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Artisan House Online  Call 1-502-498-4212 (International, US, & Canada)
Company assisting to shop online for the finest quality metal wall art and tabletop sculptures perfectly complimenting your wall decoration while adding final touch to your home or office. Visit the site for online shopping and for more information and details about the products offered.
P.O. Box 6607, Louisville, KY 40206, USA
http://www.artisanhouseonline.com/   (4191)

Wall Sculptures USA Inc  Call Call not provided
Offer three dimensional handmade wall sculptures for home and office walls and in variety of styles, shapes, colors and sizes with base as wood and finished using leather, aluminum, velour, and other materials. Visit the site for online shopping and for more business information and details.
Online store
http://www.wallsculpturesusa.com/   (4192)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Wall Sculptures Business

Sculpting is the most ancient of all art forms dating back to Stone Age. From stones and rough cutting tools used in that ancient time to improved materials and carving techniques sculpting has made a great progress. Sculptures which took ages to complete in past are made with great speed and accuracy today. From the temples and prominent places of town sculptures have entered the homes of people. With sculptures becoming affordable there is an increase in itÂ’s retail shopping as a home decoration item. New forms of sculpting have evolved over the years and wall sculptures are catching eyes of many. This has increased the scope for sculptors, interior designers and other allied business.

Plane walls are undesirable at any place home, business or pleasure and are often decorated for beautification. Shopping for color shades and textures, buying painting and wall hangings, covering walls with wallpapers are some of the things people do for wall decoration. However these are very common methods and people are always on a look for newer alternatives to make them stand apart from rest. Wall sculpture is one such alternative and is being increasingly adopted for walls both interior and exterior.

For sculptors there is good opportunity in wall sculptures retail or wholesale business. Wall sculptors are broadly classified into two types. The first type of Sculptures are carved separately and then mounted or hanged on walls. One can design mounting sculptors in studio or take on site projects. Some times the projects are huge and needs a team of sculptors. If you are into interiors business you can enter into wall sculptures by linking up with some sculpting studio. Homes and offices usually go shopping for mounting and hanging wall sculptures. The options available in these sculptures are so large that retail customers are never satisfied by a single piece.

The other involves direct sculpting in the wall. This is an expensive method and usually adopted by business houses that are extremely particular about ambiance. Luxury motels and resorts, Headquarters of significant organizations, places of tourist attraction are some of the major buyers of this type. Historic places, palaces, temples and caves are full of examples of this type of wall sculptures and it is still blended with modern day interior to provide that touch of prosperity as in the past. These wall sculptures being extremely expensive bagging regular assignments will soon make you prosperous. But watch before you leap as this needs the highest level of skills. A single wrong stoke can sometimes result in entire reconstruction and you need to be extremely reputed in the circle to win some prestigious contracts. It is not advisable to enter this business without considerable experience due to the high nature of risk associated. Home retail customers also adopt this form on a very small scale. Although the money is less it provides good opportunity to enter home segment and master the decoration craft.

Retailing in wall sculptures is a viable option. Today the people shopping in retail for wall sculptures is so large that one can go for specialized retailing in this segment. Wall sculptures are brought by everyone from home users to business offices and the consumer base is constantly rising. This being an art piece needs salesperson specializing in sculptures to guide customers correctly resulting in an increased sale. Wall sculpting is done in all forms clay, wood, stone, marble, metal, fiber and requires many tools. Wall sculpture is also picking up as a hobby and people go shopping for sculpting material and tools. Opening a retail store in your locality and promoting wall sculpture is a good business option. To increase sales you can also start taking contracts for partner sculptors and interior designers. Organizing or sponsoring wall sculpture exhibitions is a good promotional activity.

Home and office interior is getting the attention it long deserved. Innovations in interior designing have came out with options to suit all pockets. People are not afraid to try different trends and are offering great support to form like wall sculpture. The shopping in decorative items has increased with the increase in spending power of consumer. It is right time to carve your sculpture business into a perfect shape.

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