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  • Bathroom And Kitchen: : If you sell home bathroom and kitchen related products or provide bathroom and kitchen remodeling services then consider submitting your site in this category. Some of the products that are included in this category are like showers, bathroom and kitchen tiles, bathroom and kitchen sinks, faucets, fixtures, bathtubs, cabinets, kitchen utensils, bathroom hardware, bath accessories, range hood and much more.
  • Bedroom: Bedroom is nothing but a personal room where you can sit and relax during day time but more you make use of it to sleep at night. To distinguish bedroom from other rooms we can take an example. Like you watch TV and receive your guests in drawing room but you don’t make use of drawing room to sleep at night while a bedroom has beds in it to sleep at night. Drawing room just has sofas to receive guests and also may have TV furniture so that you can easily sit and relax to watch television. If you are selling products related to bedroom you can submit your site in this category or subcategories under it.
  • Cleaning Products And Equipment: If your site sells products which are used to clean various home based products then you can submit your site in this category. This category is not meant for commercial or industrial cleaning products. Some of these home based cleaning products may include like floor wipers, carpet cleaning equipment, cleaning tools and solutions designed to keep your bathroom hygienic, dust mops and buckets, floor cleaning machines, brushes and brooms, green cleaning products, kitchen cleaning products like kitchen bins, window cleaning products and much more.
  • Decoration Products: These are the products to decorate your home. If your site is selling products for home decoration consider submitting your site in this category. Some of the products which could be included in this category are candles, wall decals and stickers, tabletop, wall lamps, wall coverings, art glass windows, wall hangings, wall mirrors, home decor accessories, wall clocks, and more.
  • Door And Windows: If you are selling products specific to home door and windows consider submitting your site in this category. You can also submit if you are the manufacturer or distributor of quality door and windows like patio doors, external and internal doors, garage doors etc. More products eligible to be approved in this category are like door hardware, door frames, door locks, window shades, window blinds, window glass, composite doors, shutters, door repair and replacement services and more.
  • Fireplaces: Fireplaces are nothing but structures made from different kinds of materials where fire can be burnt in homes to get rid of extreme cold. Different materials used for making fireplaces are like marble, limestone, cast iron, jurastone and more. If your company sells fireplaces, stoves, fire baskets and grates, accessories etc than consider submitting your site in this category.
  • Fountains: A fountain is a human made structure which pours water into a basin or jets it into the air for mostly decorative or dramatic effect. You can often find them in famous public places or in gardens of different types. If your website is selling garden fountains consider submitting your site in this category.
  • Sheds: A shed is a human made structure made from different materials which is usually located at the backside garden of a home. These garden sheds are usually created for storage of garden tools or hobby items. It can be considered as a workshop from where you can operate. All sites related to garden sheds or garden buildings should be submitted in this category.
  • Garden Supplies: This category is usually for those websites which sell all kinds of garden products at one place. If you are selling just one or two particular garden product then this category is not for you.
  • Sculptures: There is some kind of artwork for creating three dimensional human or animal structures. These structures are made from different materials like glass, metal, marble or wood. Such structures are called sculptures and these kinds of sculptures are also used in gardens. If your site sells sculptures you can submit in this category.
  • Plants: It has become a trend to maintain garden at home and grow plants in them as these are environmental friendly. If you are selling garden plants online like flowers, trees, grasses, bushes etc. consider submitting your website here.
  • Tools And Equipment: When you work in your garden you require various tools and equipment like grass trimmers, lawn mowers, reels and hoses, spray guns, shredders, loppers and much more. If you are selling such products then your site will be approved in this particular category
  • Home Appliances: This category is for only those websites which sell all kinds of home appliances like air purifiers, dishwashers, vacuums and floor cleaners, air conditioners, drying machines, washing machines, and sewing machines, fridges and freezers, kitchen appliances, ovens, coffee machines, steam cleaners, toasters, kettles and much more. Submit your site here if you meet the requirements to sell all these products at one place.
  • Home Flooring: This category covers floor installation and fitting services, implementation of rugs and carpets in various parts of the home, dealing in various kinds of flooring solutions like laminate flooring, rubber flooring, vinyl flooring, engineered flooring, solid wood floors, natural stone for home flooring, fitting tiles in bathroom and other rooms and more. Consider submitting your site in this category if you are home flooring specialist.
  • Furniture: A lot of companies are selling furniture online for home and garden. If you are one among them feel free to try and get a listing in this popular category.
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  • Landscaping Materials And Supplies
  • Landscaping Services
  • Pest Control Products:
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Trade Tested Garden Sheds  Call 1800 003 133
Give people the best deal on everything for their backyards such as garden sheds, outdoor power tools, chicken coop and more.
Online only
http://www.tradetested.com.au/   (7393)

Buy Fast Growing Trees  Call (931) 692-4252
Online nursery to buy different varieties of garden plants and trees including flowering trees, shade trees, fruit trees and more.
856 Main St Altamont Tn 37301
http://www.quick-growing-trees.com   (7090)

Buy Plants  Call 931-692-4250
State certified online nursery for guranteed quality garden plants including water plants, seedlings, shrubs and more.
756 Basham Road Altamont Tn
http://trees-plants.com/   (7089)

Garden Paving  Call 0845 60 42 084
UK based leading supplier of garden accessories, garden edgings, natural stone paving, concrete paving slabs and much more.
Online only
http://www.clearancepaving.co.uk   (6707)

Garden Topsoil Direct  Call 01536 510515
UK's leading online bulk and bagged compost and garden topsoil supplier. Visit the site for more business information.
Telford Way Industrial Estate, Telford Way, Kettering, Northamptonshire NN16 8UN, United Kingdom, UK
http://www.gardentopsoildirect.co.uk/   (6286)

GuscleBerry.com  Call 01027-1325
Provider of affordable home and garden decoration products like yard and garden accents, indoor and outdoor fountains, garden statues, birdbaths, decorative birdhouses, wind chimes. Beautiful home decor products, home electronics, wall art and more with online shopping and free shipping over $79.
27 West St., Easthampton, Massachusetts 01027-1325, USA
http://www.guscleberry.com/   (634)

Log Cabins For Sale  Call 0151 709 0969
Interlocking Timber Garden Log Cabins and Studios supplied and fitted to all areas in Uk and Ireland. All Double Glazed and Ready for use.
43 Jamaica Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 0AH, UK
http://www.liverpoolcabins.co.uk   (7185)

Nurseries  Call 931-692-4837
Online seller of quality garden plants from United States including shrubs, bushes, trees, ferns and much more.
12845 state rt 108, Altamont Tn 37301
http://www.tnnursery.net   (7088)

Online Nursery   Call 931-692-4250
Online store specializing in Perennials, Trees and Native Plants. Visit the site for online shopping in wholesale prices.
884 Main St Altamont Tn 37301
http://www.dntnursery.com   (7091)

Plow & Hearth  Call (434) 977-3707
Trusted online internet based retail and national catalog company specializing in enduring and unique home, garden and lifestyle products that are quality-built and guaranteed to meet customer's satisfaction.
1107 - C Emmet St., Barracks Road, Shopping Center, Charlottesville, VA 22903, USA
http://www.plowhearth.com/   (631)

Raspberry Plants  Call (479) 846-6030
Berries Unlimited is a licensed propagator and wholesale grower of many small fruits, including raspberries. Our plants are tissue-cultured and virus-indexed to ensure their quality. We donÂ’t sell bare root plants.
807 Cedar Lane, Prairie Grove, AR 72753 USA
http://www.berriesunlimited.com/raspberries/cat_15.html   (5920)

Seed Parade  Call Only email support
Being a strictly online company we are able to offer flower, herb and vegetable seeds at low cost to the public. Great choice of heirloom, traditional and hybrid varieties for the home gardener, allotment holder. A wide range of heirloom tomato seeds and popular sweet pea seeds.
Online store
http://www.seedparade.co.uk/   (5812)

Swing Seat Covers  Call 0794 806 5764
Oasis Gardening is an online garden suppliers, stocking a huge range of gardening equipment including a large selection of hammock and swing seat covers for the protection of garden furniture.
Oasis Gardening, Star Crossing Road, Cilcain, Mold, Flintshire, CH7 5NW, UK
http://www.oasisgardening.co.uk/gardenstore/cat_472670-Patio-Furniture-Covers-Other-Garden-Covers.html   (7217)

Business Information: Guide To Home And Garden Products Business

Today retail businesses have widened horizons as they are going global. Clients shopping for even home products have an exposure to worldwide market online and in stores too. In a way when we discuss home products business its vast range covers all field of the house starting from bed linens to home appliances. Similarly garden products also offer great variations in business terms and spread over the entire field including furniture and outdoor fountains. So what are oneÂ’s prospects in this business?

We are home buffs and decorating our houses with new appliances is usually a calculated expenditure in our budget. Whether we are shopping them in discounts or fresh arrivals, the fact is one is keen on spending on home furnishings, decorations, furniture and many more besides these. Since this is a vast section of businesses offering numerous opportunities we need not give assurance about its profitability and success. Besides this it is also very significant to keep in mind that they are amid the over populated field of businesses too.

Although itÂ’s not difficult to invest in a solitaire subdivision of this business say like garden supplies yet one need to make a small survey of most demanded products in shopping in the field. Well, one can get started by supplying garden furniture, decorations, equipments, swings and others to retailers, farmhouses, play schools or even picnic parks. If you have less budget to invest in the beginning simply move on with say outdoor fountains and sceneries. There is just one benefit in this business and that is one does not require display area and working online offers sufficient results if marketed aptly. People shopping for products online have a clear picture of your products and prices as well.

Apart from gardening you can perceive people shopping for home appliances, decorations, flooring and lightning. People usually purchase these products at discounted rates so whilst you plan to start a wholesale or retail business in these products it is significant to remember that you would have to offer products with low margins only. Now people shopping in furnishing section have varied taste for doors and windows. So this becomes another interesting section of business as you can offer blinds, latest shades with plantation shutters, bamboo roll shades, curtain hardware, drapes, sliding panels, window toppers and other similar designing. To expand your business you can hire professional service to offer customized window setting with delicate fabric cornice, bamboo shutter set ups and so.

To move on with other detailed retail businesses we would like to mention bathroom and kitchen products with a very bright prospective in business regards. Then again this can be categorized into further subdivisions for expediency as of one cannot afford investing with higher budget, even small investments could make a good starter. For instance say kitchen and bathroom products would include kitchen fixtures, sinks, utensils, knives, towel bars and even water filters. There is no doubt that we often go shopping these products online and even at few stores. Yet if you find a good resource to make apt supplies or manufacture one product like kitchen fixtures that can also turn into profitable venture. We would rather suggest you specialize in one product so clients can identify you with that product.

You can also deal in pest control products which are generally bought for home and garden safety. However one also needs to offer staff and services for clientÂ’s convenience in the same. If you look around your house carefully, you would understand how difficult it is to list down fields of businesses for a vast meadow like home and garden. Despite our much researched effort we might as well have missed on details of these categories to be initiated as separate retail business opportunities hence one needs to look beyond what meets eye to come up and achieve success!

Another Guide To Home And Garden Products Business: By Deepak, Mumbai

The home and garden retail business must offer a variety of products for our garden and homes. There are a million home and garden products in the market to sell. As a matter of fact sometimes it becomes very difficult to choose and decide from where you can begin shopping. The main challenge in this business is to figure out the possible future clients and type of products they would be interested to buy. This is not a very easy task since every customer has their exclusive ideas regarding garden and home items. The difference depends on what they wish to purchase.

The wide varieties of decorative pieces that appeal aesthetically enhance the complete look of your home. Products in this business include candle holders, paintings, decorative mirrors, fireplace, chimes and bells, picture frames, wall hangings and lights and lamps. The selection of these while shopping has to be done very carefully ensuring that the house should also not look too overcrowded and cluttered.

Certain customers choose house ware items while some of them go for unique and special products. Keeping this in mind home and garden products retail business should be able to offer products of all genres. Few of the most appealing products include home decorating items. Even garden and stock house items like flowerpots, plant stands, baskets etc are very important products from customer shopping point of view.

Customers often decide shopping products in sets. This suggests that the items should be bought and displayed in sets in retail business. Home and garden products include wall groupings, flowers, candles, area rugs, organizers and many more. Gardening and its maintenance has been a part of humans since time immemorial. With progress in living and quality we have also move on with newer techniques and equipments for our gardens. The products encompass garden decorations, furniture, machines, tools, lighting, fertilizers, pots, seeds, awnings, hoses, pesticides etc.

Another attractive product in the garden retail business is the fountains and bird feeders that one places in his or her garden. They give the garden a totally different outlook. Gardening needs a lot of attention and caring. So, on a regular basis you have to go shopping for the basic tools which are used on a daily basis in the garden.

In case of products for our homes the variety has no boundaries. In retail business it’s easy and vital to make the availability of every possible requirement. The owner’s lifestyle and taste is reflected through the way you decorate your home. Every room has it is own function and value in everyone’s life. They add elegance and charm to the entire house. So while shopping for home décor customers look for products for every room and kind. This emphasizes the need to offer every kind of product under one roof. The artistic and colorful accessories of decoration manifold the beauty of the abode.

People prefer to go shopping in person for their home and garden products especially when they are very particular about the décor or are looking for customized products. Since the term home represents who and how the owner is, people take extra efforts to ensure the look of their house. They avoid the reliance of such important decisions on mere pictures of the products. A wide range of retail business products offered are textiles, furnishings like rugs, carpets, cushion covers, bed spreads, etc. important here is to ensure all the latest stuff that is in vogue.

Customers can also depend and try out online shopping of home and garden products. This business has been established online as well so as to make it convenient for the buyers and online stores to communicate with each other. Catalogues and offers are available online to choose from. As a matter of fact the best part is online payment of the bill and home delivery as well. This saves the time and effort of visiting a place especially in lack of time. Online business is becoming a big favorite especially in the furniture industry and is the future of this business.

Wholesale business category for Home And Garden Products.

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