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Do you need comfort and the type of warmth you deserve while sleeping in your home bedroom? Then you must have a good quality blanket to cover yourself while sleeping. The company is here to provide you with what you need. Products available for shopping include wool blankets, bamboo blankets, silk bedding, blanket throws, organic bedsheets and much more. Visit the site for complete information and details.
2814 E. Sierra St., Phoenix, AZ 85028, USA   (3614)

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Specialises in luxury blankets and throws for homes, bedding, nursery and outdoors. Extensive quality range for all ages including Cashmere, Alpaca, Mohair, Lambswool, Wool, Cotton and Merino. Visit the site for complete business products details.
Unit 18, Dunveth Business Park, Wadebridge, Cornwall, PL27 7FE   (3616)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To The Blankets Business

A blanket is a type of big cloth with which one can cover his body while sleeping in bedroom. So we can say blanket is a product used in home bedroom. Since long the Native American has woven blankets but later on American woolen mills have mass-produced blankets on a Jacquard loom. Blankets are as much a part of the Native American life and tradition as they are to Indian tradition. Even to this date different rituals tie the blanket to the life of an Indian. Blankets are given as gifts during marriages, births, and christenings.

From ages the people of India have used blanket as protection means. At the very first blankets were made weaving animal fur & hides using plant fibers. Later on blankets were created from weaving cotton or wool. Before white settlers took over India and America natives of these two countries would exchange blankets for other goods. Thus it is here that blanket business.

Soon the Europeans moved west and made inroads into India and started killing buffaloes, goats and sheep. Because of these killings Indians were forced to rely on European traders for blankets to sell them in retail. The initial traded blankets made by Europeans were basic featuring solid colors. Hudson Bay Company blankets were introduced into the retail market and were made in England. European trappers traded these blankets to the Blackfeet and Northern Plains Indians.

Soon wool quality gained immense importance and subsequently woolen blankets business gained prominence. American companies such as Buell in Missouri and Racine Woolen Mills in Wisconsin were amongst the first to set up production units for make woolen trade blankets. Then next revolution in the blanket business was ushered by the introduction of the Jacquard loom in 1901. The Jacquard Loom dramatically altered design patterns by allowing mills to create more intricate zigzag designs which became very popular within retail shopping market.

The US market for household textiles includes products used in the home bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and dining area. It wouldn’t come as a surprise that the average American consumer purchases household textiles not just as a means of necessity, but also for complementing their home décor.

In the year 2001 Simmons research conducted a poll regarding what kind of bathroom, bedroom or kitchen linen those consumers had purchased in the past twelve months. Some fifty four percent of respondents said that they purchased some sort of bedding. When asked to be specific respondents listed bed pillows, quilts/woolen blankets, electric blankets, comforters, other blankets, sheets and pillowcases as their main purchase in that period, though not particularly in that order of importance or purchase rate. Thirty-six percent of the respondents said they purchased towels, while merely 20% reported buying tablecloths/napkins during the aforementioned period.

There are some international reports that suggest that a stronger dollar would mean prices in the textiles retail market would remain firm and that could affect the home textiles industry and have a direct affect on blanket retail business. As for the branded blankets business - higher priced, higher end products shall witness sales limited to a select group of consumers. The majority of consumers will continue to shop for materials such as blankets when they can get a bargain. In such a scenario discount and bargains matter a lot and discount stores and mass merchandisers benefit the most in the blanket business.

When you set out for blanket shopping there are something that you should pay heed to. You should be well versed with the term Fill Power. Fill Power is the means to measure the space you leave empty in 1 ounce of down. How can you measure fill power? To do that you would take one ounce of down and compress it.

A good blanket usually has 575 fill power, going further come better blankets are 650 fill power and up. The other important aspect of blanket shopping is that you buy a blanket made of durable material.

One of the most popular blankets available in the market place today is the Electric Blanket. If you would like to buy an electric blanket then these are the couple of things to need to keep in mind. Electric blankets have flexible heating system that is fitted between the bottom fabric and the blanket's top.

Blanket shopping can be fun because there are a wide variety of blankets to choose from. There are the conventional woolen blankets, then there are picnic blankets, teething blankets for babies, electric blankets and many other types of quilts as well.

When you set out for blanket shopping be sure to make the right judgment and wise purchase is important because humans spend a minimum of 1/3 their life are in bed. Good luck:)

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