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Lyco has a fantastic range of lights bulbs available to buy online, including energy saving light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and more. As one of the world’s leading light bulb manufacturers, no-one knows light bulbs quite like us.
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UK based shop offering online shopping of home lighting products including bulbs, halogen bulbs, fluorescent tubes, discharge lamps, LED light bulbs, light fixtures and more.
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Business Information: A Guide to Bulbs And Tubes Business

Nowadays home lighting business has undergone a great change and thanks to technological breakthroughs that has resulted in the availability of different types of bulbs and tubes for home lighting. In earlier days light bulbs were available in one design and consumers didn’t have much of a choice. Today bulbs come in different shapes and sizes with advanced technological features that has eclipsed the demand for the standard incandescent bulb. These new generation bulbs are low voltage lighting bulbs and thus save on energy bills.

Some of the types of low voltage bulbs and tubes products that people come shopping for are fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent bulbs, Tungsten-halogen lights, LED bulbs etc. The first of these low voltage lights introduced in the realm of bulbs and tubes business is the fluorescent tube. This is the most common type of low voltage bulb which is highly efficient and has a long lifespan. These are also very cheap and have a cool operating temperature and have been an ideal replacement for incandescent bulbs.

Another home lighting product like the fluorescent tube tube is available in two different designs. One is that long one usually available in local stores which is mounted on the ceiling. Nowadays the same is available in smaller tube and circular tube designs. The other type is the compact fluorescent bulb which is almost similar to the larger fluorescent tubes and provides the same benefits like cool operating temperature and high energy savings. These are commonly used in home and garden and people come shopping for these as a replacement for their standard incandescent bulb.

In the home lighting retail business you can deal with Tungsten-Halogen lights which have the same technology as the incandescent bulbs but the difference is in their modified design. The design facilitates efficiency and less usage energy but the level of luminescence is as same as incandescent bulbs. As Tungsten-Halogen lights are small these can be designed in a variety of ways. These lights are usually mounted in the ceiling, on wall displays or sometimes in the floor depending on requirement and have become one of the most popular low voltage lighting products.

The new generation LED (light emitting diode) bulbs are getting immensely popular these days. LED bulbs are the most efficient low voltage bulbs of today that uses a new form of lighting technology and are cool to the touch. These bulbs are however very expensive because of the new technology and also because it has still not penetrated the domestic or so called home lighting market. Gradually with more use their price will fall in the future because this is going to be the light of the next generation as people will be shopping only for LED’s in retail counters.

Today every home needs light and uses light bulbs which needs constant source of power. On the other hand power has become very expensive and if energy saving lighting bulbs is not used people would end up paying enormous energy bills. The only alternative is low voltage light bulbs. Two decades back there were no such alternative but with the advent of fluorescent based light bulbs every home can have its energy efficient lightening.

In the bulbs and tubes business the compact fluorescent light bulbs are the highest selling items as people come shopping for these to save their money on electric bills. From the environmental point of view fluorescent tubes are a good choice as these do not emit green house gases. They are also more affordable than traditional light bulbs in the sense that they tend to last much longer.

Just like in any other business even in the bulbs and tubes business you need to educate your customers about lighting facts. Make them understand that fluorescent tubes contain mercury as such should not be thrown into trash but should be disposed off properly. In some countries in the west there are fluorescent light bulb recycling programs. Customers can check online to see whether the same is available in their country. Customers should also be educated about the fact that fluorescent lights provide a cleaner and brighter light and are well worth it.