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Carson Dental, Inc  Call Toll Free: 1.866.224.0243
Site providing online shopping to purchase dental products online in different categories including cements and liners, dental equipment, dental handpieces, evacuation, infection control, retraction materials, orthodontics, dental surgical equipment, pins and posts and much more.
4111 Commerce Street, Suite 400, Flowery Branch, GA 30542   (2123)

Dentalshop  Call 01677 424 446
Online supplier of specialist dental products at reduced prices including dental vitamins and supplement, GUM Orthodontic, Replacement Brush Heads, Denture Products and more.
The Old Hatchery - Blind Lane - Aiskew - Bedale - North Yorkshire - DL8 1BW   (2124)

Dentures  Call 01423 390139
UK based clinic offering the dental patients a full range of denture types - complete, partial and implant retained dentures.
The Raglan Suite, Dublin, UK   (6411)

Interguide  Call 1.866.697.7744
Online shop to buy medical and dental supplies including medical equipment, Orthodontics, Core Build-Up Materials, Bleaching Product, Endodontics, Implantology, Surgical instrument and more.
890 B-D Mahler Rd, Burlingame, CA   (2125)

KAB Dental Inc.  Call 586-983-2502, 800-422-3520
Offering dental supplies online in different categories like bleaching products, burs, cement and cavity liners, cosmetic dentistry products like bendable needle tips, dispensing tips, etching agents, crown and bridge, cotton rolls, cups, tray covers, facial tissue and much more.
Mound Road, Sterling Heights MI 48310, U.S.A   (2122)

RELYAID  Call 1.800.775.6412
Company providing the highest quality supplies and the utmost of customer service in the dental market. Products are sold in brand name 'RelyAid' and includes Crosstex Glove Dispenser, Aurelia Peppermint Scented Latex PF Exam Glove, Medline Sterile Latex PF Exam Glove, Dental Plastics, dental Cleaning Solutions and much more.
879 F Street, Suite 120, West Sacramento, CA 95605   (2127)

Swallow Dental Supplies Ltd.  Call +44 (0)1535 656 312
Online provider of dental equipment and products including Surgical Handpiece Maintenance, Crown and Bridge Remover, Surgical Instruments, PDT Hygiene and Periodontal Instrume such as Gracey Curettes, Ultrasonic Hand Scalers, Stoma Implant Scalers, Premier Big Easy Ultralite and much more.
Unit 8 Ryefield Court, Ryefield Way, Silsden, West Yorkshire, BD20 0DL   (2128)

Business Information In Mast Directory: Add More Profits With Dental Claim And Supplies Business

Why is it that most of successful supplies businesses are either related with medicinal field or with real estate? Well, that’s because where food, shelter and clothing were amid first requirements; medicine has also joined this batch of essentials in our life. Whether its equipments, medicines, surgical aids or plasters medical supplies simply reins the industry more than any business. As technology has developed even doctors or clinics organizers shopping for supplies have become aware and want to add latest introduced technology to their stocks. But here in this article we would be discussing about dental medical supplies specifically.

How many times your parents visited dentists? Probably you will get a flat answer like twice in a year or whenever required in case of toothaches and so. And considering your visit and even your kids can you guess why those visits have increased by five times in number. One reason could be more spoiled tooth health and the other probably the perception of looks in youth that urges them to go through surgical treatments to get their look right, wire their teeth or perhaps getting canines or modular teeth adjusted according to the face. Don’t shrug this off as a story as you could soon be witnessing one yourself. Hence you can make out as to why dental medical supplies business is amid progressive streams today. Now we can move on to the prospective and mode of getting into this business.

Dental supplies business is more of a wholesale business then retail that requires listing of health products used by dental clinics, hospitals and dental surgeons. While one part of supplies consists of dental care products other would include cosmetic dental genre like whiteners. Apart from this we can look forward to surgical equipment supplies like surgical hand piece maintenance, crown and bridge remover, surgical instruments, PDT hygiene, ultrasonic hand scale, denture products, dental vitamins supplements and much more. If not into surgical one can also opt for other categories like bleaching products, burs, cement and cavity liners, cosmetic dentistry products like bendable needle tips, dispensing tips, etching agents, crown and bridge, cotton rolls, cups, tray covers, facial tissue and much more. The objective of listing these dental health supplies is just to create aware ness about the choices one can opt for and appropriately make his decision.

Getting into this business implies purchasing these stocks in bulks and supplying them to retailers, chemists, dental clinics etc at good margins. Since our dental health is at stake even your clients would be shopping for these supplies with apt quality only in retail. However, regular dental medical supplies don’t cost much where as cosmetic treatments and dentures or even artificial tooth fixtures have a cost which is usually not negotiated by dentists. What is most significant in this category is it fits all products and one can start by investing in regular supplies like cotton, dental plastics, fluoride, sterilizing containers, whitening systems etc.

Along with dental supplies one can also start dental claim business as you are already in touch with doctors and patients, so just left out party is dental insurance company. The business implies information about all the procedure done on a patients teeth and notified the same to insurance company. Its great add on business that offers flexible hours and working from home sort of opportunity. Adding this business to your existent dental supplies would simply mean shopping in retail for more patient information with orders you take for retail supplies. This business like any other business often exits on repeat basis and once you have successful clientage you need not worry about your margins.

To conclude the entire information and discussion we can positively say that dental supplies offer a better opportunity like other medical supplies. You have to be extremely aware of reliable brands and companies as lot of duplicity and low quality material specifically filling and dentures are quite prevalent in the market. Your quality should speak your candid attitude and once you gain that trust from retailers, you are definitely on a roll!

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