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Bedding  Call (800) 632-9535
Offer online shopping of different bedding products used in bedroom in different brands like Cotton Tale, Dwell Studio, Hallmart Collectibles, California Kids, Freckles etc. Products include mattress pads and covers, accent pillows, sports bedding, luxuary bedding, sheet sets and much more. More business details can be seen on the site.
800 Boylston St, Suite 1600, Boston, MA 02199   (3617)

BeddingAnd  Call toll free (877)363-3135
The company offer fashions for your bedroom, bathroomand home by providing different varities of products including fashion bedding, fancy towels, mirrors, towel stands, bedsheets, Duvets, Featherbeds, Mattress Pads and much more. Visit the site for online shopping of all retail products.
3 Queens Ave, Leamington, Ontario, Canada N8H 3G4   (3618)

Buy Bedding For King Size Beds  Call 01484 716282
Standard King Size Bedding available to buy online from the Linen Cupboard. Specialists in fine bed linen. Visit the site for online retail shopping.
The Linen Cupboard, 49 Commercial Street, Brighouse,West Yorkshire, HD6 1AF   (5030)

Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen  Call 0845 6039228
Offer Egyptial cotton bed linen, mattress toppers, cotton rich bedding, curtains, bedroom accessories and much more. Visit the site for online retail shopping.
Jansons Direct Linens Ltd,3 Moorside Close, Drighlington, Bradford,West Yorkshire,BD11 1HQ, UK   (4994)

Kid's bedding  Call 1-877-233-2284
Offering one of the most extensive inventories of top quality kids bedding, childrens bedding accessories, adult bed linens and bathroom accessories available anywhere today, Laurens Linens is your leading online bed and bath retailer! Visit the site for shopping and for more products information.
369 Fairview Avenue Westwood, NJ 07675   (4247)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To The Bedding Business

It’s a known fact that a few centuries ago man slept on the cold hard ground. But soon man created a mound using leaves and twigs for comfortable sleeping and slowly he used animal skin as a cover over such a mound. Later on man started sewing animal skin with other fabrics to create a cushion that resembled the earliest form of bedding.

The early part of the 19th century was the formation of the bedding industry, which got together to pursue sanitary bedding laws and finally got them. At that time having vermin-infested mattresses was not uncommon and the same goes for bedding off the production lines. The same case can be argued for bedding filled with organic material as they were subject to all sorts of mildew, bacteria & bugs attacks.

In the year 1927 Bedding shipments industry recorded business worth $100 million and sales zoomed to $129 million by 1929. But the business witnessed a downturn because of bacteria and bugs related issues and sales tumbled to merely $49.7 million in 1935. The bedding business is susceptible to economic changes. It is also quite common for people to delay replacing their bedding by a couple of year than the recommended replacement date. People usually replace their bedding every 12.5 years.

Primarily the American marketing for bedding is a replacement business wherein consumers replacing old bedroom bedding with newer ones. The standard for the US market has been innerspring mattresses but the bedding retail business has seen a turn toward new materials and technologies like air chambers, gel and foam. There are some dynamic issues that the US bedding business is faced with. Issues such as regulations, competitions from cheap imports, environmental concerns but above all from constant changing of consumer demographics are the driving force behind this industry.

Something that would come, as a surprise to most is that in the U.S. the bedding business is still relatively recession-proof. And a proof of that is available with data showing shipments have witnessed growth at a steady annual rate of 11% over the last 5 years. What more heartening for the bedding business is that this trend is expecting to continue with double-digit growth forecasted over the next five. Retail bedroom bedding business is expected to touch $11 billion in the U.S. by 2011.

The home bedding business industry has a wide variety of home used mattresses that are manufactures each one have their own share in the retail market place. This includes box spring mattresses, innerspring mattresses, and non-innerspring mattresses containing foam rubber, urethane, hair, or any other filling material. Additionally there are assembled mattresses that used materials such wire springs (fabric, coil, or box) for use on beds, couches, and cots.

U.S. mattress manufacturers produce in excess of 35 million units every year creating 4 billion dollars worth of trade. There are as many as 600 companies that produce home mattresses in America. Overall industry shipments increased from $3.84 billion in 1997, to $4.24 billion in 1998, to $4.30 billion in 1999, and to $4.73 billion in 2000.

Now as with most products there is secret to shopping for it and the same goes for mattress or bedroom bedding shopping. There is a simple logic to bedding shopping that you consider it as a simple commodity. The bedding retail business is purely a marketing thing. So in most cases it is recommended that you buy the cheapest product from a reliable sales store, until of course if you are looking at something that has being specifically advised to you by a doctor or surgeon.

When going for bedroom bedding shopping in retail the first thing you should look for in bedding is comfort. Best sleep in derived when you feel cozy, secure and comfortable in your bed. In most countries there are different bedding shopping choices to choice to from. Furniture stores and hypermarkets are the most common places but there are a growing number of sleep specialty shops as well where you can find some of the best mattresses.

Do ensure that you compare not only bedding prices but also bedding material, fabric before purchasing one for yourself. Best value rather than best price is what will ultimately deliver you the best bargain.

Another Guide My Mohit

When we tire we need rest and the best place in the world to relax and catch some sleep is the bed in our home. Every home has a bed and for a family they need a bed for the mother & father and beds for the kids. When we buy a bed we also need bedding for the bed. Bedding refers to material that is used for creating a cushion between the bed structure and humans sleeping on it. Bedding is usually the bed mattress but not the mattress alone it’s more of other material that is used to cover the mattress and provide warmth in the bedding. Bedding is needed in every bedroom in the home and people do different kind of bedding shopping for their bedroom. This presents a good business opportunity for people looking to do bedding business.

In this article we tell you some of the ways in which you can start your own bedding business and earn money from it. To start your own bedding business you need to first know about the prominent bedding forms that people like to do shopping for. Bedspreads are sort of bed covers which extend from the floor right up to pillows and even tuck under the pillows. Coverlets, they are again bed covers but they are smaller in length as compare to bedspreads and are not of floor length. Comforters, these are more like quilts so that the bed remains warm and you can have a comfortable sleep. Pillow shams is the term used for bed pillow covers, they can be knitted and elegant, also ruffled. There are also bed skirts; they are put around the lower side of the bed to either cover unattractive box beds or add an elegant look to the bed side. Now that you know about bedding types you would also like to look into some general aspects of starting a legal business. You will need to register your business by forwarding an application for grant of business approval and get a business and tax license.

One business model that is a tried and tested business is that of home based bedding business. Such a business is liked by people who have both financial and family responsibilities. A home based bedding business is ideal for a single mother looking to support her family. If you have the knowledge and know how about knitting and would like to make your own bedding creations then this business is for you. You would do well if have knowledge of bedding weaving patterns. The types of weaves range from the likes of oxford, jacquard, waffle weave and others. To get your home based bedding business kicked started you first must prepare sample designs of your bedding material. Then you will want to show people what you are capable of, so go ahead and invite friends, relative and neighbor and organize a small gathering. Over the meeting introduce your new business and show them your collection.

Apart from this you will need to devote time in promoting your business through various other means. It will be known that buyers of bedding material are home owners. Home owners are the ones who will do shopping for bedding material. So you have to concentrate your efforts reaching home owners because at the end of the day home owners are your customers and they are the ones who will do shopping for the products you make.

Apart from home based bedding you can also start a bedding business by opening a home bedding retail business store. Retail business is an attractive business model because people do bedding shopping mostly from a retail store. There are many home furnishing and bedding material companies that have a fine range of products and look to expand their market presence. If you would like to enter the bedding business then a doing retail business on behalf a leading brand will be ideal way to start your business. People need different kinds of bedding for their bedroom as well as for the children’s bedrooms. For such shopping needs they usually come looking at a retail store, the advantage of a retail store is that people can come visit and have a look at the entire range of bedding materials and products. They can get a feel of things and place a shopping order for stuff they wish to purchase.

You will have to keep stocks for different bedding types and the entire range of sizes that come with such bedding. People have different bed size in their bedrooms; children’s beds are usually smaller as compared to beds for grownups. Beds could measure from 3ft x 6ft 3in to 6ft x 6ft 6in. Thus bedding covers, coverlets, comforters, pillow shams and other bedding material and products need to be of the exact size and length as required by the customers. One of the services that you will want to provider to people who have done bedding shopping at your store is of free delivery, this is a small service you can offer customers to show that you really care for them and would like them to come back to your bedding retail business store for all of their bedding needs.

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