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Great Garden Plants, Inc   Call 1-877-447-4769
Your online mail-order source for high quality New Perennials, garden plants, Shrubs, KnockOut Roses, Heucheras, Coneflowers, Echinacea, Ornamental Grasses, Sedums, Hostas, Daylilies and more! Backed by our Triple Guarantee!
Holland, MI 49424   (3901)

Spring Hill Nurseries LLC   Call (513) 354-1509
Spring Hill Nursery is a gardening company from USA offering perennial plants, garden designs, flowering trees, shrubs, vines, and ground covers. ALso offer flowers like roses, small fruits etc. Visit the site for online shopping in retail and more products information and details.
110 West Elm St., Tipp City, OH 45371-1699, USA   (3900)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Garden Plants Business

Greenery is nature at its best and gardens are the closest humans can get to nature when it comes to being with the realms or the boundaries of your house. As with a garden it has been widely accepted for a long time now that both indoors plants and garden plants makes people feel better not only about their surrounding but also creates a feeling of inner happiness. The business world also understood that they could add a lot of beauty by placing indoor plants within the office premises.

There have been many researches that have been undertaken to uncover the reason behind the fact that garden plants can make such a difference to your home and also your indoor environment. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) too scientifically supports the theory that plants and flowers make us feel better in general. There are many dust particles that are present in the air in your house or home, this stems from paint, furniture drapes, carpets. By having flowers, indoor and garden plants polluted air can be purified and toxic chemical levels be brought down. According to NASA placing 15-18 plants in an 1800 square foot home is ideal to cleanse the air. So people often go shopping in retail to buy these home and garden products.

With such high pollution levels all around us starting a garden plants retail business can be a lucrative business with long term potential. By now we all know that global warming and climate change is one of the most hotly debated issues with Presidents and Prime Ministers of world calling upon immediate action to save the world. Garden plants retail business is not restricted just to residential homes but rather they are demanded in workplaces, buildings, malls, wedding halls just to make the place more attractive. Garden plants are meant to decorate the garden space. Some of the popular varieties of garden plants are hollyhocks, rose plants, ferns, palms, mimosa, orchids, daisy, wildflower plants and butterfly plants, among others.

Well if you are a farmer then starting a garden plants business will come as a natural business opportunity to you. And never mind if you are not one because you can still employ a farmer and get them to grow garden plants for you while you take care of marketing and sales aspects of your business. The best thing about garden plants business is that you do not need hundreds of acres to jumpstart your business. Hundreds of garden plants can be grown in tiny and medium sized containers. If you can hire some people with good experience in growing garden plants previously them managing your retail business with be a lot smoother.

Mike McGroarty owns a 1/2-acre nursery in suburban Ohio but actually he uses just 1/10th of that space for his garden plants business. Mike sells his garden plants at his driveway every year during spring season where people come shopping in good number. He more often than not creates duplicates of the more popularly selling garden plants know there is a demand such a certain variety of flowers and plants. He also gives advertisements in local newspaper as spring sets in. Last year on April 24th 2008 he repeated an ad in the newspaper like every year and by the time May 24th arrived his garden plant shopping business grossed $25,000 in just a little less than a month.

Now let us see what kind of profits Mike earned during the one-month period. As Mike propagated each one of his garden flowers and garden plants from his already existing nursery his total including the soil, pot, newspaper ad and some labor was just twenty-five cents. And he sold each of those flowers and garden plants at an average price of $5 each. So he made a profit of $4.75 on each sale, would you believe that.

But then that does not mean you will stop shopping for garden plants from a driveway nursery of plants and flowerÂ’s retail shop. I think it is a small price that we are paying to not just keep our homes and office beautiful but also to help the cause of the environment. As said in the article there is many varieties of flowers and garden plants you can choose to shop from. But certainly go off and indulge in garden plants shopping because it will always make to feel happiness and lend an aesthetic view to your garden.

You too can make money from the garden plants business and gradually you will find that such a business though small but still can be extremely profitable without you having to employ large sums of money.

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