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Offers a full selection of room purifiers, home purifiers, HEPA purifiers, Ionic Purifiers, Industrial Purifiers, and more. Perfect for people with allergies, asthma, or in areas where there is mold, dust, or other pollution, an air purifier will help improve your air quality.
11164, Young River Ave, Fountain Valley, CA-92708   (1841)

Alphine Air Technologies  Call 1-888-812-5091
Offering state of the art high technology indoor air purifiers reducing air pollution at home and prevent many health problemsdue to contaminated indoor air. Online shop.
Online Store   (1837)

Ameripure Technologies  Call -(877) 281-1967
company that offers you the best in air and water purification products including filterless air purifiers, HEPA air purifiers, induct air purifiers, commercial purifiers, refrigerators, portable air purifiers and more with secured online shopping.
8 Ancient Rubbly Way, Beverly, MA, 01915   (1839)

Breathing Space  Call 01207 507444
Online shopping from UK for portable air conditioners, air purifiers, airfree purifiers, evaporative coolers, heaters and fans etc. Also offer stainless steel made wall mounted version of the worlds safest and most tested Air Purifier. Visit site to check for different models.
Unit 4a, Park Road Industrial Estate, Consett, DH8 5PY   (1842)

Clean Air Plus  Call 800-958-6441
Online provider of HEPA Air Purifier units as well as a large selection of medical grade Air Purifiers. Commited to provide with highest level of customer satisfaction and guarantee.
1150 N. Loop 1604 W., Suite 108-414, San Antonio, TX 78248   (1840)

ClearFlite Air Purifiers  Call 800.497.8263
Company selling room air purifiers since 1996 and provides with high quality, tested and proven, portable room air purifier systems that clean the air effectively without side effects. Online retail shopping.
P.O. Box 478, Elyria, Ohio 44036   (1838)

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Nature makes a special place for humans since we get to breathe clean and also feel pleasant in the open and clear atmosphere. The atmosphere now-a-days is completely spoilt due to the various types of pollution that has eaten up the beauty of the environment. Not only outside but also in our homes these days it has become difficult to maintain the purity of the air that we breathe. We end up shopping for a variety of fresheners and other products to solve this issue and keep our home environment pure but most of it is temporary solution and brings us back to the same position. To get rid of this problem the air purifiers have been the most successful products in the market and therefore the addition of this section in the retail business is a great option to hike the profits.

This field of retail business is very profitable since the function of the product makes is very popular and is something that people will definitely be interested in shopping for. The purifiers help in reducing any kind of bad odor, smell and even smoke from the environment that it is used in. it has chemicals and material that help in absorbing such odors and filter it. After filtering the air released is purer and cleaner. Such a product is hot favorite amongst the women in the house since it solves many hygiene issues at home. When they are shopping for such cleanliness product from the market this product is always chosen by those who are aware of its effects.

They form a regular set of customers for your product. Apart from them you will need to evaluate all the other sectors that will be interested in purchasing air purifiers. By getting a survey and analysis of the product and its shopping value and demand in the market it becomes easier to target and select the industries that you need to approach for this retail business. A careful analysis will reveal that the market for the product is very huge. Starting from the homes, you have the hotels, restaurants and joints that will want to remove the odor of alcohol, cigarette smoke, food odor, etc from the surrounding so that their customers get a clean and pure breathing atmosphere while they are enjoying their food or drinks.

The other sectors will include the industries that release different types of gases and smoke as their emissions. It is mandatory for every industry to keep a check on the release of the quantity of the emissions. This aspect of the industry is also taken care by such products depending upon the type of air purifier being used. While shopping for the product such points are kept in mind. Therefore it becomes necessary for you to stock your retail outlet with all possible types of air purifiers that are required in the homes as well as industries. This will increase the business sales and ultimately the profit as well.

You can also approach the different business organizations, offices and institutes for getting business opportunities. Before someone gets down to shopping for the product in the market they need to be aware of the air purifiers and the company. This has to be taken care by doing very good publicity of the product and advertising the retail store as well. You can also arrange for small seminars on the value of fresh and clean working environment and atmosphere in such organizations and residential areas to target the homes as well. You can tell them about the importance of the product and how it helps in keeping the environment allergen and dust free to good extent.

The air purifiers help in providing an atmosphere that is clean and healthy for the employees in the offices and the member of the family at home. Another important factor here is to pay attention to the competition in the field of retail business. In order to keep yourself in the race and maintain the income flow you will need to plan and come up with strategies that will attract the customers for shopping from your retail outlet. You need to understand that post sales service is a very important aspect that helps in gaining more money as well as regaining your customers for their future shopping requirements.

Keeping this in mind you can provide the replacement of the filter free of cost for the first time. The installation charges of the air purifiers should also be kept minimal in order to make the customers happy with the service. This will decrease the profit to some extent but it is worth it since you are preventing the customers from shopping elsewhere. This trust factor and rapport built with the customers help in gaining stability for the retail business. You can also provide the service of sending your people to the customer’s home or organization to install the new filters on time.

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