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Critter Ridders   Call 901-365-3955
Company providing with do it yourself pest and termites control supplies. The services are avialble for people of USA only. Helping in killing and removal of pests like raccoons, spiders, termites, crickets, ants, moths, pantry pests etc.
2938 Ridgeway Rd., Memphis, Tenn. 38115   (1190)

Pest And Termite Control   Call 706-340-6506
Search for quotes and rates from local pest and termite control contractors who can assist you with dealing with any pest infestation your home might have. By answering a few questions regarding your home and your situation, you can quickly obtain a quote that works for you – and be well on your way to making your home termite free.
330A Midway Road, Athens GA 30605   (5681)

Pest Control   Call 888-462-7769
Offer extermination services for mosquitoes, rodents and termites in Atlanta, USA. Visit the site for more details.
Arrow Exterminators, Inc. 8613 Roswell Road, Bldg. #4 Atlanta, GA 30350   (7250)

Pest Control Shop   Call 01772 310200
Company dedicated to selling pest control products that are effective and meet ethical standards. If you have a pest control problem and want to get rid of rats, mice, flies, ants, bed bugs, silverfish, spiders, squirrels, cats, dogs, fleas, birds, moths or indeed any pest company is ready to help. Online shopping of products.
GRP 55 LTD, 2 Sherdley Road, Lostock Hall, Preston, PR5 5LP, UK   (1191)

Pest Control Tampa   Call 877-464-8443
Offer pest control services for homes in United States to prevent damage from pests like almetto bugs, rodents, termites and more.
8613 Roswell Road, Bldg. #4 Atlanta, GA 30350, USA   (7265)

Pest Products Online   Call 1-877-245-5995 toll free
Site providing all kinds of pest control products online including bird control, fly and mosquitoes, rodent and rats control, snakes and spiders control, scorpions and silverfish control etc. Also provide pest equipment and pest kits. Visit the site for online shopping of the products.
P.O. Box 4124, 2769 Building A Williams Rd., Columbus, GA 31909   (1187)   Call 01243 379 377
UK online suppliers of pest control products, fly screens and fly killers. Safe and effective pest control against all household and garden pests. Purchase products online.
No.3 Lisle Way, Emsworth, PO10 7XN   (1192)

PPC Supplies   Call 01386 552545.
PPC Supplies aim to provide you with the best DIY professional pest control products at the most competitive prices. Products include for the removal of pests like cats, dogs, moths, rabbits, woodworm, beetles, birds, dust mites and more. Purchase online with secured retail shopping.
11 Goodwood Road, Keytec 7 Business Park, Pershore, Worcestershire, WR10 2JL   (1189)

Protex Pest Control   Call 281-370-4772
Professional pest control products and services limited to the Houston, TX, USA area and suburbs. Since 1978. Members of the BBB.
5303 Cobble Ln, Spring, TX 77379   (4684)

Business Information By Mast Directory: Pest Control Products Business Information And Guide

Cleanliness is one of the basic requirements of life. Let it be home, mall, office, public transport or let it be the cleanliness of roads, public, form the point of view of health and hygiene, expect a clean fresh place. At residence, we use various cleaning products to tackle with various pests. In shopping complexes, the property owner’s employees or the local government authorities use various measures to keep place clean. However, one who has a flair for business can take and think of profit out of this basic necessarily. The trading of pest control products is a trading area where people can fly their business by creating only a social awareness. This is a trade area, which is more into awareness rather than advertisement, hence one need to be very direct and straight during the promotion of the product.

Pest control products business is an area which has very few competitors. This is mainly because the main selling price of the product is never high enough. And on top of it, a specialized marketing strategy is needed to be applied to get and sustain into the market. Those housewives who work outside would love to have something which can keep the pests in control at their residence in minimum time. On the other hand, those wives, who stay at home, would want something which can keep their place clean without affecting their hand and health. Therefore, as a trading organization, one needs to produce a product which has a blend of softness as well as effectiveness. This blend is a special combination and hence a dynamic research need to be conducted and then a product should be launched. People will only go shopping in retail for a product if the product can prove its worth, and therefore, the product should have a cost value associated with it.

The targeted market for this type of product is mainly the retail shopping malls and shops in big housing complexes. The market can be a direct one to one interaction at home with the house wife of any member and then convincing the family member to buy the product. This business requires huge amount of understanding the customer sense. It means that you should be able to provide the client with the pest control product that best meets their needs. In small resident locations, a cheap and semi effective product may work, however, when targeting the big market, then more stress should be put on the quality of the product. If the product is good, then it can be sold at any profitable margin. But for that, the customer should be satisfied of its effectiveness.

Pest control product business is a trade of its own. The competitors are very less here, however, one need to fight very tight to get a sufficient share of the market. Those who are thinking of trading in a niche field and in the area of home based products where people come and do shopping in retail as well as get the product marketed at home, then pest control product trade is the best option.

Another very good advantage of this type of trading is that the cost investment in this business is never too high. This means that, even if the trade process turns out to be a flop, the losses will be minimal or almost negligible. Therefore, as a starter, this type of trading can pay rich dividends in the market. Besides you can also have a wide range of clientele for shopping, as the requirement for the pest control product is both at residential as well as commercial complexes. No one likes to have pests at their home or at office and they can use these products at both places.

Hence to conclude, the most important issue which needs to be taken care of is the quality. History says that customer is ready to pay any amount for products that offer safety to their home or family provided that you offer them the best quality of the shopping product. The target markets are quite open and relaxed and therefore, there is no restriction to expand the business in various localities, malls, offices and all those places which require clean outlook. This is surely a trade of more profit less loss as the product is also non-perishable.

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