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Selling a range of wall liners and coverings for professional decorators and DIY enthusiasts. Buy online or over the phone.
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Offering outdoor Christmas decoration products like christmas lighting, cartoon characters, clearance items, novelty lights, christmas animals, animated lighting, Santa's products and more.
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Business Information By Mast Directory: Holiday Gifts & Decoration products business

Holidays are the time to celebrate, remember our near and dear ones and to share our happiness with them. The holiday season also means peak business time for retailers and wholesalers mainly those involved in the holiday gifts and decorations retail business. It is common practice for most home owners to buy gifts for the younger members of the family while also decorating the house to ring in the festivities.

Be it celebrations to mark the Chinese New Year in China & Hong Kong, or Diwali festival in India or for that matter Christmas and New Year celebration across the world the holiday gifts & decoration products business is a huge market place. The market place is one that is highly organized in the developed nations but in emerging economies like India, Brazil and Russia the unorganized sector gives the branded market tough competition. This because the pricing is cheap but quality is not good either.

In the United State of America consumer spending on gifts and decoration products takes place mainly during the winter holiday season. It is during the winters that 90% of the holiday spending takes place. During Halloween there is usually great interest in newer gift and decoration product, which is the main driver of sales Halloween related items.

According to a report by Mintel International Group Ltd., a leading market research company pre-paid gift cards has in recent times has brought about the biggest transformation in holiday gifts and decoration products business. Also online retail stores too have had a major influence in sales of holiday gifts and decoration products.

Goods normally sold only during holiday seasons are broadly decorations, gifts, confectionary and greeting cards. But the holiday gifts and decoration products business is actually way beyond our imagination. For some people it means buying new electronic products, for others it means buying new cars and vehicles while for still others it could mean buying handcrafted artworks to high-ticketed luxury items.

In the holiday gifts and decoration products retail business category you can add as many products as you wish. From toys, cane furniture, christmas lights, scented candles, fabric decorative home accessories, greetings cards to garden chairs and list is a never ending one.

As per the U.S. Census Bureau the consumer retail market reached $3.0 trillion in 2006 (excluding food services retail market.) Out of those $3 trillion consumers spent roughly $300 billion or 10% over for buying gifts and decorative pieces for their family and friends. So it would be fair enough to say that the US market for holiday gifts and decoration products business is worth a staggering $300 billion dollars.

Also gift cards are an integral part of holiday gifts and decoration product business. With the popularity of gift cards continuing to increase on a yearly basis retail sales are expected to touch $35 billion to $40 billion this year. About 40% of the gift cards sold are from department stores whereas restaurant gift cards account for 30 percent of sales and rank second.

But as a result of the current economic meltdown sales tracker ComScore has reported that for the first time in the history web-based holiday gifts and decoration product business sales have dropped. According to ComScore spending for the 1st 49 days of the all-important November-December gift-buying period fell 1% to $24.03 billion compared to $24.15 billion over the same period last year.

The holiday gifts and decoration products season comes around every year and it is time we splurge on gifts and decorative items. Holiday gifts and decoration products shopping is like fulfilling all the dreams we have to lighten up our homes and buy the most beautiful gifts for our family.

From special embroidery ladies fashion handbags, LED lights, Polka Dot Travel Bag Set, novelty merchandise, souvenirs, greeting cards, seasonal and holiday decorations and curios the gifts and decoration products shopping list just goes on and on.

Holiday gifts and decoration shopping is an event during the holiday season for any family so the next time you are out shopping for holiday gift make sure that you not only carry a list of things to purchase but also take the entire family along with you. Holiday gifts and decoration products shopping will be a lot more fun than it has ever been this way.

Possessing an own beautiful home is a good dream for many. Every one of us will feel to maintain our homes with eye catching decorating items. Many of us spend lots of amounts on decorating home because that shows the standard of the people living in the home. Mainly during special occasions, people decorate their home with different retail items that suit the occasion. Nearly, everyone will jump on local and online shops for shopping the decors. And this made this home decor retail business a fruitful one. When any one constructs or purchases a home the first thing they do is going for home shopping for the things that are necessary in the home. This has made steep increase in the demand of wholesale distributors of decorating items and many prefer to have a look at this business nowadays. This will be a great success if you will be able to supply the required decors to the retail customers on time and if you maintain quality at reasonable price levels. This makes you famous in the area where you do your business and this brings you customers from many other places.

A home decor item retail shopping is becoming increasingly popular as gifts for friends, family and official exchanges. Gaining a good knowledge itself makes you put a step ahead to start this business. Not only that. If you are sure that you have good grip over decorating and designing products then you can have a tie-up with the decors manufacturers. They will even offer you discounts if you keep up the orders in high quantity regularly.

This business is a type of career that needs more dedication and mainly patience as people do not do shopping in huge quantities throughout the year. In special seasons there will be a high increase in the demand. Also different seasons require different types of decors. So, you should be active to change the products that attract customers all over the year. People who come shopping in retail for these will search for difference in your products with the adjacent shop. So, try maintaining some positive difference and your business is definitely a quick growing one.

Some tips for increasing your business:

1. Advertising your business online and also through local resources in very decent manner makes people give pay attention on your retail store.
2. Generally people do shopping in bulk quantities during festivals. Try giving some special offers on those days. This may work if your offers are enough useful for the customers.
3. Many trade shows will be organized frequently in your cities. You can find all classes of people attending those trade shows with their families to find something new.

Performing in trade shows with products that make people of all classes do some shopping makes you do a great business there. This fast generation has made people to search through online resources for every type of shopping. Maintain a website displaying attractive products and mentioning different offers you give for people who do shopping on your site. Also provide free shipping for people in nearby places.

Packing is also a very important aspect in this business. Pretty handmade tags and lovely boxes can make your business an outstanding one in the competitive retail and wholesale market. The decors you sell should be sturdy and professionally made so that people return to your shop for shopping another product. If you are sure that you are maintaining good quality then you can give warranty for the decors to a limited period of time. This will increase the sales and in very less time, your business will be increased in unexpected manner. Color trend is very important here. Customers of different generations prefer different colors and you should be ready with the colors that please them.

Home decors are available in different materials like plastic, wood, rubber, glass, polymer and many others. All of these have different price levels and will be chosen by different people. Maintain goods with least and higher price levels so that a customer entering your store should never return with an empty hand. This business is bringing good revenue to the government. So nowadays it is very easy to get loans from banks to start it. In a research it is found that America generates over $270 billion market annually. The profit in this and retail customers search for shopping latest decorating items made a huge increase in the completion of this market. To excel in this competition, you need to be special in quality and also in bringing out latest models in this business.

Important factor in this fast moving world is time. People coming for shopping are not able to spend more time. So in vey less time, you should be able to impress them. Rewarding the salesman working in your stores during high sales generates special interest in them and they will work more efficiently and will improve your business.

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