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Safety Bath Inc.  Call Toll Free: 1 877 826 6666
Canadian Walk in Bathtub manufacturer since 1992. Safe, low entry step, accessible safety bathtubs as well as bath tub door inserts to make your present bathtub accessible. Visit the site for more information and details.
504 5th Ave NE, Box 53, Ituna, Saskatchewan, Canada , S0A 1N0   (4559)

The Walk in Bathtub Company  Call 1-888-625-1414
A walk in bathtub allows seniors and those with limited mobility a means of independence, making bathing more easily accessible and private. Our swinging door design limits needed movement to enter the bath tub. Visit the site for more information and details.
20 Picone Blvd., Farmingdale, NY 11735, USA   (4560)

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Bathtubs are used in the bathrooms not just for baths but also for relaxing body when one feels tired. Bathtubs business provides many opportunities in different areas such as manufacturing, exporting, selling, supplying, distributing at wholesale price, maintenance services and many more. There are many companies that are currently in the business and many new companies are adding up.

Bathtubs are manufactured in different, shapes, styles and materials. The cast iron bathtubs having rolled reams are popular amongst retail customers shopping for antiques interiors for their bathroom. Tubs having faucet holes located at different positions like in the walls of the tubs or in the rolled over rim are also making good business. Good finishing is as important as the designs while manufacturing bath tubs.

Few years back bathtubs were seen only in hotels and big bungalows owned by rich people but today it is seen in most of the houses. People sometimes have more than one bathtub at their house. There are a variety of shopping options like the soaking bathtubs designed in roman or Greek style, build in bathtubs which are not free to stand up and are designed as alcove tubs or drop in tubs, free standing bathtubs like clawfoot or pedestal or other customized bathtubs manufactured by different manufacturers in the bathtub business. Some of the well-known brands that are available in market are Jacuzzi, Herbeau Creations, Porcher, Cheviot, Kohler and many others.

A good way to sale bathtubs is with other home supplies business as many retail customers prefer shopping at one place. It is a good option to keep bathtubs that blend well with other items of the stores. This would increase the chances of sales. While the larger chain stores will not negotiate with the price the person in smaller business would offer flexibility for price negotiation. Another advantage is that being in the business they have relations with manufacturers and other people in the same business and if they don’t have the product, which suits your bathroom, they can order it for you from the retail stores they know.

Another area for people in the bathtub business is a portable baby bathtub. These bathtubs are safer for babies than the large or regular size bathtubs. They are provided with inner cradle or a removable mesh to protect the baby form slipping and sliding in the tub. Some also have a foam lined contoured interior that would allow the baby to sit in a semi-upright position. The portable bathtubs certainly has a better retail shopping market where the indoor bathrooms of average apartments are not large enough to accommodate the large sized bathtubs and the babies have not reached the age to take shower baths.

With people shifting in apartments where the bathrooms are pre-designed and provided with showers and water heaters the bathtubs are loosing market but with independent houses and large apartments people still prefer shopping for bathtubs in their bathrooms in addition to showers to add elegance to the specially designed bathroom with all the amenities that are carefully chosen. The bathtub business is also providing the bathtubs in different styles that suit these modern and elegant bathrooms.

Few decades back bathtub business was only done at the physical counters or shops. With changing time and increasing use of Internet many opportunities for online selling and shopping of the product have been created. Bathtubs and other bathroom merchandise are available on many online stores. The process of online retail shopping is very simple and just a matter of few clicks. Before shopping or placing order the customers are provided with the information about the company, description and specifications of the item, all this information makes it easy for the customer to select the design and specifications most suitable for their bathroom. The online business is becoming very popular as it comes with many incentives such as discount offers and also free shipping in many cases.

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