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Designer Bedding & Bed Linen  Call 01706 220020
Victoria Linen provides a range of designer bedding and bed linen in all sizes including outsize and adjustable beds. Visit the website for our full range of brands.
Unit 2, Hargreaves Street Mill, Hargreaves Street, Haslingden, Lancashire, BB4 5RQ   (5990)

Hypnos Mattress  Call +44 20 8208 1616
Hypnos Beds Mattresses, view the full extensove range including Hypnos Regency Collection online and instore, fabric and colour selection to match your furnishings.
Online only   (7239)

Mattresses  Call Toll-free: (800) 971-4493
Find latex, pillow top, and memory foam mattresses at low wholesale prices at Visit the site for more products information and details.
#103 - 1366 Hugh Allan Drive, Kamloops, BC, V1S 1L8, Canada   (5478)

Mattresses Belfast  Call 02890 200540
Offer mattresses for home bedroom including comfort pocket mattresses, candy mattress, memory foam matresses and more. Visit the site for online shopping in retail.
Units 4-9, North Building, Twin Spires Centre, 155 Northumberland Street, Belfast BT13 2JF   (5111)

Relax Master Electric Adjustable Beds  Call 01902 421 314
Relax Master Ltd is one stop shop for all the upholstery and bedding needs in UK. Work being carried out with the help of fully skilled and trained sewing machinists.
Online only   (7326)

Business Information By Mast Directory: Bed and Mattresses Information

Bed and Mattresses businesses are experiencing steady growth in their business due to increase in demand from third world countries. Consumers in third world countries are buying beds and mattresses for their bedroom even while shopping over internet. This buying power is due to increase in disposable incomes. Developing countries such as India, China and other third world countries have considerable share of global market in beds and mattresses. Salary structure of middle class population in developing countries is increasing gradually because of which there is increase in the amount of disposable income. This demand spike from third world countries has created opportunities for various verticals in beds and mattresses business.

Developed world has relatively high labour and manufacturing costs because of which the overall cost for beds and mattresses is higher. Stringent quality check requirements in developed world increases the overall price of beds and mattresses. Beds and mattresses are produced by automation which has reduced the labour requirement and this has added to bottom line profitability. Automation and bottom line profits are increasing the competitiveness of products from the developed world.

Developed countries are getting imports from countries such as China, India, Middle East (Arab), etc. Rules for imports have changed considerably in developed markets regarding clothes, beds, mattresses, bedroom furniture etc. Developed countries are increasing taxes and custom duties so that local markets thrive and sustain. Local markets are increasingly outsourcing manufacturing duties to third world countries so that they can compete effectively with global markets.

Recession has impacted beds and mattresses shopping business because of the decrease in spending from consumer’s world over. Developed markets are facing job lossess which is decreasing the spending power. Developing markets are facing lower amount of recession effects due to stringent banking laws and strong regulations. Countries such as India have escaped from recession due to local demand and growth. Demand for beds and mattresses shopping are increasing gradually in India despite recession worldwide.

Future of bedroom mattresses is bright because of the basic fact that population is increasing and people need new beds and mattresses. Also beds and mattresses need to be upgraded from time to time because of degradation and relative loss of firmness. Export potential is good and it depends upon the quality and pricing of the manufacturer. Pricing and market access determine your product relative strength compared to other products. There is significant difference in the market price. Tax structure and customs restrictions need to be studied before exporting your product to other countries. Local market in Asia is offering significant increase in volume and sales figures for bedroom beds businesses.

Finance availability is relative easy and cheap in international markets than in developing world. Support from government in developed markets is much greater. Availability of cheap finance and support from government are some of the benefits to establish industry in developed markets. Lack of credible government backed support and relative high costs of finance is hindering new entrepreneurs from establishing business in developing markets. Finance availability becomes much easier if you can prove to the bankers of your tie up with a large retail store or discount store. Also manufacturing industries in developed world import considerable quantity of their inventory from developing world. Best way is to start this business over internet where you get advance payment while people are shopping online in retail.

Relative availability of cheap labour and lower costs of manufacturing are two very good reasons to start up or tie up with manufacturing industries in developing worlds. Marketing is very crucial for this business. Location of retail outlet can also prove the difference between flourishing business and a dull market. Contacts of retail stores can also improve visibility of your business. Mostly consumers get attracted to those products which are visible in ads and print media. There are various verticals in beds and mattresses business such as distribution, transportation, marketing, retail, etc. Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, etc are also potential markets for exporters. These countries require different type of material and compactness in their beds. Coir exporters are also profiting from demand spike in beds and mattresses business because of the usage of coir in manufacturing.

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