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Affordable Lighting   Call 01789 766 833
Site providing online shopping of all kinds of home lighting like wall lights, crystal chandeliers, exterior lights, plug and play garden lighting, flush and kitchen lights, table and floor stands and more.
Online Shop
http://www.affordablelighting.co.uk/   (1046)

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs   Call 1-877-413-4045
LuminosityLED™ is your connection to environmentally safe and energy efficient LED light bulbs. Here you will find LED home light bulbs, LED tubes, LED spot light bulbs, LED par lights and LED street lights. VIsit the site for online shopping in retail and for more business products information.
157 N Gibson Rd #110, Henderson, Nevada, 89014
http://www.luminosityled.com/   (4716)

Lighting at Home   Call 0161 839 5900
Lighting at Home are a large UK retailer of home and garden lighting products. With a catalog of over 15,000 products, including all of the leading brands, they should be the first stop for anyone looking to improve their home with new lights.
Unit 5, Trafalgar Business Park, Broughton Lane, Manchester, UK, M8 9TZ
http://www.lightingathome.co.uk/   (7409)

Outdoor Lighting   Call +44 (0)1908 651103
Lighting Direct has all the lighting requirements your home and garden could ever need, from outdoor lights such as porch lights and pond lights to indoor lights, such as ceiling lights and picture lighting.
Clarke Road, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK1 1ZR, UK
http://www.lighting-direct.co.uk/Outdoor-Lighting/   (6910)

Solar Lamp Post Lights   Call 303-587-3277
Retails beautiful solar lamp post lights for your home or garden. These lights are well constructed, easy to install, and will shine all night on a full charge. This site offers free shipping.
601 16th Street Suite C260 Golden, CO 80401
http://www.solarlamppost.com/   (5856)

Table Lamps   Call 0161 837 3239
Table lamps from ValueLights come in a range of modern and traditional styles in ceramic, glass and chrome designs. Huge savings on all indoor and outdoor lights delivered throughout the UK.
95 Greengate, Salford, Greater Manchester, M3 7NG
http://www.valuelights.co.uk/table-lamps.html   (5822)

Business Information: A Guide to home lighting business

Home lighting products are an integral part of every home and consume quite an amount of electrical power generated in every country and these products account for approximately 25-45% of household energy costs. With power costs increasing day by day people are shopping for more energy efficient home lighting products. Hence if you are involved in the home lighting products business it would be wise to sell products that save on power.

As the demand for power saving has gone up the market is now flooded with new energy saving devices meant for use in homes and offices. The good thing about these devices are that these are easy to replace and install. Consumers who have installed energy saving home lighting products find their power bills coming down drastically within a year’s time though slight differences can be observed from the very next monthly utility bill after installation.

Your home lighting products business can include products which can be used in different ways like exterior home lighting, outdoor lighting and landscape lighting. Some of the most sought after energy efficient products that are available for shopping at local retail stores are dimmers, CFL’s, LED’s, motion and occupancy sensors, timing devices, photo controls and solar lighting devices. You can include dimmers in your home lighting products business inventory which come in the form of table top sets, floor or wall mounted sets. These devices save almost 50% of energy bills as the light intensity can be adjusted according to requirement. People go shopping for products like dimmers because its light intensity control feature provides them a soft and relaxing ambience when the need arises so.

The CFL or compact fluorescent light is available in different types of lamps. People shopping for these usually choose the ones that come with the best color rendition and dimmable features. Then there are LED’s which are touted as new generation lamps because of the new technology that goes into making these lights. On the flipside LED's should be installed and operated with a lot of restrictions and guidelines. When you decide to sell LED lamps through your home lighting products retail business you should first understand its technology and capabilities because only then you would be able to choose the best LED for the right application. These lamps are very efficient, even more than CFL’s and is one of the fastest growing segments in the home lighting products business.

Another interesting home lighting product is the motion and occupancy sensor. It is a device that lights up a room or area on detection or sensing of movement. Motion and occupancy sensors use the PIR (passive infra red) technology which prevents lights from being left switched on in rooms or areas where there is no occupancy or requirement of light. This device can be an added attraction in your lighting products retail business and is great for people who are forgetful about their power saving responsibilities.

Nowadays customers also come shopping for home lighting products like timing devices and photo controls. Timing devices have a timer that switches on specific lights at a particular time and also switches off after a certain period of time as the time can be set beforehand by the user. This device facilitates easy control of lights and enables the user to switch on/off lights for multiple times. The vacation mode is an added safety feature of timing devices. Similarly photo controls are also like timing devices which switches on light automatically at dusk and switches it off at daybreak. Photo controls are usually used for exterior lighting but can also be used for indoor applications. Next in the line of home lighting products business are the solar powered devices. A solar power device use “carbon neutral” technology and does not need electricity. With the introduction of the new "photo voltaic" technology, it is now possible to get solar lighting for longer durations and thus is a great solution to light up dark areas without electricity.

Another Guide To Home Lighting Retail Business - By Mohit

Home lightings are something that will be found in every home, apartment, condo or any other types of residential dwelling. Home lighting is also used in offices in the same manner they are used for home lighting. There are so many types of home lightings, there are tube lights, bulbs, bath light, door chimes, under cabinet lightings, art lamps and more. Home owners inevitably do home lighting shopping for their homes and the most common place that they would visit for this purpose is a retail store that sells home lights. The brands, styles, designs, models and sizes for lighting fixtures are tremendous today and the one business models that derives maximum sales and revenues is that of retail business.

In this article we speak about some of the best ways to do a home lighting retail business. There are many business models one can opt for within the retail sales business. At the same time there are some basic things that every retail business whether organized or unorganized must follow in order to becomes a successful and profitable one. Whether your retail business is home based business, internet based business or you’re selling home lighting from a retail space your business must be a registered one. Having a business license, a tax number and registered business name are some of the things that will help you establish yourself in the long run.

First and foremost we discuss a home based lighting retail business. Since there are a number of cost attached to an organized retail store business like paying rent every month, electricity bill and maintenance bills it makes more sense to start a new business from your home. However you will have to invest some money in buying home lighting products from a place where you can then sell it for a profit. Another thing to be mindful of is that you need to have a wide range of products, something for every need. For your retail business to grow you will need to reach out of potential customers. There are home lighting products exhibitions and expos, you can meet up with the organizers and request them to allow you to set up a shop at a convenient place outside the venue. When people visit the venue they will see your shop and come there out of curiosity. That’s your chance to make a good sales pitch about the products you intend to sell.

When you do shopping for the products you’d like to sell then keep in mind what products consumers would like to buy. Today there is great understanding of energy efficient home lighting products. The old florescent tube lights have made way for CFL lighting that consume much less energy. There are CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs, halogen light bulbs, and LED light bulbs all these are on the shopping list of home owners looking to buy energy efficient lightings.

The other retail business model you can opt for is that of an internet based home lighting website. People today are more curious about the better home lighting solutions available and they would always want to search the internet to look for new improved models for their shopping needs. Herein lays a great opportunity for people looking to have a retail internet business. Shopping on the internet is seen as both convenient and fun, the idea of surfing the internet and shopping from a website appeals to people. You will have to create a website from scratch, if you do not know how to do this then you can hire the services of a professional web design company. A basic website with features like shopping cart and payment gateway plus 10 pages can cost some $500 and your retail home lighting internet business can get up and running. Meet up with home lighting products manufacturers and buy products that you think will sell like hot cakes in the market. The pricing of the products should be ultra competitive or else your business can be a no-starter.

Retail store business is amongst the most widely applied business models all over the world, it’s also the most successful ones. People usually do shopping for groceries and other home needs from retail stores. They also do home lighting shopping from retail stores that sell such products. If you would like to open an exclusive home lighting retail business then you will need retail space at a point where people can easily reach your shop. There are costs involved in such a business model, paying monthly rent, office expenses, water and electricity bill, maintenance bill, office staff salaries etc. You will also have to buy home lighting product and maintain stock of all the different kinds of home light products. When people come looking for such products your range must be impressive, cost effective and meet their requirements. People do home lighting shopping at retail stores because they can see the products first hand. They can also ask you to show them how the product appears when it’s lit up. This way they know what they are shopping for is the same product they need.

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