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Best Kitchen Knives  Call 866-765-CHEF Toll Free
Site selling kitchen knives including cutting boards, CIA knives, Henckels knives, Kasumi, Kershaw, Ceramic knives, Furi, Knife Sharpeners, Kinife Storage, Lamson, Mac and Mercer, Shun and Viking, Accessories and much more.
22732 Granite Way, Suite B, Laguna Hills, CA 92653   (1947)

Cooks Knives  Call 01877 332703
Offering discount prices on chef's knives and kitchen knife sets from Global, Henckels, Wusthof, Chroma, Tojiro, Kasumi, Kyocera and Sabatier knife ranges from Stellar and Judge. Large stocks and worldwide delivery.
Geisher Road, Callander, FK17 8LX   (1950)  Call 1-800-504-1033
Offer pocket knives with swiss army knives, kitchen hunting knives & all type of knives for your hunting fishing & cooking needs. You will find high quality kitchen knives pocket hunting & butterfly knives at cheapest prices with secured online shopping for all products. Visit site for more information.
4860 W 12th Street, Cleveland, OH 44109-5611   (1948)

Kitchen Knives  Call 01233 624126
UK located company having stores in all major cities and also selling with online shopping all home products related to kitchen including kitchen knives, kitchen furniture, cookware, bakeware, accessories and more. Visit the site for more business information and details.
Unit 32, McArthur Glen Designer Outlet, Kimberley Way, Ashford, Kent, TN24 0SD   (4701)

KnifeCenter  Call Toll Free: 800-338-6799
One of the biggest online store to purchase all kinds of kitchen knives including slicers, boning, cleavers, bread knives, Sharpening Steels Diamond Sharpening Steels, Japanese Style Knives Including Sushi, Deba and Yanagiba models, Paring Knives which are good for small work, these come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
5111 Berwyn Rd. STE 110 College Park, MD 20740   (1949)

Rogue Media  Call online contact
one of the best selections of top quality kitchen knives online. Sell individual knives, knife sets and knife sharpeners from Rachael Ray, Shun and Global companies. Secured online retail shopping.
101 w. 23rd st. # 348, New York, NY 10011   (1087)

The Kershaw Store  Call (877) 572-8976
Site providing online shopping for kershaw knives, ken onion knives, shun kitchen knives, pocket knives, hunting knives, fillet knives, military knives, tactical knives, kitchen cutlery, speedsafe, blade trader, scuba knives, tools, rescue knives, damascus knives, knives, knife, kai and much more.
10908 Courthouse Road, Suite 102 #189, Fredericksburg, VA 22408   (1951)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide to Kitchen Knives Business

Kitchen knives play a vital role in the preparation of food. Every one wants to lead a comfortable, easy going life. By using high quality kitchen knives food preparation becomes easy. Hotel industry has seen a great change in recent years. Chefs look for different types of knives to cut different things like vegetable, meat etc. Vegetable cutting knives need not be as sharper as meat knives. Like wise there are different specifications for different knives. As such, selling kitchen knives with great quality can turnout to be an excellent business. Let us now see the different types of kitchen knives and their uses. These uses should be kept in mind while producing kitchen knives.

Chef Kitchen Knife, Paring Kitchen Knives, Serrated Kitchen Knives, Utility Kitchen Knives, Boning Kitchen Knives, Butcher knives, Cleaver Kitchen Knives, Steak Knife, Decorating Knife, Folding kitchen knives, Small-battery operated kitchen knives. Chief kitchen knife usually comes with a triangle blade and will be 8-9 inches in length. There are also different variations for chef knives like French, Chinese, Japanese and German style kitchen knives.

Paring kitchen knives will be small in size. Paring kitchen knives are often used for peeling fruits and veggies. Serrated kitchen knives are used for cutting delicate fruits like tomatoes. Utility kitchen knives are also known as sandwich knives which are used for varied purposes. Boning kitchen knives are used to cut mean and separate meat from the bones. This knife is often 6 inches in length and is either straight or curved in shape. Butcher knives right to its name is used by butcher. It should be very sharp so as to cut and tare hard meat. This knife will usually not be used by households.

Cleaver kitchen knife is the most popular and best type of kitchen knives when it comes to cutting meat and bones. Chinese chef knife and cleaver kitchen knife will look alike in design. The steam knife is not used for preparation of food. It is a dining table knife which is used for serving meat. Decorating kitchen knife right to its name is used for decorating fruits and vegetables in a dining table. Folding kitchen knives can be folded and kept aside after use. These knives can be used for peeling purpose. Small battery-operated kitchen knives are the latest knife in the market for shopping. They come with rechargeable batteries. They are equipped with groovy edges that are movable.

A businessman who is planning to start kitchen knife retail business should be ready to produce these types of knife. One can commence this business in different ways by starting a manufacturing unit or can be done retail or by doing online shopping. Starting a manufacturing unit would take a minimum of 40-50 employees and would need an investment of $200,000 minimum. This would seem to be a huge investment but there are lot of financial institutions and banks who are ready to provide loans for this purpose.

Starting a retail business would need comparatively less investment. It will need up to $50000 to stat a retail business. In retail business customer satisfaction is very important. You should be ready to provide after service for the knives which you sell. The knives may go blunt and you should be ready to service those knives with less charge. After sale service is a key to kitchen knife business. Providing online shopping is also a great way to do this business. Having a separate website for this purpose is a great idea. You should provide the entire detail of the product and a clear image so that it will make the customers do shopping easily. Customers too prefer to do online shopping as this is the easiest way of purchasing a product. With the growing needs of kitchen knives starting this business is surely profitable. Understanding your customers properly and selling those knives which are preferred by them will turn you into a successful businessman.

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