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Equine Light Therapy  Call 615.293.3025
Offer effective, safe, affordable and easy to use animal Light Therapy pads which are manufactured by the leading innovator and manufacturer of light therapy products in the country and your horses and dogs will love it as it will help in pain relief, relaxation of muscles, increases RNA and DNA synthesis and more.
Online Support   (2150)

Light Therapy Online  Call 1-888-574-7014
Get the pleasure to shop online for the high quality and innovative full length spectrum light therapy products including light boxes, desk lamps, and floor lamps for the treatment of seasonal affective disorder or Mood disorders that register during seasonal changes. Visit site for more information and buy online.
Customer Service, PO Box 1087, Jackson, MI 49204, USA   (2149)

Light Therapy Products  Call 651-351-9800
Online store to purchase light therapy products including full spectrum light bulbs, desk lamps, clearance items, window lights, dawn simulators, skylights, skin lights and more for natural treatments for Rheumatism, Allergies, seasonal affective disorder, Respiratory diseases and Migraines successfully for many years.
5623 Memorial Ave, Stillwater, MN 55082   (2152)

Nova  Call Online support
Leader in providing powerful phototherapy since 1997 providing light therapy in infrared 880nm, red 660nm and blue 470nm at an affordable price for both patients in home use and professionals in a clinical setting.
642 Cowpath Rd, #245, Lansdale, PA19446-1504   (2147)

Physician Engineered Products Inc  Call (800) 622-6240
Offer a lightweight, portable and rechargeable device that sits under the visor of a hat, allowing patients the mobility to receive their daily dose of light therapy while performing other of their routine work.
103 Smith Street; Fryeburg, ME 04037   (2148)

Uplift Technologies Inc.  Call (902) 422-0804
Offering bright light therapy full spectrum lightbox treatment for seasonal affective disorder SAD and winter depression Seasonal Affective Disorder SAD Treatment for people with depression PMS sleep problems postpartum depression and jet lag.
19-10 Morris Drive, Dartmouth, NS, B3B 1K8, Canada   (2151)

Business Information In Mast Directory: A Guide To Light Therapy Products Business

Have you seen anyone shopping for green colored glass bottle lately? Well, we have witnessed it and it was for the purpose of storing water, place it in sun radiation for two-three days, till it absorbed the radiation of green and strength from sun. The prepared potion was for curing blood pressure in the body for normal health. Isn’t that strange? But then we take sun radiation everyday. The aura of sun, colors and its magical radiant strength is age old and few people always followed that belief. We can truly realize the color implication by looking at the way we wear them. For instance white is associated with peace, blue with calmness, yellow with cheerful mood and so on. Now coming to our main subject we can discuss about light therapy and how it works?

Light therapy treatment is an alternative health improvement option and most popular for skin care and chronic health problems that have existed for long and shows only treatment in allopath. In a manner it is a variation of alternative medical science that has proved effective in non-treatable health problems like psoriasis, acne, allergy, asthma and so on. There are several amazing treatments that have offered splendid results in skin therapy with fair usage of color radiation like photo rejuvenation etc. these treatments are usually offered at beauty clinics, spa’s and by skin care specialists as retail services. Now the question is how successful and popular is light therapy treatment and its products?

Light therapy treatment might not be a familiar name with common man but it is surely like a household name for beauty clinics, clients shopping for beauty equipment in retail or spa organizers. The name is specifically associated with skin care, anti aging facials and chronic medical health problems. Now as to move on to its products fame we can name few most sellable items like desk lamps, full spectrum light bulbs, dawn simulators, skylights, skin lights and so on. You have an entire range of varied products under each of above mentioned products and they are part of personal shopping experience for each client. After learning about its products, we can now move on to retail business and how can one go about it?

Your light therapy products shopping require no specific skill and qualification as people interested in your products would either be professionals in this field or owners of place dealing in beauty business already. So, one just need to be fully thorough with knowledge about products, its basic operation and usage. For instance if you have website advertising your products, one can indulge in enhancing sales even on personal scale by listing the benefits of these alternative health products and how they can be effectively helpful in healing ailments. Indulging in this business is either manufacturing these radiant lights or taking up franchise to sell them to retailers or even to clients on a personal level. Talking about the scope of this business, we would say sky begins where land seems to end or perhaps endless.

Using this phrase clearly indicates that these products show hope where medicine fails to offer any sort of permanent treatment. Hence a person needs to understand that it’s a highly profitable stream of business where magic of light display its wonders and fill up your pockets with healing affects. Renowned laser light treatments and bio-photon have been introduced in Germany to display effective working of this therapy in pain decline, fatigue and immunological turmoil. This entire light therapy business is certainly booming in bright lights because of its effective results and serving like a natural cure with no ill effects. However one aspect we would like to mention here is certifying the quality and side effects of products through manufacturing companies before you invest in any of their stocks.

This hold significance as these products are included in medical cures and this clause can be used against you if any unfortunate incident happens with any of the users. Alternative health therapies have a long way to go in beauty industry and people will continue shopping for them even twenty years from now as they cannot stop to fight with their body’s aging process and reappearing wrinkles.