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DNA Testing Kits From GTLDNA   Call 0333 300 3130
GTL specialises in affordable home DNA testing services and also offer accredited paternity, maternity and other DNA test kits.
Genetic Testing Laboratories Ltd., 1, The Vintry, Nutley,Uckfield,East Sussex, TN22 3LW   (5241)

Easy DNA Paternity Testing Kits   Call +44 (0)870 4231030
Company having laboratory internationally accredited and offering completely confidential, affordable and highly accurate DNA tests throughout UK.
Amphenol Business Centre, Floor 5, Thanet Way, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 3JF, UK   (6585)

Home DNA Direct Testing Services   Call 0845 4524132
ISO17025 and AABB accredited DNA testing services for your complete peace of mind. Offer paternity testing, relationship testing and forensic testing services.
Level 5, Amphenol Business Centre, Thanet Way,Whitstable Kent CT5 3JF, UK   (6587)

Medical Supplies Plus   Call 407.999.4820
Online provider of retail medical supplies, hobby and medical tools such as Professional Quality Barber Scissors, dental tools and equipment, Tweezers of all shapes and sizes and much more.
P.O. Box 555037, Orlando, Florida 32855   (2126)

Medisave USA   Call online support
Offer medical supplies with online retail shopping including products like Stethoscope, Diagnostic Set, PocketScope, Thermometers, Blood Pressure Monitors, Otoscopes and more.
Online Store   (1799)

Southern Medical Distributors   Call 602.476.1437
Provides online shopping for medical supplies including hospital beds, surgical supplies, lift chairs, pressure prevention equipments, wheel chairs, would care products and more.
2340 West Broadway Road Suite #104, Mesa, Arizona 85202, US   (1032)

Business Information: A Guide To Medical Supplies Business

Medical supplies play a crucial role in treating a patient`s illness or injury or so called bad health. They offer an extra helping hand to doctors. A person intending to start medical supplies business needs to know the different aspects and sectors of this business. Surgical and medical instruments form a vital part of medical supplies business. There are many sectors which provide good revenue stream and volume such as Orthopedic, Surgical appliances and supplies, prosthetic, x ray apparatus, dental equipment and supplies, physical therapy and rehabilitation equipment, irradiation apparatus, ophthalmic equipment, electro medical, electro therapy, etc. which are used by health care industry every now and then. Selling these products online is also a good option as many of these retail products people buy with online shopping.

Within these sectors there are several sub sectors which can add considerable profit to your manufacturing such as surgical and medical instrument manufacturing, dental equipment and supplies manufacturing, electro medical and electrotherapeutic manufacturing, surgical appliances and supplies manufacturing, etc. It is to be remembered that many developed and European Union countries have strict regulations pertaining to medical supplies business and necessary regulations and standards need to be met for export of these health products.

BUSINESS POTENTIAL: -It is to be remembered that these sectors have sub sectors which again provide good source of revenue. A business man may concentrate on a single sector or multiple sectors. It is good to remember that each of the above sectors mentioned has huge catalogue of medical supplies which have a robust business opportunity and also the scope to sell over internet with online retail shopping is tremendious. In many developed countries and European region health medical diagnostic and treatment is highly monitored which makes the procurers to have high quality medical supplies and health products. Most of these medical supplies are fast moving products because they cannot be reused according to medical regulations of certain countries. Often business turnover for this sector is in billions of dollars.

1) Many established companies such as GE recognized the potential for this business and invested heavily in R&D, personnel (human resources) training and manufacturing. There are many other established listed companies such as Siemens (Germany), Hitachi and Toshiba, Philips, Marconi, etc which provide software and hardware.

2) Indirect business opportunity could be in developing critical software which should be cost affective and highly reliable.

3) SERVICE: - Bio medical engineers can use their skills for designing and servicing equipment. Service sector offers huge revenue stream with low capital cost. Lack of talent is very much profound in this sector due to lack of qualified bio medical engineers and certified bio medical engineers who can service these equipment according to standards and regulations. Often a supplier (manufacturer or distributor) needs to provide onsite service for these machines. Remember these machines provide life support and other critical emergency backups and a qualified engineer can only service these highly sensitive health or medical machines. These machines are highly sensitive and needs careful handling and very precise alignment. Also some of these machines have possible radiation hazards such as irradiation apparatus, electro medical and electro therapy machines, etc. Servicing or troubleshooting these machines should be in precise accord to rules and regulations as stipulated by various government departments. Often safety of the technician is left to the manufacturer or service provider. Nevertheless it is always good to have a clear set of rules and regulations charted out before supplying medical supplies as they are now a days also sold with online retail shopping.

4) This sector demands qualified legal exerts in framing the rules and regulations, terms and conditions between the buyer and supplier. Contracts are issued for a certain period of time which is to be renewed periodically according to the time frame.

5) Outsourcing is an important industry parameter as it reduces the cost of specified unit and these outsourced industries should comply with food and drug administration and othhealth er departments failing which their license to export goods and services will be terminated.

6) Electronic storage of patients data

7) Venture capitalists can back good companies with healthy product portfolio and innovations.

Ageing population of USA has thrown huge opportunities for medical supplies business. Medical supplies business is growing at a very healthy pace and this trend can be predicted to grow vertically because of enormous mergers and acquisitions in the health sector. The trend for online shopping of retail products is also growing so bringing this business over internet could be profitable as you can find customers from all over the world.

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