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EnableMart UK Ltd   Call (0) 20 8532 6141
Company providing an online store for the latest assistive technology products and software. Including ergonomic keyboards, touch screens, voice recognition, low vision magnifiers, hearing aids, switches, learning and augmentative communication products for complete disability and health needs. Visit site for more business information and details.
43 Thames Road, Barking, Essex, IG11 0HQ   (1671)

Independent Living Technologies, Inc.   Call 1-866-518-9682
Company highly dedicated to its business and fully engaged in providing an invaluable resource for people with disabilities by offering competitively priced quality assisted living technology and products in different categories like mobility, ergonomics, workstations, bathroom accessories, learning and classroom, toys and recreation and much more for complete health care.
129 US Highway 70 West, Garner, NC 27529, US   (1670)

Infogrip, Inc.   Call 1-800-397-0921
Company into business since long and specializing in providing clients with all of their assistive technology and ergonomic products and training in disability, ergonomic, education and graphic design markets providing people with a healthier and more productive way to interact with computers. Visit the site for retail online shopping of these health related products.
Online Store   (1673)

RJ Cooper & Assoc.   Call 800-752-6673
Provider of health and assistive technology products including special education software and hardware for disabled people. Other products include slantboard, deskmount, compact switch, jokemaster etc with online retail shopping. Give a look to company website for complete business information and details.
27601 Forbes Rd. Suite 39, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677   (1668)

Tobii Assistive Technology, inc.   Call Toll-Free: 800-793-9227
Provides Technology solutions to help people with disabilities lead more independent lives. Products include Augmentative and Alternative Communication Devices, Assessment and Curriculum Software etc. with Online shopping. Give a look to company website for complete business health information and details.
Tobii ATI, 333 Elm Street, Dedham, MA 02026   (1669)

Woodlake Technologies, Inc.   Call Toll free: 800- 253-4391
Company growing its online business by offering assistive technology equipment and products and solutions which are not limited to equipment alone. Also provide book scanning, delivery, installation, training services and more. Products for online shopping includes in different categories like mobility aids, environmental control, classroom products, hearing and low vision, computer and accessories and more for complete health and disability support. .
666 W. Hubbard Street, Chicago, IL 60610   (1672)

Business Information: A Guide To Assistive Technology Products Business

Assistive technology products increase the comfort level and integrate people suffering with physical (impairments or disabilities) or cognitive difficulties into main stream economy and life so that they enjoy equal rights and share opportunities available to general public.

People with health problems like visual, hearing, speaking, cognitive and physical disabilities are potential beneficiaries of assistive technology products which are now a days also sold with online retail shopping over internet. Assistive technology products have rapidly changed the way disable people function and live normal life. Business and state governments of major developed nations have understood that disability is a natural way of life and assistive technology products business should make that thought a reality. Grants, federal programs, permissions and availability of cheap finance has made possible for creation of new assistive technology products and further enhancement of research.

It made people with disabilities garner a share and inclusion into main stream economy of the nation. World has benefited immensely from technology and technology related products and it is time this huge advancement of technology benefit people from disabilities live a normal life. Preliminary estimates state that 50, 000, 000 individuals are suffering in United States with health disabilities and this number can have significant impact upon the economy and life of other individuals if proper assistive technology products are not developed. Generally disable people are war veterans, accident victims, under nourished babies, by birth physical disable babies, etc. Mostly these people need technology for assistance because they cannot afford a caretaker all through their life even if they can they should have assistive technology products which can integrate them to main stream life. So easy shopping of retail disability products in very important business now and a lot of sites already selling them online.

Brief Intro: - Generally products get manufactured and designed taking into account the masses of population but at some corner there are few strong start ups catering to people with physical and cognitive abilities which is giving them bad health. Companies such as Microsoft are developing software and hardware products which cater people with varied disabilities. Federal grant programs are available to organizations which develop and cater assistive technology products with online retail shopping. Microsoft and other companies are developing AT products which can make accessibility of their products much easier. Products such as keyboards, pointing devices, touch screens, Braille embossers, speech synthesizers, screen readers and word processors, etc.

There is a huge demarcation line between the main stream technology and assistive technology which gives immense potential to research and products. Assistive technology products have universal acceptance and they generally serve a common purpose. Design and assistive technology should be developed in consideration with global requirements hitherto opening the products for global market. Organization such as ABLEDATA, Alliance for Technology Access and are increasing awareness about the products and technology to disable people and helping them to recover from mental health.

These organizations have products which could potentially benefit manufacturing organizations with new ideas and much greater innovations. Business options are varied for small scale industries as one can gain benefits in

1) Providing services either as products dealer or rental services. You can sell products manufactured by prominent manufacturers or else you can start up your own manufacturing unit paying royalties to the concerned company.
2) Educating disable people on assistive technology products on usage and new innovations. Workshops are provided for dealers by many prominent organizations such as Microsoft, etc.
3) Providing exports to poor developing countries.
4) Timely acquisition and delivery of assistive technology and services to masses.
5) Design and develop equipment for telecommunications, hardware manufacturers and software designers, information system managers, etc.

Overall it is understood that Assistive technology retail products lacks awareness and information in developing and developed markets. If efficient marketing capability is developed for AT products they can provide huge business opportunity and in selling with online shopping. Retrofitting of devices increases the overall cost of AT systems and if these costs are reduced it can make system much more cost effective and can potentially increase volume. Governments all over the world are making finance available to small scale sectors to boost R&D and manufacturing of AT products. Scope is immense if products are offered to global market taking in mind the complete health benefits for patients.

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