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Business Information: A Guide To Health Supplements Business

Health supplements are gaining importance because of the rise in prices for prescription medication. In developed markets and European region one cannot obtain medications without the prescription of a doctor and this process elevates the cost of medication and to avoid prescription medication many people prefer health supplements. Health supplements need not necessarily mean vitamins or so it can be medications made from plants, herbs, etc (Ayurveda). Online retail shopping for supplements is also growing so this could be good online business as well.

Pros: -

1) Most of these health supplements or products need not be manufactured with the approval of Food and Drug administration USA which reduces the cost of medicines and may also develop potential for outsourcing the manufacturing process.

2) End product cost is low.

3) Rules and regulations are a bit relaxed than what they are for prescription medications which decreases the over all cost of research and approvals. Not to mention the time frame before which the product can be released into the international shopping market.

4) Huge potential for established large players and an increasingly leveled ground for small and medium scale manufacturers.

5) Health supplements products retail business can open doors for people involved in manufacturing of prescription medications. Established manufacturers with their wide marketing capability can educate pharmacists and other related people about the potential benefits of health supplements. It can add significant value to their bottom line.

6) Huge growth in the industry is predicted as governments are reducing spending on health benefits. Due to insurance cost increase and harmful pollution people are increasingly relying on shopping of health supplements to counter the ill effects.

Overall it can be said that small and medium scale players can grab a niche share of the market as growth is huge.

Cons: -

1) Due to lack of advanced research for health products and supplements as it is for prescription medications many physicians and doctors are developing second opinion.

2) Spurious and greed for profits is making certain companies to adopt illegal practices which is harming the established health supplements business.

3) Over all lack of able marketing people with good knowledge about health supplements and lack of awareness about potential benefits of health supplements is responsible for a slight slowdown in the shopping industry.

4) Improper combination of health supplements, increased dosages of health supplements, health supplements reaction with prescription medications are few reasons for people to avoid supplements and related products. Increased usage of steroids by Body Builders is one such visible example.

Capital: -Finance and venture capitalists are available for health supplements business because of the potential growth of the industry. Huge rise in cost for prescription medications is making a person to opt for health supplements which is seen as an opportunity by financiers. Some people just sell over internet with online shopping and when they get order they buy and send so they dont need to stock anything to save investment in this retail products business.

Risk: -Risk can be decreased if businesses have outsourcing contracts with all legalities and formalities clearly underlined. Export insurance, fire insurance, legal insurance etc can decrease risk. Marketing with established retailers can significantly reduce the risk. Also make sure that you follow stipulated norms of FDA which can improve your brand visibility.

Why health supplements business?: -

Varying lifestyles and increased stress on human body is taking its tool. Improper diet and lack of healthy life style, low calorie diet (trying to reduce weight), calcium deficient diet, ardent vegetarians, iron and Zinc deficiencies, illness which suppresses appetite , malnourished, pregnant or lactating women, poor diet and lack of adequate sunlight are only some of the reasons which suffix people to take health supplements often with the advice of the doctor. It is always advisable to take health supplements by taking a strong advice from your doctor or a nutritionist. Nevertheless before taking health supplements one should consult a doctor because combination of different supplements with prescription medications, combination with your diet, and combination with your health conditions may increase or decrease the risk. You can also try these products in shopping stores over internet.

Future: -There are established players who are offering outsourcing contracts to business with reputation. This industry is poised to increase as the developed markets are ageing which is an indication for increased usage of health supplements.

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