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Faraway Furniture   Call 0208 387 5725
Uk located company supplying contemporary teak garden furniture including teak garden sets, teak chairs, teak tables, benches and tree benches taking in mind quality, style and durability. Visit the site for more information.
The Black Barn, Crossoaks Farm, Crossoak Lane, Well End, Hertfordshire, WD6 5PH   (3944)

Garden Furniture Sets   Call 0871 7029 547
Offer online shopping in retail for garden furniture sets made from wooden materials strictly taken from FSC sustainable resources. Products include finest quality garden, outside, patio & conservatory furniture sets made by skilled, master craftsmen. Visit the site for more business information and details.
13d Windsor Road, Ealing, London, W5 3UL   (3945)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Garden Furniture Business

Gardening is nothing but the process of designing, planting and maintaining the garden and landscapes. Now-a-days people tend to design their Gardens in different ways so that they can find a calm and peaceful for relaxing amidst of their hectic work environment and the polluted city environment. Garden Furnishing is one among the various garden designs and involves the furnishing of the garden with Garden Sofas, Garden Day Beds, Garden Armchairs, Garden Benches, Garden Coffee Tables, Garden Stools, Garden Footstools, Garden Poufs, Garden Kitchen, Garden Lighting, Garden Fireplaces and so on. All garden furniture is also available with online shopping over internet. If you are a person who is enthusiastic in doing all these decorations then you are going to become an Expert in Garden Furniture retail or wholesale business. In order to start this business you should have at least little knowledge about the various kinds of furniture which can be used in the Garden and the likes and dislikes of the people, who are going to become your valuable customers.

If you want to take this Garden Furniture Business as your career then you will have to do courses in garden furniture. One notable course is Diploma in Landscape and Garden Design which covers all aspects for designing a perfect Garden. There are also many other Garden Furnishing courses and lots of internationally recognized examining bodies which provide Diploma Certificates for those courses. You can start your retail or wholesale business with a handful of employees who have such certifications from approved institutions. Make sure that all of your employees have a good communication skill. They should be customer friendly. It is in our hands to attract customers for shopping.

The furniture needed for design can be imported. It is available in two forms, one is finished and other is semi-finished. This decorative and durable furniture are sold by major furniture outlets in the retail shopping market. You should be very cautious in choosing the outlets because there are many unauthorized shops which let out low quality furniture at higher expenses. There are many types of furniture which can be used for design. They include metal, teak, hardwood, cast iron and glasses. These are very economic too. One of the most important factors in choosing the furniture is our location and climatic conditions. These will greatly influence the life of the furniture and hence the furniture should be chosen appropriately and with great care. This applies not only for wooden furniture but also for glass tables. You should be very much aware of glass tables. An umbrella which will cover the entire circumference of the glass table should be used in order to avoid the glare from the sunlight.

As far as outdoor furnishing is considered, teak is the best choice. Its purchase can be a true investment in value. There are many features of teak which make it as remarkable furniture. It will give years of enjoyment and due to its dense-grained nature it is highly resistant to deterioration, warping, shrinkage and swelling. It is very ideal for outdoor patio. Due to its resilience nature, teak can be left outside for years together. The highest quality of teak wood in this world is Indonesia teak. Retail furniture should be purchased from manufacturer who uses solid brass castings, screws and bolts in the construction, which gives an excellent look.

The most important part of this business is the color combination. Customers will usually be interested in knowing how to integrate colorful furniture into their garden. High quality as well as colorful furniture is available in the retail shopping market. You should keep in mind the way the colors will interact with the environment. You should set your standard high by providing high quality furniture. Prepare catalogues which contains about all the furniture along with the cost and discounts, if any. It should be colorful and attractive. One important business strategy is offering customers with gift vouchers. You should encourage your customers by offering them good services and compliments. The prices should be affordable for the customers.

Marketing is the most important part of every business and garden furniture business is no exception. The 5 D’s method is an excellent one, they are, develop, distinguish, diagnose, decisiveness and doctrine. There should be an increase in sales with limited resource. Internet is a best way of marketing as 90% of the people use internet for online shopping. Create a website which contains the complete details about your business and the furniture. Categorize the furniture and if possible add photos of them. Get consultations from leading companies.

A garden bench is furniture that will give you immense pleasure in every phase of your life. Consider in your childhood, helped by your parents to sit on a garden bench. Playing with your best friend, games like baseball and soccer. Sitting next to the love of your life and weaving dreams for future or at the last phase accompanied by your wife in old age and relaxing on the same bench.

Hence, a garden bench has its great importance in a garden. A traditional garden bench for a quiet, a chic dining set for entertaining, rustic setting, or you are fulfilling your fantasy of re-creating an authentic English garden, the garden furniture business is a vast section that is coming up with a strong support from the environment friendly people.

Market Analysis

Market for garden furniture can be divided based on customer base by sex, age, education, occupation, race, income, region/section of the country, stage in life, size and type of community, business service industry, home ownership, and size of household. Studies are use for trend analysis, consumer segmentation and target market section.

Market Segmentation

The market segmentation focuses is direct towards retail stores, mainly identified are such:

1. Chain retail
2. Single store
3. Mail order/Internet
4. Others

Amongst all these, the Garden Chain Retails provide the best retail shopping opportunity for customers, as a vast variety can be accommodated here in and one stop shop for garden furniture, garden tools and manure, pesticides and garden related stationeries too. There are other departmental store a too but it is better to look a specific location then to rush through different segments.

Market Needs, wants & desire

There is classic trend among most, to have first tea with newspaper in their garden followed by healthy breakfast. Hence, garden coffee table (rot iron, resin plastic, weatherproof wooden) with a shade is one of the common needs. A bench has been a trademark/symbolic representation for the gardens since a long. A manageable cabinet or rack used to store seeds, pesticides fertilizers and garden tools, etc. Hence shopping for garden benches, tables and chairs with colorful shades are among the most desired garden furniture. Potential customers could be individuals, society or trust, Municipal Corporation and second largest customer leading Hotels & Resorts.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing facts, needed to reconsider prior to implementation to taste success:

1. Best promotional activities: penetrate deep to get visible to the gardening enthusiast
2. Need generation followed by easy approach to the product
3. Educating for innovative products and ask assistance in development
4. After sales customer service and informing for updates
5. Efficient production facilities and managing supply chain

Growth Prospective

The growth in the industry is a result of innovative products, market penetration with in support of promotional activities at every phase as mention earlier ‘what is visible is, that which purchase is’. As garden furniture like chairs, tables, benches are usually have a white shade paint, giving a second color choice that suits the house and garden theme, will be appreciated for shopping. Promote furniture of its being eco-friendly that offers desired appealing and fresh looks and with years of service too. This will make the product stand out from the competitors. Prior to innovative product launch, there should be a small phase to generate need for the same. Environmental fairs or specific events for garden enthusiast should be organized to make them feel privilege and proud of their hard work.

Attractive seasonal and off-season discounts to motivate the garden enthusiast open up their wallets. Other related fields such as household furniture, office furniture etc. discount coupons should be accompany with garden furniture and vice versa.

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