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Beyond Sight, Inc.  Call 303.795.6455
Online provider of blind and low-vision products bringing life to vision-impaired individuals through adaptive technology. Products include in different categories like computers, clocks, magnifiers, mobility aids, telephones, video magnifiers, writing aids, kitchen aids and much more with online retail shopping.
5650 S. Windermere St., Littleton, CO 80120   (1665)

Freedom Scientific  Call 1-877-775-9474
WorldÂ’s leader in technology-based solutions for people with visual impairments. Offer vision products which are designed to improve the lives of those whose eyesight is diminished to any degree and for any reason. Also offer learning system products and blindness products. Visit site for online shopping.
11800 31st Court North, St. Petersburg, FL 33716-1805   (1663)

Independent Living Aids, LLC  Call (800) 537-2118
Offer products for individuals who are visually impaired or blind at reasonable prices. Every product offers features that make it easier to use by individuals with vision problems. Products include books, clocks, timers, electronics, games, gifts, sunglasses, writing, record keeping and money management etc.
200 Robbins Lane, Jericho, NY 11753   (1664)

Magnifying Center  Call 1-800-364-1608
The center for the visually impaired and blind. Offer adaptive technology including magnifiers, daily living aids, electronic reading technology (CCTV's), integrated reading machines, screen reader enlarger programs and more with online retail shopping.
10086 W. McNab Rd, Tamarac, FL 33321, USA   (1667)

Universal Low Vision Aids, Inc.  Call Toll Free: 1-800-369-0347
An authorized dealer and distributor of assistive technology for individuals with blindness, low vision or visual impairment, learning and other disabilities. Online shopping for all products including assistive listening devices, digital recorders, lighting solutions, microphones and headsets and much more.
8 East Long Street, Suite 210, Columbus, OH 43215   (1666)

Business Information By Mast Directory: Visual Impairment Business Information And Guide

Everything that we do in our life is dependent upon the ability to see things. Our decisions, doubts, reactions and in short all kind of thought processing is totally influenced by our ability to see things. Shopping for our eye care products is common amongst people to keep the eyes in healthy condition. But there are many people who cannot see things. For such people specific assistive technology is required. This enables them to understand and analyze about the happenings around them. These devices for the visual impairment form a very strong section of retail business for those who are dealing with the other similar commodities.

People who are emerging in this business need to comprehend the shopping requirement of the customers. The people suffering from the visual impairment can be completely blind, suffer from low vision or they may be color blind. All these problems are related to the vision but are not the same. In each case the effect is different and the person needs different assistive technology products. Therefore based on the different requirements of the people you will need to have a collection of the items and devices in your retail store to attract the customers for shopping from your outlet. This will act as a stepping stone for the initial stage of the retail business. It will help in keeping the vision in the right direction.

The assistive technology products for visual impairment are of many types. One of the most important ones that have the maximum shopping demand include the devices and software based machines that are capable of provide information with the help of sound. These days the most important and common factor that every work field has is the usage of computers. People with the inability to see find it very easy to use the computers with the help of such form of assistive technology where the information on the screen is read by the machines and the special displays. These form a very strong and important category of commodity for your retail business.

You should keep the latest versions of modified software with different features available in them people who are suffering from visual impairment. There are many companies that independently work on the products of assistive technology. These companies have come up with many things that people will be interested in shopping for. These include the magnifiers that magnify the part of the computer screen and make it visible. The entry of the data is also made possible with the help of screen recognition software. While typing the symbols and letters are read out by the synthesizers. Therefore there is a wide range of such software that you need to offer in your retail business.

Once you have more or less set a base of your retail field in the local market, you should get into the export business. These assistive technology products have huge requirement universally. There are many countries who will be interested in the products for visual impairment. Before you can land your retail branch into the international market you should first get the scenario of the global shopping requirements and the kind of device and software that will fetch more revenue. The right entry in the global market will fetch you very good profit along with the recognition.

In the local market you will need to demarcate the sectors and industries that have to be approached. There are many NGOs who are working for the welfare of the people with visual impairment. They will require assistive technology for the inhabitants. These people will be having shopping requirement of such products. Apart from them you can also get in touch with the government and the various centers that they run for the people with visual impairment. They will also form a very good platform for the target market in this retail business. With the right approach and marketing strategies you will be able to get more customers.

Technology of all kinds is ever changing. There are new versions and varieties of assistive technology that is launched every now and then. You will need to keep a track of all these changes that are occurring since they will ultimately influence the shopping needs of the people as well. Based on the research of the latest products and the market you should contact the distributors that are able to supply the recent and good quality visual impairment products at the best prices. The renewal and addition of the retail store collection has to be done on a regular basis. This will help your business in achieving stability. You will be able to establish your business in very short period of time with high profitability. This is one good are to venture into and it also provides great deal of satisfaction.

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