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Offer custom-made products of cast stone, aged stone, fiberstone and fiberglass, Italian marble. Offering religious, garden benches, angel, cherub or animal statues, water fountains, bird baths, planters and iron furniture.
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People say that, ornaments are the most important and favorite object that women love. Not only women but the aesthetic beauty of a garden is enhanced with the help of various ornaments. People with a backyard or front yard area tend to do shopping for the various ornaments. One of the most conspicuous members of the ornaments is the statues. They generally speak for the place they are placed in. they create an impression that lives fresh in the minds of the visitors. The overlook of the place is totally changed with the addition of this ornament. You own garden and are wondering how to go about shopping for the product? With the extending demand of the product a large number of retail stores have stepped into this business.

This is a very profitable and interesting field of business. There is literally no end to the variety of product that is available. They may be of the structure of gnomes, fairies, animal, symbolic religious structures, famous personalities, gods, saints, etc. all these statues belonging to the different categories of designs and structures are made up of different types of material. A wide range of the ornament is thus available for shopping. The retail stores dealing with this ornament also provide the product as per the theme of the place. Apart from the private ones, there are the gardens that are open to the public as well and they generally tend to have a theme based on which the statues are selected.

Pay significant attention to the quality and the type of material of which the statues are made. Generally stone is considered as the classic shopping option. However the bronze, cement and marble material are also a good option for the gardens. The most important aspect is the quality of the material that can withstand the effects of the various agents of the weather. If the product starts loosing its appeal and attractiveness your retail business may lose customers as well the reputation in the market.

The personal gardens reflect the personality of the owner. No matter how hard you try to keep it beautiful, the ornaments add a special angle to the entire look of the place. They tend to create a warm feeling for the people visiting the home. People while shopping are very particular about the statues that they are picking since it has a sensitive touch to it. In the retail business you must ensure that you have separate sections of the product that suits the gardens at home and the ones for the public recreation. The size and shape of the product should also be decided as per the size of the area. A very big statue will not match with a small area. Hence maintain the different size and shape of the product in your collection.

There are many sculptors across the world who design very beautiful statues that are meant specifically for the gardens. You will come across many elite class customers in your retail store that would prefer shopping for such specific designs by the various artists. To cater to the requirements of such customers you must be in touch with the manufacturers who offer such products. Follow the shopping trend of such products and keep the most popular ones in your store. The industries and sections that form strong base for your product in the market are the big restaurants, hotels, schools, colleges, resorts etc. depending upon the theme that one wishes to portray the product choice will vary.

To cater to such varying needs it is advisable to get a tie up with a good manufacturing company that is ready to manufacture and provide the garden statues as per the specific shopping requirements of the customers. Providing the custom made product facility will add a brownie point to your retail business. Loss of potential customers will become avoidable. Other than sharing the business profit there is only growth in this aspect. Tackling the competition becomes easier as well. Explore the international market as well. There are many countries that have demands of statues which are symbols of the religion or the ancient mythology that represents their culture. With a good study of the global market categorize the needs of the market and prepare the dos and don’ts that you will need to follow.

The global stamp on the retail business will create a strong impression in the market. Getting a tie up with the government will not be difficult. The gardens that are meant for public recreation come under the government. Getting the contract will provide long term benefits. Instead of following the shopping trends blindly come up with offers and discounts that will ensure the sales of statues belonging to different categories and not just the popular ones. Assign the price of the product such that customers belonging to different sections can afford to buy the product. Reaching out to majority is the ultimate aim of the retail business.

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