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Body Jewelry Shopping Co Ltd   Call 662 7112704
Offer new elegant, vibrant designs best wholesale Jewelry from SE Asia at affordable discounted prices. Products include ,Costume Jewellery Swarovski Crystal Earring Necklace Sets, Unique Beaded Necklaces, Bangle Bracelets, Costume Bracelets and more. Visit the site for complete information and details.
PB Penthouse 1, Sukumvit 71, Soi 14, Soi 3, Floor 9, 281/ 61, Phrakanong, Bangkok, Thailand 10110   (3793)

MAJ International Ltd   Call Not provided
Offer all kinds of costume and fashion jewelry in different styles including wedding jewelry for brides and bridesmaids, best selection of ladies rings, men's jewellery, bracelets for men, women and children and much more. Visit the site for online shopping in retail.
34 Osier Crescent. London N10 1QW,   (3792)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Costume Jewellery Business

Costume jewellery is also known as fashion jewellery, junk jewelry, fake jewellery and it is made up of less valuable materials. These are made as ornamentation to compliment the costumes. So these jewelries are known as costume jewelries. The materials used to make costume jewellery are glass, plastic, synthetic stone etc. The people have developed a craze on this costume jewellery and regularly go shopping for these products in nearby retail stores. The business of costume jewelry is an enterprising one due to the growth in the number of customers and change in the modern trends. Any creative minded person can make the costume jewellery and these could be very appealing and beautiful.

The costume jewellery is made with glass beads, wooden beads, gem stones, ceramic, metals, horn, ivory, coral, tortoise shell, synthetic pearls etc. The antique and contemporary styles of costume jewelry are very much in demand among the women. The Venetian glass beads of costume jewellery have scored the top most places in the shopping list of women. This business is a flourishing one as the modern women demand more for these products. This business can be started in a small level and later after targeting many customers; it can be shifted to a better, comfortable and spacious place where the costume jewellery can be displayed with proper lighting effects to elevate the appearance of these products.

The person who deals with the business of costume jewellery must have an idea about the maintenance of these products. Cleaning the costume jewellery is very simple but the cleaning process must be done regularly to prevent the tarnishing of the costume jewelry. Using mild detergents with water to clean the costume jewellery is effective. After cleaning it, we must dry it thoroughly and wrap it in an anti tarnish paper and secure it safely. This routine will keep the costume jewellery appear new always.

The retail cost of the costume jewellery can be little expensive due to the usage of few gem stones, pearls, corals etc. The business men or women must study the minds of the buyers and he or she must be in a position to show them the pieces according to their taste and budget when they come shopping in retail for the costume jewellery. He or she must have the in-depth knowledge of these products to be able to clear the doubts of the customers about the costume jewel. He or she must also be in a position to suggest the suitable set of the costume jewelry to the customers. These trivial concerns will increase the trust and confidence of the customers who come shopping. Thus this business will grow forever with the support of these eager customers.

The costume jewellery looks great on everyone who compliments it with their costumes and it transforms their appearance glamorously. It must available in all colors, shapes and sizes and there should not be any limit in the creativity and imagination put in to make the costume jewellery. The materials used to make these are inexpensive but this costume jewellery mimics the original one. The costume jewellery set should include a necklace, a bracelet and earrings. The customers who come shopping in retail for the costume jewellery can be encouraged to buy them in bulk so as to mix and match these products that can go with any costumes and attribute to the lavishness and richness of the attire.

Most of the women have a tendency to be overly fussy about their appearance and accessories. But the costume jewelry is very inexpensive but provides a rich appeal and everyone can afford to buy these items. So there is no more fussing about the appearance or accessories. All these beneficial factors trigger the eagerness of the women to go retail shopping for the costume jewellery. Hence there is a rapid growth and increase in the quality of this business. To propagate this business to further extent, it can be done online too.

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