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Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide to Bangles and Bracelets Business

If anyone wants to start a new business, the bangles and bracelets jewellery business will be an apt one. As there is an eternal craze for these articles around the world, there will be a steady flow and increase in the business to the persons whoever wants to take over it. The bangles and bracelets, either expensive ones made of platinum, gold, silver etc or less expensive ones made of glass, wood, plastic, copper, vinyl etc., are one of the most preferred items for online shopping by the women and girls when they need them for different occasions like wedding, festivals, and birthdays, other anniversaries, college cultural and so on. So there will be a constant need for these products and the business in retail is sure to reach the top position.

The history of bangles and bracelets jewellery start from the Roman culture. Later they were used in different parts of the world by women and men by attaining new and different shapes .Bangles are of different types such as glass, metal, copper, silver, rubber, plastic, gold, bronze, clay etc. among these categories, copper came during 322-185 BCE. Following copper, gold rued the world during 6th century of BCE. During 6th century decorated shell bangles business too attracted people of all generations. These decorated shell bangles were composed of copper rivets, gold of leafy structure and gems of ancient trends. Among the various production units of bangles, India stands first. Hyderabad, a city of India is the best manufacturing place and selling unit of bangles jewelry since ancient times. Another Indian location in the name of Firozabad also stands in the best place for production of bangles. Bangles from here are being exported to various places in wholesale and also sold in retail shopping over internet. These places include United Kingdom, United States, West Indies, etc.

Nowadays jewellery like bracelets are being worn by men too. They too prefer them in different patterns and styles. There came different types of bracelet business in the retail market. They include sports, slap, charm, beaded, link, silver, glass and gold bracelet business. There is an endless shopping craze for these products among women which has made the manufacturers to think creatively and innovatively. The result of this innovation has lead to the making of bracelets and bangles with different materials like vinyl, leather, satin, and so on.

These fashion bangles and bracelets go very well with the trendy attires of today’s youth. So this business will flourish like anything and there won’ be a down fall to this due to the obsession of girls and women on these products. In 1900 the bracelets and bangles were adorned with precious gems and they were used not only in the wrists but also on the upper arms too.

In the middle of 1950, they have taken the shape of gold mesh or twisted wire patterns. In the end of 1970, the bangles of rigid type and the bracelets of flexible type were in vogue. From 1980 to the present day there are various changes in the shapes of bangles and bracelets jewellery or jewelry. The bangles are available in hexagon, square shapes with suitable earrings. Selling these trendy products will enhance the sales and the retail business specifically will attain the peak.

The sales of bangles and bracelets business have increased incredibly since 1950 as the number of users has increased around the world. The sales level is very high in India and Pakistan where the culture demands the use of these products. Also the trend for online shopping is now at its peak. It has increased by 65% when compared to 1980’s. Now a world wide craze has spread for the bangles and bracelets jewelry. The US has shown 45% of increase in the sales of these products as the women there is fascinated by these bangles, bracelets, earrings etc. Around the world it has increased from 5 million to 65 million since 1970’s to the present day. Now you can imagine the obsession for these articles among the people around the world. There is going to be a continuous demand for these bangles and bracelets as the youth of every generation prefer them in different styles and patterns.

Bangles and bracelets are a piece of jewelry which are worn around the wrist and usually round in shape. Bangles are mainly worn in pairs by the women. Bracelets are worn by both men and women of different ages. These are worn at special occasions. Especially during festival times we can find people shopping for these jewellery items. It makes ones wrist attractive and special. Many people prefer to have a set with each dress. It is used as a fashion at some places while as a custom at another place. No matter what they are used by number of peoples around the world. Retail business for bangles and bracelets do have a nice scope as they are sold in huge quantities.

There are different types of material used for making Bangles and bracelets. People love wearing them as they try to represent their personality through it. Many people do find themselves incomplete if they have not worn them. They are new fashion trend among the teenager. There are many types of inexpensive bracelets which are made up of leather, lac, glass, plastic, etc. Even wooden, stainless steel, plastic bangles are available. These are the ones which can be used daily. Customer coming for shopping will always look for all these. Business from these types jewelry is much profitable.

There are different types of bracelets. They are classified according to the material used. Some of the kinds are Pearl, Diamond, Gemstone, Fancy, Charm, etc. Pearl bracelets are delicate and elegant. They can be used on special occasions like wedding and even in day to day life. A diamond bracelet gives a distinct look to the person wearing it. People also prefer shopping for giving these as a gift to someone. For a nice jewellery business opportunity all these types of bracelets must be made available.

Similarly bangles are also available in different types. Always offer customers coming for shopping an elegant range of bangles. For this retail business it very important to include bangles made up of aluminum, lac, acrylic and wood materials. These brings a touch of ethnicity are glamorous. Eye catching designs and bold flashes of color are always attractive. It is very good to be up with the changing fashion trends. These types of bangles are inexpensive and are purchased in quantities. They also have a good margin of profit.

People also look for expensive bangles. Gold bangles are the one which is made up of solid gold and does not contain any gems or stones. Precious stone bangles have precious stone studded in gold bangles. Exquisite bangles have complicated design are used occasionally. Some of the bangles are worn single while some in sets. Set of bangles contains six or eight numbers in which 2 are wider ones than the other. Retail Customer coming for shopping may look around these kinds of sets. They always require different styles and latest design. Always look for their requirement. In the retail business of these one must be always keep updated with the current fashion trend going on in jewellery.

Always offer traditional as well as modern designed available for selection for the retail business. Customers come from different backgrounds. They have different taste, different age groups and different culture. When they come for shopping they always require a wide range for their selection. Retail business depends upon how much range are you offering to the customer. There must be expensive as well as inexpensive items. There must be simple as well as modern design items. These will make customer from different sections of society attracted.

Always try to find the customer needs. Some do shopping on a particular occasion. It might be their wedding jewelry. This is very special one for all. They just want to have the best one available in the market. In this retail business keep a special counter for wedding bracelets and bangles. This will make the customer feel special and also will be time saving. They will have to look just what they want. On this day people do not worry about the cost of the item. They just want to look traditional as well as modern. Give them these types of combination.

Offer various discounts on some special occasion. People do purchase jewellery on festival day, wedding day, birthday or just for collection. Try to find out the customer needs and this special occasion. Giving discounts on this day will attract customer coming for shopping. Always make a database of your customer. Keep a track of their birthday. Offer them special discount on that day. This will make the customer feel special and always be in contact with you. Note their wedding anniversary. Offer them discount coupons. They can purchase when they require if they have the discount coupons. Retail business can be easily gained by these methods.

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