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American Floor Mats  Call 800-762-9010
The company is specialised in providing logo floor mats, entrance mats and runner mats. Each of their mats protect against slips and falls. There are many different styles and sizes to choose. The mats are all at low budget. The walking surfaces can be kept safer with these mats.
5862 Hubbard Drive, Rockville, MD 20852   (569)  Call 1-877-822-6622
The company's items are broadly classified into atheletic and residential which range from home and garage flooring mats, basement flooring mats, stall mats and court tiles. The mats are often fixed with springs in between which will provide safety against hard surfaces which can also be easily ported and flexible.
117 Industrial Avenue, Milltown, WI 54858   (566)  Call 877-777-6287
Provider of commercial and industrial mats. Exercise mats and yoga mats are the most popular of their products. All their mats are made with quality items. The company's mats provide action against scraching and scraping. The anti fatigue mats from the company provide great comfort and looks elegant. Great products for all your home flooring needs.
6303 Owensmouth Avenue, 10th Floor, Woodland Hills, CA, 91367   (565)

The Turtle Mat  Call 0845 600 3478
Offering mats for rooftops, dance floor, cheerleading mats and aerobics flooring. Each item vary depending on the color, size and material. The company's mats are often more absorbent and can be washed and dried easily traping all the dirt and keep the floor clean. Visit the site for online shopping.
PO Box 376, Witney, Oxfordshire, OX28 9AR   (567)

Wearwell Group  Call 800.264.3030
Online shopping for all home flooring entrance mats, specialty mats and runner mats. Each have been been categorised under the needs and the mats range from diamond plate smooth matting to electro soft and smooth mats which will fit well on for housing units. The company offer mats which are ergonomic and safe.
100 Market Street, Kenilworth, NJ 07033   (570)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A guide to mats business

Mats are fabrics used for flooring in a variety of industries, each having a plethora of functions. The most important aspect of setting up a successful mats business is stocking. Since there are a variety of different mats, each having its own special applications, it is important to know the type of mat one is going to specialize in. The following are some of the types of mats that one can stock for wholesale or retail business purpose.

No-skid mats are great items of safety to have in a place of business. An ergo mat is home flooring mat that is used to reduce slipping. These mats also have the added benefit of being anti fatigue mats as they reduce the strain on employees who stand on it all day long which makes them to do shopping of this kind of mats. They have multiple layers that provide cushioning to employees by absorbing liquids. It is mainly employed in industries in which there are employees stand on their feet for long periods of time. These mats are mainly used in offices, restaurants, retail stores, manufacturing companies and many other businesses.

Another popular type of home flooring mats that can be stocked in large numbers is the switchboard matting. It is protective floor equipment that protects the employees from electrical shock. It also protects expensive electronic equipments from damage caused by static electricity. These mats are usually placed in front of the electronic equipment rather than the equiment sitting on the mat. It dissipates static electricity in two basic ways. People do shopping of the conductive flooring mats to protect the workers from electronic charges that may come from the equipment. The second way uses conductive mats to remove static electricity from the workers before they touch any electronic equipment. The mats can be stocked in a variety of thickness, size and color so that the customers are given an option for selecting a home flooring product taking in mind the custom needs. Apart from the mats, grounding cords also have to be stocked. These cords connect the mats to a grounded source without which the electricity remains in the mat. Most of the mats come with a snap for connecting the grounding cords to the mats.

A third category of mats that can be stocked successfully is the Sports mat used in sports flooring. It is a generic term for a piece of fabric or flat material, placed on a floor or other flat material. It can be used for a variety of purpose like safety and support to the athletes. It also aids in the maintenance of equipment. Customers do retail shopping of this mat for sports like martial arts, wrestling, gymnastics etc. Since sports mats are highly specific to the game that is being conducted, it is important to different stock mats pertaining to various sports. There are two types of sports mats – general and specific. Rubber mats supplied to gyms would be ideal examples of a general sports mat. An example of specific mats would be to sell gymnastic mats to local gyms or wrestling mats to schools. Sports mats pad the athlete and absorb the shock, while he is performing. This is the reason why sports mats are highly specialized and specific to each individual sport. Due to the increased public interest in indoor sports the demand for sports mats is continuous and is an evergreen business option.

As we can see, there a many types of mats which customers prefer for retail shopping. This makes it important that before getting into setting up a home flooring mat business, one completely understands the dynamics of the demand. Expert opinion on the number, variety and design of mats that has to be stocked can be obtained by making use of experts as employees. This can be of a huge benefit as apart from their management views they would be able to help in the setting up and deliverance of mats. Hence in conclusion, one can see that success in setting up a mat business is directly dependant on the number and variety of mats that is being stocked.

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