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Gemstone Jewellery   Call 01743 244433
Gemstone Jewellery of Shrewsbury, Gold and Silver Gem set Jewellery, Rings, Bracelets, Pendants, Earrings, Necklets and Charms, Wedding and Engagement Rings, Mineral Crystal Specimens, Geodes, Fossils etc with free delivery. Visit the site for online shopping and to get more products information and details.
51 Middle Mall, Darwin Centre, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY1 1BW   (3831)

SWD Ruby Sapphire   Call (662) 234-1360, 237-5505
Offer wholesale gemstones including cabochon cut ruby stone, loose rubies, blue, fancy, yellow, pink sapphire gemstone for dealer and supplier. Also one can shop online for all retail products.
316/6-7 Silom Road, Suriyawong, Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand, 10500   (3830)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Gemstones Business

The gemstone business is carried out in the entire world since a long time. People and experts believe that these stones possess healing powers and owning them can rectify lots of problems faced in the life. The belief and trust of people on precious stones have made the business of these products to grow into an incredible level. The people who go shopping in retail stores for the jewellery items look for the most significant and unique pieces which carry the gemstones. The experts of this business suggest the customers that each and every gem has a unique quality which is very magical as it helps people to over come any emotional and physical problems.

The people who practice gem therapy believe that these stones carry certain vibrations which when worn by people, has the effect of changing their fate. Hence the people who take suggestions from these gem therapists go shopping for the retail jewellery which is embedded with gemstones of their choice. When a person intends to start this business, he must know about the healing properties of various gems. For instance, amber can free the people from emotional burdens; coral strengthens emotional base; diamond enhances the personality; jade reduces tension; opal broadens the perspectives of people who wear it; ruby helps to over come fear; sapphire provides peace of mind and so on. Such great and extra ordinary healing properties of these precious products must be made clear to the customers who come shopping for the jewelries.

The business men of these stones must be aware of the fact that each zodiac sign corresponds to a precious stone. These people must enable the customers to choose the correct precious stone according to their zodiac signs. The combination of sun signs and gemstones are Aries and ruby; Taurus and sapphire; Gemini and aquamarine; Cancer and pearl; Leo and topaz; Virgo and jade; Libra and opal; Scorpio and blood stone; Sagittarius and turquoise; Capricorn and diamond; Aquarius and malachite; Pisces and emerald. These details can be accurately obtained from the experts of Astrology. The jewellery embedded with these stones gets sold like hot cakes in many of the countries as the women are very crazy about shopping for such jewellery in retail counters.

The business men of gemstones must be ready to invest a good amount of money on these products. They must build a good social network which brings in lots of customers to them. They must be familiar with the marketing strategies and should be able to convince the customers about the healing properties of these stones. They can collect testimonials from their trusted customers and use them as effective marketing tools. The business men of these goods must sell their products at premiums over their purchase investments as the value of these items never decline and always there is a rise. These people must appear to be authoritative and firm about the effects of these valuable stones while dealing with their customers. This will create a sense of confidence in the customers and make them proceed with the deal. Once these customers are happy with the goods, they will inspire and encourage the others through word of mouth marketing. This will enhance the growth in the number of people shopping for jewellery with gemstones.

To elevate and promote the growth of this retail business, advertising in the local classifieds or promoting the products on different online sites can work miracles. This business can be propagated online from the privacy of one’s home. As a dealer of these items, a person must stock the rare and exotic gems as well as the customary ones. This will enable the customers to have a wider choice of cuts, sizes and colors. The new varieties of gemstones must be added to the stock frequently. This will help the dealer to closely follow the market and provide the best to his customers who come shopping for the jewellery items.

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