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Keengardener Ltd.   Call 01789 763336
UK located company offering online safe and secure shopping for gardening related products such as lawn movers, garden power tools, insect habitats, garden furniture, greenhouse equipment, gardening gloves, pond pumps, etc.
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LBS Garden Warehouse   Call 01282 873370
LBS Group is a well-established family business employing over 200 people and offering top quality, professional gardening products at affordable prices available to buy online and deliver anywhere in the mainland UK. Products include garden structures, garden sundries, garden tools, pest and disease control, gardening equipment and more. Visit the site for complete information.
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Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Garden Tools And Equipment Business

Gardens are the breathing space in the concrete jungle that our cities and urban landscapes are filled with today. Gardens and green patches are reducing by the day and this not only means less green spaces but also that the young generation is being deprived of play parks in with quick reachable distances. Children need to interact with other kids for their own social development needs and therefore gardens and public play parks have a significant role to play in development of society as a whole.

Pollution is another big evil that gardens and green spaces help control more over NASA placing 15-18 plants in an 1800 square foot home is ideal to cleanse the air. Also in an article published by the Times Of India on February 4th, 2009 it has reported that the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation of Bombay has allotted Rupees 25.3 million to maintain and develop recreation and public park in the city. But maintaining and developing is no mean task and require not just a dedicated team but also modern tools and maintenance equipment.

If you are already into a business related to gardens such a nursery, garden plants production and sell etc then you would have a fair idea of what is needed to start your own garden tools and equipment retail or wholesale business. In case you are complete fresh to such a business then too there is no deterrent to stop you from entering such a business. Before we proceed with introducing the requirements of a garden tools and equipment business lets us look at what trends are being followed currently. According to the Early Spring Gardening Trends Research Report people in Central Indiana spend a little over $304 million at garden tools and equipment and supply stores each year. Moreover people buy 47% of garden tools and equipment from garden supply retail stores while 44% people will buy their tools and equipments from mass merchants.

So why do people in Central Indiana go for garden tools and equipment shopping? According National Gardening Association Lawn care (48%), indoor houseplants (39%), flower gardening (36%) and vegetable gardening (22%) in that order garner share of the garden tools and equipment business. So now when you start your garden tools and equipment you know what kind of tools and equipment people would generally buy for their garden care needs. Though stats are for Central Indian but this is the general trend of people�s retail shopping needs pertaining to gardening tools and equipment. You can open a garden tools and equipments store as research has shown that 47% people do shopping from garden supply stores. While there is not much of difference in shopping stats from mass merchants, research has shown that 44% people do shopping mass merchants.

There are a variety of tools and equipment that you can shop in retail for; there is the basic spades fork that is usually the first garden tool most people buy. If you would like to cultivate plants and flowers yourself then a hoe would come in handy. There are a few other basic garden tools and equipments you can go shopping for which will assist you in keeping the garden spick and span.

There are some more garden tools and equipment shopping you can do once you decide that you love gardening as a hobby and would tend to your flowers and plants regularly. If you shall go shopping for small trees, shrubs, flowers yourself and dig and plant them yourself then a round-ended shovel would be idea for such larger digging projects. Lastly you can also shop for shears, also referred to as clippers and handy for tasks such as shaping, pruning and removing branches or foliage.

If you are looking of starting a retail business then the one related to the garden tools and equipment can be a great choice for you. People are always fond of shopping for the things that are related to the garden tools and equipment. Gardening has always been a thing which is like by many people. People do it for the sake of fun and enjoyment. The planting of small plants give them immense pleasure and they get very satisfied with that. There are many things you need to consider before planting the plants such as which kind of plants can grow in certain environments, how often you have to water them and add fertilizers to them etc. People not only do it as a recreational activity but is also a great source of income for them. It is a good way of producing the high value crops which provides the farmers with the great revenue. The lives of the farmers totally depend upon these crops and they spend a lot of time in taking care of these plants and crops. This is why the importance of the garden tools and equipment increases even more. The shopping of these items is also of great concern. The farmers need such equipment which can provide a better life to their crops and are also very durable. This equipment must be easily available so that the farmers can get the most out of it.

When starting a retail business many of the things need your attention. There are some things that need to be done before you go for opening a shopping store for the garden tools and other equipment related to gardening. The people who come to purchase these tools and equipment always look for such tools that are good with the plants. They should be durable so that the farmers should not need to purchase them again and again. The gardening tools retail business requires some special care as all of the people are not into this activity. You need to have your store at such as place where you can find your target audience easily and the people of that area are interested in this field. When starting a retail business some things are important to be known to you. This guide will help you in starting a retail business of the garden tools and equipment.

Starting your own retail business had long been your dream but now you can easily turn it into a reality once you read out this guide, as it is going to be of great help for you. At the start of opening a shopping store for the gardening tool you will have to do a lot of work but as you get familiarized with the market, it starts becoming easy for you. You can generate a lot of profit with the help of selling these products. You need to choose the legal structure of your particular retail business. You need to be really focused while you choose the legal structure as it sets the ground for your garden tools and equipment business. The name of the retail store is also very important. It should be something related to your gardening business as it will help in attracting more customers for your retail store. The name is the first thing which is noticed by most people and so is the case with the farmers and other gardeners. You should then apply for the employer identification number, which is used to identify a particular employer and is the way of registering your retail business too. It is also called the Federal Tax Identification Number. You must then write the plans for your business. You need to plan everything before you actually start a retail store for yourself. The laws of the government have great importance for any task and so is the case with the garden tools and equipment business. You should have all the necessary licenses and the permits for your business from the government.

The location, as previously said, is very much important for any retail store or outlet. It should be a place where you can easily find the target people. The farmers should find it convenient and easy to look for your shopping store. They could easily see it and get to know about it without any difficulty. The location is the prime consideration and it helps a lot when you want to make a lot of profit from your business. You can not deny the fact that people will go to that store more where they can easily go and is located in the prime location of the city. The policies of your store must also be established so that the employees working in your store must follow them. The proper use of the marketing for your garden tools and equipment retail store can work in a great manner for your shopping store.

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