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AHS Limited   Call Tel: 01797 227300
Company from UK offering garden supplies online. Products and equipments include arches for the garden, garden buildings, plant fertilizer and plant feed for the garden, garden tools and machinery, plant protection and support and more with online shopping.
Unit G1, Atlas Business Park, Rye Harbour Road, Rye, East Sussex, TN31 7TE   (547)

Fish Tanks For Sale   Call 0208 797 1639
Offer a vast variety of different fish tank aquariums in different sizes and different styles that represent great quality as well as excellent value for money.
All Pond Solutions, Unit 183, Hayes, Middlesex, UB3 3NF, UK   (6213)

Garden Paving   Call 0845 608 0579
Dedicated to provide with the perfect products for your driveway or garden. Visit the site for more details.
Online only   (7040)

Garden Shopping Club   Call (954) 620-0084
Offers all of the gardening supplies and tools that you need at the best prices whether you need a reel for the hose, a greenhouse, planters, garden benches, bird feeders, garden decor, sheds, or more. Visit the site for online shopping. One stop shop for all your gardening needs.
1851 N.W. 125th Ave., Suite 450, Pembroke Pines, Florida 33028   (549)   Call (210) 775-2640
Provider of garden supplies online including garden gadget products like lawn movers, home reels, hedge trimmers, greenhouses and more with satisfaction guarantee and quality customer service. Retail shopping online for all your gardening needs in your home.
1 Bridge Plaza Suite 185, Fort Lee, NJ, 07024, USA   (546)

Natural Stone Paving   Call 0845 60 42 084
Make your garden patio paving unique with natural stone paving made from slate, granite or sandstone.
Online only   (7041)

Planet Natural   Call (406) 587-5891
Company serving thousands of customers across the country with quality and low price lawn and garden products including everything from organic fertilizers, natural pest control and composting bins to indoor garden supplies, grow lights and hydroponics.
1612 Gold Ave.Bozeman, MT 59715   (548)

Protein Skimmer   Call 0208 797 1639
Offer garden pond supplies including protein skimmers, pond equipment, aquirium filters and more. Visit the site for more business information and details.
All Pond Solutions, Unit 183, Hayes, Middlesex, UB3 3NF   (4995)

Business Information: A Guide to the Garden Supplies Business

If you enjoy the outdoor greenery, gardens and growing things in spring, then you don't just have to go dig in the dirt, but can work on ways to further develop your love for the warm weather and sunshine. One option to consider is to start a business to enhance your desire for the outside greenery. Selling garden supplies can help you to start tapping into the earth while seeing the flowers and vegetables bloom through the summer, not only in your own backyard, but also through your neighbors.

The garden supplies business is one of the largest industries that are currently in the market. In the U.S., there is an average of 17,125 firms that have lawn and garden equipment. Over half of these are small manufacturers and individuals that don't have as many employees, usually ranging between 1 and 4 individuals who work with the company. With this competition, is over $39.6 billion on average that is continuously coming into the businesses at large, with continuous needs by individuals who have lawn or garden care as a part of their maintenance . This not only includes basic needs, but specific supplies within each household, with averages at $466 per year.

The advantage of garden supplies as a business is that you are able to move into several different markets and needs, even if you are only focused on specific types of supplies. This includes individuals that live in suburban areas who have backyards or small yards in the front of their home. This also includes farmers who have smaller or larger pieces of land. There is also the option of marketing to landscaping businesses and individuals who are looking for equipment and supplies to continue to grow their business. Having these options, especially as a smaller or beginning business, can help to provide specific shopping needs to those who are interested in the supplies you have.

The concept of focusing on a target market with garden supplies is one that began in the 1970s as a part of the growth of businesses. Because there is so much competition with garden supplies as a business, individuals have found that the best way to offer the best products are to have specialized products. This divides the small business owners from the larger corporations, such as chain stores. When the different target markets you focus on are interested in a project or specific need, then the garden supplies you have can be priced competitively and with higher quality to stay in business for different shopping needs .

Not only do you want to consider this specialization, but also want to factor in different options for a retail store front. While most garden supplies businesses have physical addresses, individuals are now finding alternative options that are more effective. This leaves chain stores as the local area for supplies, while smaller areas have the ability to conduct their business either online with retail shopping or through mail packages. In the year 2003 alone, for example, over 50% of consumers purchased their garden supplies online because of the convenience of shopping. This average is expected to grow as those who are in need of garden supplies, are expected to trust the online areas even more .

If you are interested in a business that can help others with landscaping, gardens or gives them the ability to enjoy the sunshine, then one profitable area to build is through garden supplies. This business venture provides a variety of options for growth, as well as options as one of the largest available industries. Building a specific approach to helping anyone who is digging their feet into the soil can help you to build a substantial retail shopping business with garden supplies.

Those who love gardens and love seeing them grow and bloom always, are interested in shopping for the best garden supplies. This also motivates one to step out and start garden supplies business. Such a retail business can also help you earn some profits along with seeing the earth go greener and prettier. Not only are you enjoying your work but also you have the experience and knowledge to do this business.

As per the statistics, the retail business of garden supplies is a leading industry. It has quite an impact in the market especially in countries like the U.S. where there are many firms that deal with equipments for gardens. A major fact there is that these companies don�t have more human resource supply; as a result of this the competition has increased tremendously. Many new companies are trying their luck in this field. The customers with garden shopping priorities are increasing day by day.

With many new customers in home makers, restaurants and resort owners coming up with gardens, the garden supplies retail business has sky rocketed in over a decades times. Having a garden and maintaining it is a very tedious job though it gives pleasure and has great end results. To make this procedure easy there are various equipments which have come into the market. One can also refer to the shopping guides available and the separate sections of these products in the shop.

The specificity of each garden and its owner�s requirements vary from each other. So when such customers go shopping for the specific needs they need the right and particular product they are looking for. The retail business of garden supplies must have the specific items along with the basic needs. This adds to the customer satisfaction and enhances the chances of the customer coming back to you every time for related products.

Even if a company in the garden supplies business is focused to deal with the specific kind of supplies the best advantage of this business is that one can diversify into various needs and markets. People who are established in the countryside with small front or back yards or those peasants with large or small land piece are included in this. There are also choices of business of landscape and its marketing and for those people who want their supplies and equipment to have a good growth for the business. This can result in providing particular requirements of shopping for those who have interest in the products one has to offer.

This business of garden supplies has been focused as the target in the market since many decades. Day by the day the growth has only increased. The competition in the garden supplies business is so high that there are many people who have tried not just to stick to the basics. It is best to provide products which are specialized as per the shopping needs of the client. This is how the smaller firms and bigger corporations differ. When the market we target shows interests in our plans and products, then the pricing of the garden supplies can be decided keeping the competitors in the field. This helps in improving quality as well as marking a position in the market.

Once established in this field one can also step into online retail shopping. This way of conducting business is increasingly becoming popular since going for shopping to just another garden supplies store is time consuming. Although the stores for supply in the local areas are there the others may shift to such alternative options. One can also go through the facts that majority consumers prefer online shopping due to the convenience and this trend is increasing day by day.

One may start a small scale business of garden supplies retail but everyone needs to get a legal permit or license from the government. For this there are resources online and departments which guide and provide assistance in the paperwork and procedures. One can also be part of an organization or association in the same field. This helps in being aware and updated about the recent opportunities. One can also get to meet vendors and other suppliers to increase your network. Along with online shopping provisions one should also get access to the latest publications and email alerts.

One can build a good business with garden supplies retail. There are variety of choices for the growth and expansion of the business. This is also a very exciting field to work in but at the same time one also needs to plan all the expenses , manage and deal with the requirements of the employees as well as clients. With the right kind of attitude, knowledge, research and financial support anyone can venture into this field successfully. In no time will you see people gathered in your store shopping for the products they need.

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