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Company having close relationships with major textile manufacturers and offer stunning range of contemporary and traditional curtains, cushions, blinds and accessories, sourced from around the world at the most competitive prices in the U.K. today. Visit the site for online shopping.
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The curtain as we know it is also referred to as drape in the United States and drapery in the United Kingdom. The main purpose of a curtain is to stop or obscure light or water from entering a private place/area. The history of curtains dates back to more than a millennium. For every home a curtain is an important part of the furniture and aesthetic decorations. Different people have different choices and the same taste can be found with window and door curtains as well. Some people will have large windows to allow in natural light with appeasing curtains to blend in with the elements of the room.

The curtains business can be tagged under the industries manufacturing household textile products. Textile products like draperies, curtains, linens, tablecloths, sheets, towels & shower curtains are made from various kinds of raw materials. Firms operating in the curtains business manufacture linen & curtain products from materials usually produced by other firms. These products are then transformed into finished goods, which are further sold to retailers and wholesalers. Finally products are resold to end consumers which are mostly home users.

As more and more families moved towards single homes, as has been the case over the last century, the curtain and drapery retail business witnessed spiraling growth of demand for such products. Commercially the curtains business witnessed tremendous growth. Newer hotel chains, expanding business meant corporate offices acquiring trendier looks to keep in with the changing times.

The curtain and drapery mills industry in the US recorded revenue of approx. 900 million USD in 2008. The gross profit for the same period was estimated to be at 27.6% of the revenue. In the whole of 2008 windows and door curtain business imports stood at $1.0 billion USD. The curtains and drapery business also recorded exports of $88.2 million worth of merchandise to 88 countries. What we can understand and extract from these figures is that the by reducing export value & adding import value to the curtain business in the US the stand alone domestic market in 2008 was $1.8 billion USD.

But overall in recent times curtain business has witnessed decline because more and more companies are moving production bases to offshore sites. Not everything is gloomy though; there exist consumers who want high quality products and greater durability. Additionally color & design coordination are at the top of their wish list. US firms have the business edge to respond quickly niche fashion changes. This gives the home curtain business in the United State a competitive advantage as against other overseas manufacturers.

The world combined retail and wholesale market for the curtain’s business recorded revenues of nearly $4.4 billion in 2008. The gross profit for the same period was estimated to be at 20.14% of the revenue. Import figures revealed that trade stood at $8.8 billion from 175 countries. At the same time the industry trade in terms of exports stood at $.6 billion USD worth of merchandise to 134 countries. To sum it up the industry’s total domestic demand stood at 12.6 billion USD in 2008.

Now when you set out in retail market for shopping of curtains there are many things to need to take a note of before actually buying curtains for your home door and windows. Curtain shopping can be a very exciting prospect for people obsessed with home décor. There is a wide variety of curtain designs and you will have to choice from designs such as Tab Top Curtains, Pinch Pleated Drapes, Shower Curtains, Cape Cods Curtains, Door Panels Curtains, Tier Curtains, Panel Curtains and a lot more. All of these designs make curtain shopping a tricky decision to make.

Tab Top Curtains are amongst the most widely used curtain designs everywhere. Tab Top Curtains are the ideal choice when you would like to allow a view of your decorative curtain rods. Such curtains treatments are easy to hang and create an elegant designer look!

Similarly when you are out for curtain shopping you can choose Panel Curtains. Panel curtains are the ideal makeover needed for long windows. Such curtains are tailored to accommodate longer window lengths from 54" to 96" long.

Also you will need inch perfect measurements of length and width of your window. Additionally you will have to arrive at a decision whether you want single or double width fitting curtains. Double widths are suitable for larger sized windows since they cover a greater amount of space.

So the next time you are out for curtain shopping in retail you know that curtain shopping starts from your home by taking windows measurements and then heading to the shopping bazaar to find the design that meets your style demand.

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