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American Fitness   Call 866-633-9961
Company into fitness equipment business since 1998 and helping thousands of customers find the right fitness equipment and fitness accessories they need without worrying about the prices and quality. Products include weight machines and benches, power racks, home gyms, heart rate monitors, excercise mats and much more for complete health care needs. Visit the site for online shopping for all retail products.
8630 SW Scholls Ferry Road, Suite 323, Beaverton, OR 97008   (3566)

Ultim8 Fitness Ltd   Call 0845 226 0067
Provider of top quality British designed fitness equipment taking in mind the American market with all health care equipment easy to build with straight forward instructions and timely delievery. Products include excercise bikes, treadmills, vibration plates, rowers, bicycle trainers and much more. You can give a look to company website for complete business details and online shopping.
Unit 93, 24-28 St Leonard’s Rd, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 3 RD, UK   (3567)

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Fitness is of two types’ general fitness and specific fitness. General fitness is performed for well being and to remain healthy. Specific fitness is performed for specific sports or occupations. Physical fitness concentrates specifically on increasing the fitness of the organs of human body. In this new technology era many people are shopping fitness equipment. The boom in the fitness industry can be noticed with the increasing number of global players vying to compete for the industry. Many small and large scale players have entered into the industry thus grabbing a share of the market. This increase in the expansion of the industry has also created demand for fitness equipment. Increase in the number of advertisements on the television regarding fitness equipment and also on the fitness chains clearly depicts the growth trajectory of the fitness equipment business. Shopping advertisements and discounts have improved sales of products.

Many new drinks and health fitness products have appeared on the market shelves. These drinks boost of fitness and energy for better health. Many new products have appeared on the shelves showing the demand these products have amongst the people. Fitness equipment businesses are also starting to market these health drinks or so called energy drinks to their customers. This has also increased the bottom line for them because these drinks are fast moving consumer goods. Shopping for energy drinks in retail counters and health boosters has gained marginally because of health conscious customers.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of these fitness equipment businesses is due to increasing reliance on technology. Too much reliance on technology is making people do less physical exercise than expected. In good olden days people used to bring their lunch to offices but now a days this trend has migrated to fast food which is increasing saturated fats inside the body. This saturated fat is making people work out more and spend more time in the gym. Purchases of treadmills is also increasing.

One of the best ways to know the different kinds of fitness equipment present in the market is to do a research. It is good to go to a gym and learn about the different kinds of gym equipment used by the people. People can research about the fitness equipment by going to a gym and knowing the popularity of the fitness equipment used mostly by the individuals. Shopping of fitness equipment in retail stores also exposes a business man to a wide variety of equipment.

Fitness equipment do cost a bit more and that`s the only reason why people prefer to go to a gym. Fitness equipment costs a bit more but there are customers who are purchasing the product because it can offer them fitness at the comfort of their home. Shopping of gym equipment is saving valuable dollars of people on gym fees and giving them convenience of doing their gym at any time they want.

There are various different kinds of equipment such as tread mill, bicycle, exercise balls, weights, vertical chest press, dual axis chest press, pec fly, lat pull down, vertical row, seated rowing, assisted dip chin, lateral raise, bicep curl, seated tricep dip, leg extension, prone leg curl, angled calf, ab machine, high low pulley, etc. These are some of the fitness equipment available in the retail market. Customers are shopping exercise equipment online and offline.

Manufacturers are giving good commissions on these products due to increase in the competition amongst the competitors. Some of these products have patented rights and other products can be brought from developing countries for a lower cost. A sample or a shopping product would give you an insight.

There are many things which should be considered if you are planning to put up a brick and motor showroom then location, manufacturers, commissions, contacts, etc. Online business is improving in profits because of relative low cost in set up and maintenance. Finance for health initiatives is improving and this business can obtain finances because it has proportional resale price. In case of bankruptcy these items may have good resale value because ageing is not so big concern than durability of the product.

Another Guide In Mast Directory

Most people exercise everyday without fail. They workout at home, go jogging in the park or join a nearby gym. There are many reasons for one to exercise. It may be for losing weight, for healthy back, being in shape, building chest muscles and arm muscles, complete body sculpting or just for maintaining health. Many people go for a well equipped gym or make their home fully well equipped gym. Shopping for new equipments is necessary for any quality gym. There are many different kinds of fitness equipment available nowadays. These are used for building different parts of the body. So it’s is an upcoming retail business.

Treadmill is one of the most common fitness equipment used by everyone. By staying in one place, people can use it for running or walking. It is the one of the best way to maintain health. Those who are shopping for treadmill at home prefers a light weighted one. They must find it comfortable to move it around the house. Users can enjoy watching television or read while they workout. So, one can keep these types of treadmills for such types of customers. Treadmills which have special features like step counts, monitoring heart rate and numbers burnt calories are much in demand. Retail business of treadmills is much profitable and gets demand by all the generation people specially the ladies.

Treadmills are also in great demand in every gym. Special types of treadmill can be kept for this retail purpose. Motor-driven, heavy duty fitness equipment is used in the gyms. From 2.0 HP to 4.0 hp motors are available. Extra wide with long running tracks are required here. There must be electronics monitor along with different pre-set programs and different levels. It must provide targets for advance health trainings. The running track must have shock absorbers. Those who are shopping for treadmill for their gyms will have a look for all these factors. One can target gyms for the Fitness equipment retail business.

Cycles are also commonly used fitness equipments for maintaining health. Many people use cycling for strengthening the lower body muscles. It also helps in keeping the shape of the body. It also burns more than 600 calories in an hour. Many people while shopping look for the one which can be disassembled. Always have different brands cycles also of different sizes. Also give the customers a test drive of different models. This may allow them to compare different models and sizes. This may also prove beneficial for maintaining business relationships with the customers.

Retail business of Elliptical machines is also one of the best options for health fitness. It is equipment for a whole body workout. Here, the intensity of the workout can be controlled by programming the resistance. These are also available with the electronic console displaying time, height weight, Rotation per minute speed MPH, distance, etc. These are specially required for commercial gym. One can also have dual equipment as Stepper along with Elliptical. Just moving the knobs makes a Stepper into an Elliptical and vice versa. Customers shopping for a home gym may look for this option as it saves space as well as money.

Exercise Balls are used mainly for aerobic programs. They help in maintaining health, flexibility, toning of the body. For retail business purpose of fitness equipments, exercise balls can be in great demand. They are very popular among the female customers. This is because it is very easy to use for different variety of exercise. One must have every range of exercise balls from fitness to leather medicine balls. Many people shopping exercise balls look for different sizes, colors, shapes and materials.

Always keep fitness equipments from branded companies. Keeping products from these companies will make sure about the quality, durability and performance. They offer the health equipments designed for modern style with new added features. Always look for giving a great product for the customer coming for shopping the fitness equipment. Retail business with branded items is always a better option. This will help to build trust with the customers. Many five stars hotels have gyms and they always look for the best equipments as per their standards.

In the fitness equipment retail business, there are different ways of attracting customers. One can give discount on a particular item. Combo offers can also be given. Two or more items can be merged and sold together for a special price. Always make shopping for the customer convenient and cost effective. You can also provide leasing option up to 100% of the cost of the fitness equipments. Apart from this you can also provide the health equipments for a lease period of 6 months to 60 months. These are much useful for those who want a temporary setup. By these methods one can have an increase in sales as well as profit.

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