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Cal Pump  Call 800.225.1339
Offer wide variety of pumps including waterfall pumps, magnetic drive pumps, the torpedo pumps and more designed for fountains, ponds, parts washers, spas, marine air conditioning units, and other applications. Visit the site to check out the online store for shopping and for detailed products information.
PO Box 12010, Oklahoma City, OK 73157 , USA
http://www.calpump.com/   (4219)

Water Pumps Direct.com  Call (888) 455-4681
Company specializing in dewatering, submersible and trash pumps. Every water pump comes with free shipping and a tax-free guarantee. Visit the site for online shopping and for more business information.
600 Territorial Drive, Suite B, Bolingbrook, IL 60440, USA
http://www.waterpumpsdirect.com/   (4218)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Water Pumps Business

Water is the oxygen for life. Humans like camels do not have the ability to live long without water. Even the species like camel need water at some point to keep there breath going. Although majority of the land surface is covered by water it is not potable. The water has to be treated for drinking at home. Naturally water suitable for drinking is found underground. It becomes challenging to bring water from depth to the surface. It is the basic science that anything which is required to be moved against the gravity requires large amount of power. Also beneath the earth there are various natural resources like minerals, coal and oil. They are obtained by mining operations which is a difficult business being carried underground. Water is undesirable in mining operations and needs to be pumped out. The necessity for these plumbing operations saw many scientists getting involved in developing a device to pump water out for home use. It was in the era of industrial revolution that significant achievements were made in developing devices called as water pumps.

Coal was the major source of power during the era of industrial revolution and coal mining operations were at its peak. The pumps made the mining operations very safe and easy. Big amount of retail shopping took place in pumps and sellers made a great fortune by selling water pumps. Not much has changed till date and water pumps still make into a good retail and wholesale business. Water pumps are needed by everybody from houses to large industries and refineries. Water has the natural tendency to move down. During operations water is needed at all levels and many a times has to be forced upwards. This forcing operation is carried out by water pumps. Uncontrolled water is of no use and pumps along with pipes and valves are needed to control water flow. Hence water pumps are necessary at all places where there is water and itÂ’s the most important plumbing component to get drinkable water for home use and to be used in garden as well.

Water pumps have seen a great development and have found many applications. Installing water pump is the first plumbing operation and water cannot be used for operation without using pumps. Pumps are operated by electricity and come in various power capacities. Retail shopping for water pump is done based on the requirements. A well or a house will require a less powerful pump. The need for power increases with the increase in height and the amount of water being pumped. One can study the requirements for water pumps from individuals and businesses and choose the pumps to deal in.

Residential apartments are amongst the users of water pumps. From small homes to tall skyscrapers there is a great deal of plumbing activities involved and a good shopping for different types of water pumps. It is the responsibility of builders to provide water supply in his building projects. This is a good area to tap as builders have a large requirement for water pump. Installation of water pumps are good contracts to win from these builders. After installation water pump needs regular maintenance and servicing which increases the scope of water pump retail or wholsale business.

On a larger scale water pumps are used in big numbers in industries. Any industry involving water operation from hydro electric plant to refineries will have a great deal of piping operations and do heavy shopping for pumps. Winning contracts for plumbing operation or supplying water pumps and other plumbing equipments is best thing to happen for you in this business. However the pumps used here are of large capacity and needs good amount of resources to complete contracts. It is better to do a feasibility study of your retail or wholesale business to understand the scope of work you can handle.

Manufacturing water pump is also a big business option. Many companies have already proved the potential this business carry by establishing their brands in retail shopping markets for water pumps and other plumbing device. Water will keep on playing that important role in both life and work of humans. In the present scenario when a great stress is given on renewable energy water has bigger roles to play. Water pump however will continue to be its playmate. The only need to raise your water pump business is to pump right amount of efforts into it.

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