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Breck's  Call (513) 354-1511
Company having dedicated and full-time staff of bulb plants experts spending the entire year in Holland devoting themselves to obtaining cream-of-the-crop bulbs for shipment to various customers in America. Visit the site for online shopping and for more information.
U.S. Reservation Center, P.O. Box 65, Guilford, IN 47022-0065
http://brecks.com/   (4473)

Wildflower World  Call 07 9284517
One of New Zealand’s largest garden mail order company offering finest quality flower bulbs and small plants. Visit the site for more details.
155 1st Avenue West, Tauranga.
http://www.wildflowerworld.com/   (4474)

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If there is any thing that can be completely used, it is plants. Plants provide us a variety of things, from the root, shoot, stem, leaves and flowers all of them which provide us some value in one way or the other. Gardens in ancient periods were full of medicinal herbs and plants even though the shopping community was not as sophisticated as this much they still had a lot of market value. In this article on flower bulbs business, we will look at how this business can be set up, who will be the potential buyers and the revenue that can be drawn from it.

There are different types of flower bulbs which have a good market value and their aesthetic appearances draw a huge following and have a lot of business value. Flower bulbs like tulips, daffodils and iris bulbs are some of the most popular ones. Some of these bulbs are seasonal in nature. We will look at how the flower bulbs retail business can be set up. The business can be set up in two ways. The first way is to have a dealership undertaken with the people who have the nursery set up for their plants. These dealers will provide you the flower bulbs at a lower price which can then be sold at a higher price to the end retail customers.

The ideal location to have this set up would be at shopping malls or have a florist shop set up. Since this concept would not involve any additional raw materials for the business, the associated costs to have the business set up will be very low. It is not necessary to have this line of flower bulbs business set up only by looking at flower bulbs we can also have a product line comprising of plants which are different in nature. Especially in localities where people have an attraction for garden this retail business would be very profitable. Even hotels and companies that have garden and lawns maintained would be interested in these flower bulbs. The second way of setting up the flower bulbs business is by setting up your own garden or nursery that will adhere to the needs of the shopping community directly or indirectly. The direct marketing involves in having the products sold to shopping malls and florists.

Since the raw materials involved for the raw materials involved for the flower bulbs business is very low there would definitely be a higher amount of cost involved in marketing and sales. The marketing strategy needs to ensure that you are buying the products at a nominal price and have them sold at a higher price, though this seems as a very simple thing to do it involves a lot of calculations that need to be done to ensure that you are able to get to the right people for this. For example if you visit a shopping mall and try to purchase these on a whole sale also there would not be any profit for you and the gross margin would only result in loss. On the other hand of you purchase these from a farmer who has these as part of his other products in the agriculture line, he will be interested in selling these to you for a lower price when you purchase them on a higher quantity.

On the other hand when you are selling it to your retail customers from the shopping industry there has to be a good level of negotiations that needs to be involved to ensure that you are at least able to break even for the initial period of your business. Though the business sometimes requires you to be shrewd it is necessary to ensure that you have a good understanding with both the people who you buy from and sell to such as the person who owns the garden and that who owns the shopping mall. Any business that lacks moral and ethical values is bound to fall sooner or later but those who operate according to principles and values though they might have a slow growth, have a permanent growth.

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