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Earring Express   Call 1-877-238-3034
Company having 20 years of experience in jewellery business and offers fine quality diamond and gemstone earrings at prices far below retail. Also offer white gold diamond earrings, Diamond Stud Earrings, Diamond Studs, princess cut diamond studs, freshwater pearl earrings, etc. Visit the site for online shopping and for more products information.
1212 S. Naper Blvd. Suite 119-236, Naperville, IL 60540, USA
http://www.earringexpress.com/   (3828)

Sparklecove   Call 1-800-431-0113.
Company highly skilled in the art of jewelry making and offer Handmade earrings featuring Swarovski earrings, handcrafted earrings, bali silver earrings, holiday Swarovski earrings, handmade lampwork glass earrings and much more. Visit the site for online shopping and for more business information and details.
P.O. Box 180, Roy, Utah 84067
http://www.sparklecove.com/   (3829)

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Wearing earrings accentuates the personality, beauty and elegance of a woman. These ornaments have been in use since a very long time. Anciently people used to wear earrings to symbolize their status or signify their achievements. But for some time this item has been worn by only women for decorating purpose. Now due to the change in the modern trend, men too love to go shopping in retail stores for this piece of Jewellery to adorn them. They are available in plenty of designs, varieties, materials, colors, shapes and so on. These pieces can be worn to complement the attire. So this business has a steady growth and the craze for this Jewellery never declines or diminishes. Due to the introduction of costume and fashion Jewellery in the global market, people have the facility of choosing them from the inexpensive range to the most expensive ones. Hence the range of this business has been promoted to higher levels thus yielding a good profit.

These ornaments are bought not only for the personal use but the people go shopping for these retail items to present as gifts to their friends and relatives. Whether it is expensive platinum and diamond combination or the affordable fashion piece, these ornaments are the greatest way of making others happy when they receive it as a gift. So the people who are dealing with these items predict the probability of the sales of these items by observing the buyers’ craze. The people who go shopping for Jewelry opt for the earrings with gem stones as these pieces are made with fineness and intricate designs. These ornaments are available in many patterns like dangles, droplets, studs, hoops and so on. To wear them generally one has to pierce his or her ears. But the trendy and fashionable clip on varieties of this Jewellery enable the people to wear them without getting the ears pierced.

People go shopping to buy these retail items which meet their life styles, personalities and tastes. The modern trend has made the people indulge in wearing multiple numbers of these ornaments on each ear. The pop stars, punk rock stars and others have inspired the men to wear this Jewelry on their ears. All these factors have been helpful greatly for the elevation and propagation of this business. Wearing these ornaments can never go out of trend. So there will be a constant need for these items which are preferred with different trends as and when a new generation emerges. The hand made fashion earrings signify the craftsmanship and they attract the viewers so much triggering the craze in them to go shopping for such items. The ceramic earrings have captivated the hearts of people due to the globe they produce that elevates the appeal of the wearer. These items are made very unique with innovative designs and creative models which kindle an urge in the buyers to come shopping in retail stores for them.

The leather earrings are yet another fascinating feature which attracts people who love trendy and spicy products. These items involve incredulous imaginations, rare color combinations and ultra modern designs. Thus the people are opting for fashionable ornaments and adorn themselves in the most appealing and stylish way. As there are a number of new models and designs available in this Jewellery, this business is believed to be the most lucrative and remunerative one. These ornaments are available in the retail market with a wide range of varieties which can be worn as casual wear, business wear or special and formal wear etc. These ornaments must be manufactured as per the buyers’ specifications so they can easily meet with all the demands of the customers. Most of these products are made by blending traditional ideas with modern concepts.

The silver plated and gold plated earrings are also preferred by many women as they are less expensive than the original ones but exude a similar appearance to the expensive ones. Some of the models of these ornaments are larger in size and women love to go shopping for these varieties as they enhance the rich and posh appeal of a person.

When it comes to jewellery and especially women’s jewellery there is such a wide variety of products that it almost seems infinite. When shopping of jewellery for women you will come across products ranging from bracelets, necklaces, chains, earrings, pins, rings, pendants, charms to name a few. There are so many products and women keep shopping for these products whenever they so that represents a large market potential for those looking to enter or start an earrings retail business. The earrings retail business is quite similar to most of the jewellery businesses but what you will want to do is to concentrate of having a wide range of earrings and have products that will meet the requirement of everyone who visits you. You will not want to let go even one person who comes shopping for earrings at your earrings retail business.

If you are amongst the many people thinking of how to find tips and ideas on starting an earrings retail business then this article is for you. In this article we discuss some of the more successful business models that you too can implement to start your earrings retail business. Before we start with our retail business model recommendations we would like to also stress upon the importance of registering your business using a business name along with a business license and tax number. Another of the things that you would want to take care of is that the name of your business must be if possible related to jewellery. For instance, you can name your firm as ‘ABC earrings & jewellery’, this way people will instantly know that your firm deals in earrings & jewellery.

For our first business model tips and ideas we recommend that you can consider a retail store selling all kinds of jewellery but mainly earrings because that’s what you will like to concentrate on. Some of the major types of earrings that women do shopping from range from stud earrings, hoop earrings, dangle earrings, slave earrings, ear spikes and huggy earrings. Also there are earrings that are used in the form of body piercing. For your retail store earrings business you will want to have a store that is located in the central shopping district so that people can find your store with a good degree of ease. Another business advantage that you will have with a centrally located retail store earrings business is that though you will find competition but at the same time you will have many more customers coming earrings shopping to your store.

For a successful business venture you will have to look for the right products, you will have to have a pulse of what the market is and what products are in fashion. At the same time you will also want to see which suppliers and manufacturers give you such products with good quality and a fair amount of profit margin. You should also look to low cost earrings manufacturing destinations like India and China. Meet some people in this business may be some sales men or suppliers and get some reports on what brands and labels are in fashion.

The other earrings retail business model that you can choose for your retail business can be that of selling earrings at an open stall that can be located probably anywhere you can find an appropriate place to set shop. The stall can be located either at the beachside if you live in a city that has a beach or on the road side of a busy shopping street. To set up such a retail business shop you would require prior permission from the city municipal corporation. Thereafter you will want to source products from vendors and distributors. What you will also want to keep in mind is that people shopping for earrings at a street shop will not want to pay too much for a pair of earrings and such jewellery items. You need to have jewellery items and earrings that do not cost much yet are attractive to wear plus good for casual wear.

For such a retail business model you will also need to have a good display so that you can showcase all your products or most of them on or above you earrings street shop. Such a way of shopping is quite fun for people as they can do earrings shopping without having to enter a store? Walking on the street you can come across a nice pairing of earrings and if you would like it you can always buy it.

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