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Wheel chairs are amongst those assistive technology products that help people having disabilities or reduced mobility. Wheelchair enables these people with reduced mobility to move freely. They can move outdoors or indoors as they wish. Up to a certain age people can manage to move with the aid of canes , walkers or crutches but when they reach to age where these devices cannot help them then they go for shopping something more advanced. The product that can offer them mobility with minimum assistance of others and they can live their life with a sense of independence. It is an ideal product for retail business and has potential of bringing in profits.

Wheel chair is an ideal assistive technology product offering mobility to the person who sits in it. It is becoming very popular mobility device amongst the senior citizens with limited mobility. You will find clients interested in shopping both the manual as well as automated wheelchairs for their use. Your business inventory can consist of both these types. The manual wheelchair would need to be propelled manually. To move them the person sitting in the chair will need to turn the wheels with the help of hands. The automated devices on the other hand will be powered by batteries to offer mobility to the person.

The clients making use of this assistive technology product would be those who have difficulty in walking either due to disabilities or due to injuries or accidents. Some people suffer from a long term illness and are unable to move without help due to the illness. They have different needs and select the product according to their requirements. While shopping they look for safer operations, weight of the equipment and its limitations. Some would like to have some features customized to meet their needs. The custom built wheel chairs have good business in the retail market. The clients need man features to be customized which commonly include the chair seat size, foot rests, backrests, casters and the height of the seat from the floor. They also want the custom built controls.

There in a very wide variety in this product that you can sell in the retail market. It consists of the manual, electric, sports, pediatric, power chair and even standing wheelchairs. The assistive technology has succeeded not only in offering mobility to the disabled buy they can also enjoy and play sports such as football and soccer with its aid. Those interested in playing sports like tennis, basketball, marathons or football would go be interested in shopping the power chair or sports wheel chair. In your retail business you will also find clients interested in the three-wheeled chairs and beach wheelchairs. There are also dog wheel chairs for the dogs having disabilities or serious injuries.

Whenever the clients come for shopping one of the wheelchairs they like to compare the product with other products in your shop or in the market. They usually tend to make comparisons between the capabilities and prices of different wheelchairs. To build a good name for your business it is essential that the clients trust that the prices at which you are selling are reasonable. They should feel that they are getting the best deal for their money and are paying reasonable money for the quality of product. Offer them this assistive technology product in a broad range of colors, seat prints and various custom built options and make them feel happy for their purchase.

Your clientele may include individuals as well as hospitals, airports, railway stations and other public places. There is lot of variety in this product to meet the requirements of each client. If you understand your clientÂ’s requirement you will be able to present them with the right wheelchairs. You can also conduct this business of assistive technology product online. With increasing trend of online shopping amongst people, the online market can also bring in success for you.

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