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Linear Rubber Products  Call TOLL FREE 1-800-558-4040
Manufacturer of rubber mats and flooring to be used in agricultural, recreational and industrial facilities. Products include cow comfort mats, floor inlays, rink runners, stall mats etc. Visit the site for more business information and products details.
5416 46th Street, Kenosha, WI 53144, USA   (4335)

RB Rubber Products, Inc.  Call (800) 525-5530
Well recognized company known far and wide as a leader in rubber flooring and rubber recycling technology. Visit the site for more information and details.
904 NE 10th Avenue, McMinnville, OR 97128, USA   (4336)

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Rubber mats like carpets are mainly used in rooms at home for cleanliness. However it has many additional benefits which make them more preferable to carpets flooring. Carpet cleaning is an expensive task. Carpets are subjected to wear and tear and needs to be replaced frequently. Rubber mats are more durable and easy to maintain. Washing for rubber mats is very easy compared to carpets. As rubber mats come much cheaper to carpets they are preferred for shopping over carpets. With more people switching over to rubber mats both the retail and wholesale business is presently on a rise.

Rubber flooring mats avoids slipping or entangling thereby avoiding accidents. This is of great benefit in work organizations. Rubber mats contribute to the safety of employees in its own way. Rubber mats are ideal for places with wet working conditions. Carpets are unsuitable in such conditions as dust gets accumulated more on wet carpets and requires regular cleaning. Rubber carpets are easily washable and ideal for workplaces such as laundries, restaurants etc. Being easy to maintain it becomes a good shopping item for retail business. On top of it being safe makes rubber flooring mats irresistible at workplace.

Rubber mats are used to cover large floor areas. They have found wide acceptance in sports. Floor mats have been developed for all major indoor sports and sportsmen have benefited by its use. Sports clubs have shopping requirements for floor mats and providing them in rubber is a good way to win business orders.

Schools are full of mischievous students. Open floors are extremely dangerous for the safety of students. Schools are often in need of floor mats that prevent slipping. Rubber mats are increasingly finding acceptance amongst schools. With schools shopping in retail for rubber mats the rubber mats business has made a significant addition to its consumer base.

Rubber mats at door entry performs a very important function to prevent dirt and dust from entering the home. One can clean there shoe on rubber mats. Mats used at entry need cleaning each day. Being easy to clean rubber mats are an ideal shopping for this purpose. Mass production of rubber mats for entryway is being undertaken to meet its high demand in rubber mats business.

Home bathrooms are another place which always invites accidents. The presence of water on floor increases the risk of accidents. Injuries in bathroom can be more severe than some road accidents. Fractures slip disc or fatal head injuries can occur due to slipping in bathrooms. Rubber mats is the only option available to be used in bathrooms. With no damage occurring due to water rubber mats is an essential shopping item for home bathrooms. Over the time its importance in preventing bathroom accidents have been duly acknowledged making it beneficial for rubber mat retail business.

Rubber mats are very handy at places which frequently become dirty. Animal shelters are full of dung and haystack. Oil spillage is a regular occurrence at garages and maintenance shops. There is a risk of getting stain marks on floor. Such stain marks are very difficult to remove. Oil or other chemicals can react with floor over long period of exposure and damage flooring. A simple rubber mat can help protect flooring. Rubber mats do not get stained and are ideal for such working conditions. Flooring is expensive and retail customers prefer shopping rubber mats than spend heavy sums to repair flooring. Rubber mats are doing good business in garages, workshops and stables.

A relatively new area that is fast picking up in rubber mats business is the car rubber mats. Car decor is a big business and many accessories have been developed for cars. Rubber mats covering the entire floor are used in cars. Rubber mats due to its durability and ease of cleaning becomes a good choice to be used in cars. Car rubber mats is regular retail shopping accessory for cars. Good results in cars have extended the use of rubber mats to other vehicles like bus and trucks. Rubber mats are easily available in shopping market. They not only help in cleanliness but also prevent accidents and damage to floorings. Rubber mats have covered majority of floor space available today and is proving to be a very clean and safe business. The chances of slipping are very rare in rubber mat business.

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