is much profitable one.

Engagement and wedding rings jewellery are available in different styles. Diamond is one of the most widely featured in rings. One single diamond is used in Solitaire rings. Also combinations, like one larger diamond in the center while small ones around it are also available. Customer shopping for rings jewellery usually looks for these different styles. Apart from diamonds, customers do also prefer colored gemstones. These can also be used to surround the diamonds. Making these latest styles of rings available is very necessary for ring retail business.

There are also various shapes available for Engagement and wedding rings. Shape is the first thing one considers while shopping for a ring. Few of the shapes available are Symmetrical, Asymmetrical, Twist, Delicate, Dramatic and Chunky. Symmetrical shapes are mainly naturally balanced. Asymmetrical are mostly contemporary designs which make a particular statement. Twist style rings can be Asymmetrical or Symmetrical. Delicate shape ring is very simple and outstanding. Dramatic shaped rings are of unconventional shaped includes bold and colorful gemstones. Chunky shaped rings are modern styled containing a lot of precious metals. One must have all the above shapes available to attract business.

There are many precious and semi-precious stones available for the Engagement and wedding rings. Apart from diamond, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Aquamarine, Garnet, Amethyst and many more are available. Customers also do shopping for rings according to their birthstone. They just look out what stone goes with their sun-signs. Each stone goes with the each month of the year. Aquarius stone is onyx or malachite, Pisces stone is jasper or jade, and so on are some of the examples. Knowing about this will help the customer to make the selection for their jewellery needs. So to have a basic knowledge of astrology is always beneficial to the business.

Engagement and wedding rings are usually worn during the whole life time. So it is very necessary to have the correct width of the ring. It is never an easy task to resize a ring afterwards. The size depends upon the kind and quantity of precious metals used. Different types of finishes for the ring also can be made available for shopping. Finish is always the final touch for ones ring. There are different types of finishes available. Some of them are Polished, Satinised, Hammered, Woodgrain effect, Roman finishes, etc. Giving the above kind of service to the customer is very necessary for the business.

Engraving ones Engagement and wedding rings is an additional joy in the occasion. Engraving is generally of two types lettering and decoration. Lettering can be done in the inner side or the outer side of the shank. Decoration is done in the outer side of the shank. Lettering can be used to give a personal and memorable message. It can even be used to write a memorable date. Patterned engraving is used to create amazing textures. Seal engraving can have a meaningful photo or picture engraved. Nowadays people shopping do look for a special message to be given through the rings. These kinds of special services are of course cost extra and make more profit in the business. Engagement and wedding rings normally do become little loose as it is worn daily.

Precious stones are natural elements. They get easily damaged. Always guide the customer regarding how to care their Engagement and wedding rings. The better service you will give the better result you will get. Customer coming for shopping rings jewellery will trust you and will recommend others about the service available. Always be aware about the facts regarding the properties of precious metals and how to take care of them. As many people are not aware of the types of precious metals, trust is very important in this business.

Engagement and wedding rings retail business are the most profitable business in the jewelry world. Always be updated with the latest styles, unique shapes and amazing designs. Better quality and service is very necessary to be in the leading among all. Customer coming for shopping must be treated well. It is also important to know about the customer requirement and budget. Catalogue must be made available so that one can have a look at all rings in one go. This will make job easy for the both.

Rings have always held a sway over the human mind. It has always been the perfect gift to show one’s affection for their loved ones. Setting up a jewelry ring business can be an expensive affair but it is an equally lucrative business proposition to make profit.

The first step in setting up a jewelry ring business is to decide up on a particular niche market. It is always important to know what to look for or have a mental clear picture of the type of ring that is to be stocked, as the varieties available are seemingly endless. For example – does the store intend to sell women’s rings, men’s rings or both? Is there any specific metal the store is going to specialize in any specific metal like gold, silver, diamond or platinum? Some stores offer shopping exclusively in a single metal like diamond to get that elite uniform look.

Shopping for a single ring can be tiresome enough but searching for an entire collection of rings for the store can be overwhelming. It is always important to have the best contact and resources to get the big deal. One can never under estimate the value of an expert when shopping for a diamond or engagement ring. Some of the things to note for while searching are the type of metal the jewelry ring comes in and the precious stones encrusted on it. Some customers might want a complicated design while some would prefer an ordinary stone without any adornment. Hence, the local demands of customers have to be kept in mind while shopping. Also, the size and shape of the precious stones have to be given careful consideration. This again depends on one’s intuition on the plausibility of the ring getting sold. The rings must also be available on reasonable prices taking into account the money spent on various customs formalities.

It is always a wise move to carry different sizes and quantities of the rings you have stocked. This would be advisable when selling the rings via stores or online as it gives the customers quite a range of each choice which makes it easier for them to make their decisions. The general norm in stocking is to have a few more rings in the most popular sizes than the others. It is not necessary to have rings of all possible sizes as customers shopping for engagement or diamond rings would do anything to find that perfect ring. Hence if they are satisfied or interested in the design they would return provided the store can order what they need in a timely fashion.

The most important aspect of the jewelry ring business is the display. It is the key aspect responsible for enticing the customers and also showcasing the variety of rings at the store. One popular technique to display is to put on view all of the collection - engagement rings, diamond rings, fine jewelry rings, fashion rings, etc. on similar surfaces. Pegs, slotted trays, hand replicas or wands are some of the creative instruments of display but over the top arrangements can have a negative impact on the sales by drawing the customer’s attention to the display rather than the ring. Hence, it is always safe to go with simple hinged display boxes with contrasting color combinations like white velvet for a gold ring, black velvet for a silver ring, marble for a diamond ring and petrified wood for copper.

Another important aspect of staying successful in the jewelry ring business is to have a constantly updated catalogue of the latest designs. Shopping online is a good option to stay up to date with the latest trends and it also is a great way to buying in bulk and buying quickly. The authenticity and trustworthiness of the online sites has to be thoroughly examined before any transactions. The 4.5 million online web pages offering online shopping for jewelry rings shows that diamond and engagement rings business is healthy and profitable.

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