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Alternative Health Supplies  Call + 61 (0)2 9712 5432
Your one-stop wellness shop, offering practitioner quality herbal, vitamin and mineral supplements, health books, hypnosis CDs and lots more! Visit the website for online shopping of all kinds of health products in retail.
PO Box 310, Drummoyne, Sydney, NSW 2047 Australia   (242)

Dr. Leonard's Healthcare Corp.  Call 1-800-785-0880
Offers a large selection of health care products with free shipping. Products include exercise equipments, support and mobility products, diet supplements, personal care products like skin, hair, dental and nail care products and more. Online shopping available to order your goods.
PO Box 7821, Edison, NJ 08818-7821   (238)

Footessentials  Call +44 (0)1625 869 966
The company provides online shopping of natural alternative health products including essential oils which have many therapeutic, anti-bacterial and naturally effective properties for better health and well being without any side effects.
not provided   (1045)

Goldshield  Call 0808 168 0712
Online shopping from UK for the best health care products in different categories like skin and beauty care products, dental and eye health products, immune support, anti ageing, hay fever and allergy products, pet care, sleep and well being, energy boosters and more.
FREEPOST SEA4500, PO Box 789, Thornton Heath, Surrey, CR7 7ZW   (109)

Health Products For You  Call toll free at 866-316-0162
One stop shop for all medical, home care and health products. Browse and buy online various products in different categories related to health like respiratory, surgical aids, wheelchair, wound care, rehabilitation, bath safety, lift chairs, mobility aids, infection control and more.
1 Hillview Dr West, New Fairfield, CT 06812   (239)

Mother Nature Health Products  Call (612) 9502 2799
Australian company providing online shopping of different types of natural health products like bee products, marine products, flora products, cosmetic and hygiene products, shark liver oil, skin creams and more.
Unit 11, Gateway Business Park, 105a Vanessa Street, Kingsgrove, NSW, 2208   (240)

Natural Health Direct  Call +61 (0)7 5450 8277
Shop online for the finest quality Australian natural health products like goji juice, goji berry, protein powders, super foods, weight loss solutions, minerals and vitamins, natural premium coffee, sexual health, oral hygiene, emu oil, body and hair care products and more.
PO Box 8177, Maroochydore DC, Queensland 4558, Australia   (241)

Shop Vegan  Call 01283 769898
Selling a wide range of natural health products and other products suitable for vegans. All products are cruelty-free as they are free from any animal derived ingredients and not tested on animals.
7 Ashley Close, Overseal, Swadlincote, South Derbyshire. DE12 6NR, UK   (7105)

The Fitzz Group, Inc  Call (866) 813-3621
Source for complete line of health products online including sleep comfort products, personal health products, massage and relaxation products, pet health items, fitness equipment, medical supplies, sexual health products, outdoor sports equipment etc.
5830 NE 6th Ct., Suite 100, Miami, FL. 33137   (1318)

A guide to Health Business

One Can Create Wealth By Guiding Health

Do you know what’s common between men and women today? The health quotient, both the genders are health conscious as they make sure to attend their one hour workout session at gym even after a long day at work. And when people have become aware about fitness it’s definitely an upcoming business that surfaced some time ago. There are several fields that can breed well under health section like a gym, spa, physical recreation center, weight loss center and Nutritional food supply. And as we mentioned earlier if you wish to make a flourishing start hit with physical recreation center.

Physical recreation center as people have named it is actually a set up of weight loss equipments, medicated natural treatments, and meditation center along with diet advisors holding regular sessions of yoga. This business has fallen under the necessity section as people look out ways to relax and experience their inner self through natural procedures like yoga and meditation. And if you trust us this health business is creating waves today. How can exactly set up a good health business?

The fact is you will need space if one plans to initiate with numerous activities at his center. However if you have restricted area and budget then even a room in the house would suffice the requirement. It would help if you have certified authority to run this sort of business or consider hiring someone with efficient knowledge in the field. You can also target one gender in the beginning as things become easy working on similar problems first. For men the main stress is mostly on fitness and energy hence the course would have to be based on nutritional supplements and energy providing diet.

After you choose to set up your center with individualistic preference, advertise through pamphlets and offer attractive inaugural discounts to draw people. Hold few free camps at your place to let people have access to health check up. One can create wonders with unusual facts about health on his website and open subscription to health newsletter. If managing facts looks difficult one can easily collaborate with establishments that work as large health ventures and offer franchise to people to expand their name.

Health business has good scope in present time as people do not wish to age and remain young all through life. Most of health centers enjoy huge clientele and with time expanded their horizons to other aspects of business as well. Another significant aspect of this business is that one usually pulls in regular customers and if you can offer them good results, you surely have lifetime customers for your center. So conclusively we would suggest that one needs a physical trainer, dietician and set up of physical fitness equipments to institute a health center.

Today this business had unlimited horizon as cosmetic and laser surgeries for contouring body has also find a place in health ventures. And later one can also offer nutritional supplements to customers like vitamins and proteins for body building. We have even known groups who established their name in health business through marketing their low fat products door to door. Health is an important issue everyone cares about and if you add a little concern to it, they will react most positively.

More Business Information

Health is something everyone is always concerned about. There are many health related issues, concerns, different treatments and therapies both traditional and modern as well. The health products are used for maintaining good health, as precaution from certain diseases and treatment of the disease. A large sum of money is spent on the health products ant the retail business industry is growing industry. One of the reasons is that there are always going to be health issues as long as there is life on the planet. Every one has to use one of the health products once in his lifetime and they have always been in demand. Childhood and the old age is the age when one is very much concerned about maintaining good health and do shopping for different health products.

This business can be taken up as a full time or part time and with the increasing use of Internet across the world it is also possible to do it online. One can decide his or her own time for the health care retail business and sell one or many of the available products from home. The advantage of Internet is that you do not need to have any rental or owned physical store, lot of employees, salaries, bookkeeping and lot of other things. Besides your online store can sell the products throughout the week at any time without holidays or breaks. All the expense you would have is the cost that is involved in the maintenance of your website. A more personalized website having product information and personal experience of the people who have used the product encourages other clients for shopping at your website with trust.

One of the very important things is to select the right and quality product for retail business. It is better to work with the products of the renowned health companies to make good profits form the sale. There is very wide variety of the products that are available in the market. In addition to the online drug pharmacies that are selling the branded and generic drugs there are number of other products. Some of these products are the books or the magazines that are focused on the health related topics. Many health supplements, equipments for exercise and products that are related to the skin care are the all time business earning products. With the busy schedule people do not get time for the workout and the products that burn body fat started to gain profits in the retail market. You can see many people shopping for one of the products to burn the body fat.

One of the other profits earning health product in the retail market is the therapies, treatments, methods or supplements that help people to relieve stress. The changing lifestyles and eating habits of the modern world are causing immense stress in everyday life at home or in business. There is a huge market for the products that improve the immune system of the body. With ageing many people face the problem of sugar level and need products that maintain the level of glucose level in their body. Many people prefer shopping and use of the natural products for maintaining good health and these natural products. With ageing people are also concerned about their appearance and beauty and start looking for the anti ageing skin care products. The retail business in this area also has a tremendous potential for earning money.

It is rare to find a problem that does not have a health product associated with it in the market. If you leave certain diseases there are lot f heath products related to the common heath problems that everyone has. Few years back people used to spend hours in gym for workout to be in perfect shape and in good health. These days they save these hours for business and instead prefer use one of the many heath products. People no longer spend hours at beauty parlors and saloons as there are numerous skin care products in the market. These retail products have created numerous business opportunities for many people. If you have good marketing skills, knowledge of Internet and social media marketing you can earn money by selecting one of the many retail health or skin care products for shopping marketing.

It is very important to select a product and your target clients. If you know about the heath issues that the age group of your target customers face and are concerned about you will be able provide them with the right product. This helps in building a strong shopping clientele for your products and it would generate future links for your business. You can start from a specific product and improve your business as the client’s demands and need for the products keep changing. A proper product and proper strategies for marketing the retail health product would surely yield profit for the business.

Internet is a very powerful tool for the retail business of the health products as you would not have the need to keep a huge stock of the products and at the same time you can offer your clients diverse range of the products. Most of the health products are light in weight which gives you added advantage in the shipping charges and encouragement to the clients for shopping online due to the cheaper shipping charges at prompt doorstep delivery of the products. The prompt delivery of the quality products develops trust in clients, which helps to the growth of any business.

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