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Culligan International Company  Call 1-866-775-0260.
Trusted company known to be world’s leader in water filtration and treatment solutions including water softeners, water filtration systems, reverse osmosis water filters, and drinking water filters. Visit the site for more information and products details.
9399 West Higgins Road, Rosemont, IL 60018
http://www.culligan.com/   (4223)

Water Softener  Call 020 8287 6668
Beat hard water and limescale with the leading electronic descaler - A cheaper water softener alternative.
BHT,PO Box 339,New Malden,Surrey,KT3 5XQ
http://www.eddy.uk.com/   (5314)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Water Softeners Business

Water softener business would be ideal if thought in industrial scale. For ordinary people, it is not ideal as the customer are industrial and the business prospect is yet to have a lot of awareness build among the mass of the nation. People are more keen and interested in getting things to live on, without awareness. Boiling water for twenty minutes can make it pure but it has nothing to do with hard water. In fact there is no wonder if people do not understand the difference between hard and soft waters.

The decomposed chemicals and industrial wastes cause some harmful chemical elements to mix inside the water. For this reason the water changes its most likely impacts. A better realization of the difference can be tasted by drinking both types of waters. Again in the rural areas where a planned sanitation and water supply system is absent, water softeners shopping are the only response. For example, remember the time when you visit your village and a glass of water is placed in front of you. You might observe some oily substances floating on the water. These are arsenic, the silent killer of millions of people in the reason. This hard water put a great threat to life of millions. So, plan your retail or wholesale business to set in a place where the mass are aware about it. Without awareness and knowledge of soft waters the demand for your products will not be created. Ordinarily you will only supply the filtering devices, medicines and water treatment equipments. These are costly for common people but demanded by industrial units. Locate your retail or wholesale business in the dense industrial zone. The water softening system you would be selling are ‘extra cost’ for most entrepreneurs but given the growing concern over compliance issues, people are slowly moving towards adoption of water softening equipments as major plumbing component.

Persuasion, aggressive marketing and formal corporate entity are a must for operating such business. This may sometime turn into regular interfere and inspection of regulatory bodies. It is the nature and environmental issues that your business wants to improve by delivering high quality. But legal concerns and authoritative bodies must accompany your venture and business motifs. Compared with other plumbing niches, you may need to under go certain things and aspects difficult and longer if you want to operate a water softeners retail or wholesale business that would ideally lead the industrial consumers for shopping. Sales in this niche take time to occur. Taking sales and marketing representation or being agent for foreign companies are the most prevailing and contemporary formats of doing business of water softeners! You must follow the same things, rules, routes that your industry partners are following.

It is mostly the non governmental organizations, commonly known as NGOs and donor bodies and other development organizations that are the buyers of water softeners at bulk amount. Regular bidding and public procurement by these institutions are another field for your business to survive. You need to stay competitive with your offer while placing bid to these public procurement requests. Honestly, it is difficult to survive in the industry without market reputation and some sorts of active promotion. The retail sales are occasional with multiple times profit margins but with regular recurring costs. You need to stay in the business to make your days. Daily sales are impossible or supernatural but you need to stay active and operating.

You need good financial backups to run such water softeners or plumbing business. The shoppers of water softeners rely on the information, performance features and guarantee schemes as well as financial arrangements to make them their purchase convenient for them and all these by you. So take the complete preparation. It may sound like a shopping business but water softener has more in common being an industrial product till now. the mass commercialization may be will put in place but that awaits the correct time. However, this can led to a good start to gain some market reputation by the time the market prepares itself for mass adoption.

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