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Churchfield Sofa Bed Company   Call 0800 064 5844
Churchfield are a specialist manufacturer and retailer of sofa beds which are hand made in the UK and extremely high quality. Each product is made to order and available in 40+ different fabrics.
Churchfield Sofa Bed Company, New Road, Winsford, Cheshire, UK, CW7 2NU   (7407)

Furniture Online   Call Toll-free: (800) 971-4493
Online retail store open to retailers for wholesale orders from reputable manufacturers for all kinds of furniture such as contemporary bedroom, living room and dining room furniture.
103 - 1366 Hugh Allan Drive, Kamloops, BC, V1S 1L8, Canada   (5469)

Home Furniture Savings   Call (Toll Free) 1-888-857-8848
Home Furniture Saving is a leading online furniture shop which offers wide range of home furniture, bedroom furniture, living room furniture, dinning room furniture, electronic fireplaces and many more at discount prices. Visit the site for more business details and online shopping in retail.
3341 Pennslyvania Ave, Chicago IL, 60064, USA   (3502)

Online Furniture   Call Toll-free: (800) 971-4493
Online retail store open to retailers for wholesale orders from reputable manufacturers for all kinds of furniture such as contemporary bedroom, living room and dining room furniture.
#103 - 1366 Hugh Allan Drive, Kamloops, BC, V1S 1L8, Canada   (5470)

Tara Home Ottoman Furniture   Call 1-800-590-4951
Features a wide selection of furniture and furnishings, including ottoman furniture, pillows, silk cushion covers, bedding, curtains, and more.
Online only   (7167)

Business Information: A Guide to the Home Furniture Business

Anyone who is living in a home or apartment complex is usually thinking of one detail when they move in. The place where they are living needs an upgrade so it can become a comfortable home. The easiest way to begin this is to find home furniture that helps to express style and uniqueness wherever the individual is living. If you are interested in assisting those who want to find fashion in their home, then starting a retail business with home furniture can help those who are looking into something more for their area of residence.

The home furniture retail business includes a wide range of products that can be offered to individuals with online shopping. The largest sector, at almost 25%, is domestic ware. Following close behind is decorative accessories that are available, followed by homeware that is needed to enhance any living area. Everything else, from merchandise to glassware and furniture make up the complete area of the home furnishing business, providing consumers with a wide range of choices to make their house a home. With this in mind, you can factor in the concept of home furniture not only including the basics of furniture, but also adding in a combination of the smaller things that every home needs.

Not only does the home furniture retail business have several branches that can build into a business, but also includes revenues that are stable in the market. The year 2008 included an average of 32 million in purchases from individuals who were in need of curtains or a couch. While the revenue growth isn't expected to increase, the decrease is only by -.9%, with a stable demand for those who are shopping for something new for their kitchen or living room .

These statistics show that the home furnishings market is one that offers businesses opportunities to help with different types of home supplies. If you are looking into this venture as a start up, then you not only have the advantage of the demand available, but can also look at specific markets for better growth of your business. While chain stores are still a large part of shopping, there are new, smaller businesses that are coming into the main picture, especially with online shopping. The businesses are a response to 75-80% of individuals that shop online, with expected growth to move from the chain retailers to more convenient ways to get furniture delivered to the doorstep .

With these main facts in mind, you can make sure that you get the best of building a business with home furniture by knowing exactly what to provide customers with and how to approach the business. For instance, if you decide to take part in only one sector, such as domestic ware, you don't want to include only the basics, but want to make your taste unique to what customers need. You can look at options such as classic or traditional looks to gather specific attention. If you want something different, then you can take a contemporary, modern or artistic approach. Finding a niche that calls a certain type of person to your area provides you with easier ways to sell home furniture and to grab individuals who want to change the way their home looks. The more you can focus on providing a specific style, the more likely you will be able to draw consistent customers to your home furniture business.

If you are interested in helping houses to turn into homes, then you can provide a source for shopping through your own business. By offering specific looks, trends and options for home furniture, you can provide alternative living styles to those who are interested in changing the appearance of their home. By being aware of what is available, and making sure that you find the easiest way to tap into the right resources, you can easily build a successful business that focuses on home fashion.

Another Guide By Mohit

Last year during the peak of the economic crisis banks and the housing market in the US were amongst the first ones to crash. But more recently in 2009 world over including in the US the housing market data has been positive and one that has proved that the housing market is well on its way to recovery. The home and garden furniture retail business is directly dependent on the housing market for a major chunk of its sales while business also comes when there is home remodeling, refurnishing and purchase of new furniture. People are fond of decorating and improving the appearance of their home and home and garden furniture features right at the top of their shopping list, may be second only household expenses and education expenses in the home. Therefore if you are looking to start a new business then a home and garden furniture business might be one that you might want to consider.

In this article we talk about the different ways in which you can successful start a home and garden furniture retail business. After reading this article you will be in a better position to make a concrete decision on which business model is best suitable for you. Before we go further you need to understand that there are many kinds of home and garden furniture that are available for sell in the market. There is bed room furniture, bathroom furniture, wardrobes, sofa sets, garden furniture, cabinets, dining sets and lots more. So you will need to decide what furniture you will want to deal in. Another aspect you need to take care of before you home and garden furniture retail business actually commences is of registering your business. You should register your business name; get a business and tax license.

The fist business model we’d like to discuss is that of a retail showroom business. The home and garden retail business is an organized market business with furniture brands having a major share of market sales. The best way to enter the retail business is by joining hands with a retail brand major. It makes a lot of sense because people shopping for furniture are more likely to buy branded furniture for the home and famous brands always rule the roost. Consumers believe shopping for branded furniture is a good idea plus shopping for branded furniture will enhance the appearance of their home since such furniture is usually fashionable and trendy. There are many furniture brand companies looking to expand their presence in newer markets to increase market share. You will have to contact such companies and brief them about your business proposal to work with their brand. There are business modalities that you have to look into before taking a final decision on whether such a business arrangement is feasible or not. Some things like commission on sales, how much investment is required to commence operation, retail space expected by the furniture brand company etc.

A home and garden furniture retail store works well because people looking to do shopping for home and garden furniture prefer visiting furniture store. The benefit they derive is that they can look at the furniture first hand and have a feel of what material is the furniture made of, this firsthand look and feel of material can be the decisive factor in consumers shopping for the furniture they wish to buy.

If you are looking for a small beginning in the home and garden furniture retail business where capital investment is not too stretched then you can think of a home based furniture business. There are some great aspects of a home based business that have made it so successful and popular amongst first timers. Amongst the most attractive aspects is that with a home based retail furniture business you can work from and decide when you want to work and when not. Also capital investments like rent for retail showroom, water and electricity plus salary to staff can be saved. To start your home based home and garden furniture retail business you will first have to identify want furniture products you would like to sell and where will you source such products from.

For product sourcing you can search the internet or also look for furniture manufacturers in a business directory. Make a list of all business contacts that you would like to approach for product sourcing. Do a little internet research about the reputation and business background of all businesses. Then contact those manufacturers that meet your requirements. After a couple of rounds of meetings or correspondence once you arrive at a decision on which manufacturers you want to do business ask them to kindly send you samples of their furniture models. Call your friends and neighbors so that they can have look at it and also introduce your new business. These are just the initial steps in business development that you will have to undertake. Take steps to promote your business, give advertisements in newspaper classified ads and take part in home and garden furniture expos and exhibitions.

Once people are aware of the wide range of home and garden furniture business they will want to see what furniture you have to offer. If the home and garden furniture you have meets their taste and requirements there are bright chances they will do furniture shopping from you. When shopping for home and garden furniture people want furniture that is elegant and trendy something that is more often than not found in branded furniture.

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