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India is a beautiful country with diversified culture and rich heritage that has the privilege of being known as one of the oldest cultures on earth. There are a vast number of festivals that are celebrated in India which shows the beautiful nature of unity in diversity that exists in the country. Some of the popular Indian festivals are Diwali, Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Basisakhi etc. In this article on oil lamps business we will see these festivals having a major impact on the sales of these products and how the business could be made profitable.

According to hindu mythology diwali is the lighting festival which marks the death of a demon narakasura at the hands of lord Krishna. During this festival the houses would be beautifully lit with home lighting lamps and people burst crackers to mark the victory of good over evil. During the month close to diwali people will go on shopping in retail for new clothes, sweets, crackers and of course oil lamps for home lighting. Oil lamps business will have a very big boom during this period with every hold wanting to light more lighting lamps than the next. The making of oil lamps is very simple and easy, it does not involve any complex procedures or raw materials that would have to be required for setting this lighting business up. Clay which is a very cheap material can be used for making of these lamps as well. Once the lamps are made it is essential to have them dried since clay is a damp material. The drying can be done by having them baked in a furnace or alternately having them sun dried for a considerable period of time.

Any eye that is with the purpose of retail shopping on mind will first be drawn to colors so it is required to have these lamps beautified by adding color to them, most earthen lamps are painted with common colors that give them a special touch enabling a good look and feel when seen. The lamps can be further decorated with color papers more like the lamps that are sold in the country China for the dragon festival which would have great colors making the lamps come to life during the festival. These would be the only investments that would be involved for starting up an oil lamps retail business, the only cost that would be variable in nature will be the furnace cost which would essentially depend if a person needs them dried that way.

Using a furnace or oven for burning the kiln would ensure that the lamps are stronger and are dried well at a faster rate too. Since the festival season ideally lasts a month or so it is absolutely necessary to ensure that the making of home lighting oil lamps and drying them are done in the early Indian summer so that when the tide is up you are already running ahead in the race when the shopping season starts. If a higher capital is available for a start up business, the lamps can also be cast using bronze or any other alloys. Since an oil lamps retail business is mostly self driven without any great branding it is necessary to make the most of the limited time available. This means involving in aggressive marketing and making the lamps ever so attractive that it will be the first thing that strikes the eyes of a person who is shopping in the retail market. Here again we would see that the retention of home customers is very important since customers tend to visit the same shop more out of habit than the actual nature of the product.

The oil lamps business is purely seasonal in nature in India, which is the only drawback that a manufacturer will have, because once the festival is over the shopping season will be over and the people will be no longer interested in the home oil lamps till the next festival season. This is the only drawback of the oil lamps business if employed on a small scale in India, however it could be a excellent means for a person to make additional income at a very low operating cost and investment, since there would be direct selling only in most cases. So when you go shopping for a beautiful lamp being fascinated by the beauty of itÂ’s flame realize that it could just be the ting you need to turn your life on.

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