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Baghaus  Call Toll Free: 1-877-861-7257
Experience the online shopping of quality and trendy handbags and popular purses in celebrity styles. Shop by category, trends, shop by new arrivals and also shop for leather handbags. Branded bags include hobo purses, tote bags, winter fasion, travel bags, replica designer handbags and more.
CO - Fulfillment Center, HQ, 11701 East 53rd Avenue, Suite A, Denver, CO 80239
http://www.baghaus.com/   (234)

Bagtart  Call +61 3 9592 6813
Online seller of finest material hand-crafted handbags from Australia. Site provides online shopping of all kinds of handbags in different styles and sizes like clutches, day bags, accessories and more for women.
PO Box 282, South Melbourne VIC 3205
http://www.bagtart.com/   (55)

Bananasforhandbags.com  Call 888 810 4160
Designer like handbags at super affordable prices all shipped from our warehouse in Redlands, California.
Bananas for Shopping LLC, 700 E. Redlands Blvd, Suite U-182, Redlands, CA 92374, USA
http://www.bananasforhandbags.com   (7161)

Coach Outlet  Call Not provided
Coach Outlet is the best ways to get better price Coach Handbags,Coach Purses Outlet. Coach Factory Outlet, Coach Outlet Stores Free Shipping with 60% off. Visit the site for online shopping.
Online store
http://www.topcoachoutlet.com/   (5438)

Diaper Bag Chica  Call 907-222-1735
Offer diaper bags including camo diaper bag for dads, black embellish diaper bag, tiffany in pink classic tote set, totes and purses in different styles and sizes. Online shopping with secured shopping cart and next day shipping via popular couriers like UPS and FEDEX.
Online Shop
http://www.diaperbagchica.com/   (350)

Eenamaria LLC.  Call 718.663.8430
Company offering an online store for clothing fashion and accessories including designer purses, designer handbags, fashion accessories, and fashion handbags for the urban woman who likes to do everything from shopping to clubbing. Check website for online shopping.
C/O NY Designs, 45-50 30th Street, Long Island City, NY 11101
http://www.eenamaria.com/   (235)

Handbags And Purses  Call Only email support
Online retail store selling all kinds of fashionable leather products such as wallets, purses, clutch bags, keyrings, briefcases, wash bags, jewellery rolls and much more. Visit the site for online shopping.
Bennett Corner House, 33 Coleshill Street , Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands , B72 1SD
http://www.bagandwalletcompany.com/handbags/   (5600)

Pet Shop Girls  Call 07971 425 918
Online suppliers of 100% cotton made rucksacks, purses, handbags, hats and pouches with prices as low as possible with a pleasurable, fun, shopping experience from browsing through products to having them delivered to your door. Check website for more details and to order online.
34 School Road, Kintore, Aberdeenshire, AB51 0Ux, Scotland
http://www.petshopgirls.co.uk/   (236)

Business Information: A guide to handbags and purses business

Handbags and purses business are real good venture for an enterprising woman. Traditionally it is the woman who gets involved in these sorts of fashion accessories business because of which each piece of your production needs to be different than another piece. If you cannot offer varieties in your handbags and purses business, you are less likely to shine and least people will come for shopping on your store. In this article we will stress out the likable guidance for woman entrepreneurs in setting their handbags and purses retail business.

First step is the capital determination. You would, ordinarily not need too much capital to invest in this business as this is a labor intensive industry. But you need to have a spacious setup that can allow your workers to work with ease. You will be requiring multiple instruments and devices that are used in the production of fashion handbags and purses accessories. Otherwise it is the expenses for labors, to get your costs high.

If you want to set your business with the arrangement of some lending or financial institutions, you can get them. A lot of nongovernmental organizations in the development fields work to operate in a credit lending arrangement to promote empowerment of women. If you are a lady, you can get the benefits of such programs. Otherwise almost all the banks nowadays are having functions to operate microcredit ventures. You can contact them directly.

What makes the difference for such small scale labor intensive companies, is the marketing ability and expertise of the enterprise proprietor. The strength of such handbag and purses retail business is in the specialization of the owner and customers who are shopping. You need to have knowledge of what you are producing, how you produce them, what are your advantages and what are your strengths for a difficult business situation. If you have some good knowledge and clear concept on these, it will be easier for you to formulate your plan. For starting or running a fashion accessories business like handbags and purses business, as I talked through different entrepreneurs, all the business owner looks in extreme exporting opportunities. These unique opportunities foster the growth of such business and make it one of the most lucrative industries to open a business.

It is easier to understand the prospect the exporting opportunities hold for this business. But making a connection to such buyers is complex. Well, let us term it different because getting a connection set in action is not complex but it takes time. Nowadays most of the women entrepreneurs in the North American, Scandinavian and European region operate their own boutique. There they sell limited edition specialty products to mass bulk items with a personal brand touch and so for retail shopping. This is the platform to identify and culture for the handbags and purses fashion accessories retail business.

As we have talked about different aspects and prospects with the business, we should also talk about the qualities that the business would require from the owner. Yes, multi tasking and skills of engaging man power to operate under different conditions – are two basic standards you need to meet. To remain competitive in the business, the business owners of handbags and purses need to be cost conscious, innovative, trendy and aware about fashion.

The scope of this handbags and purses business is growing day by day, staying focus with target and establishing a right channel for communication with the audience will be core for operating a successful venture.

There are some difficulties associated with this business operation as most of the owners come from an amateur background and are not accustomed with legal aspects. To solve this problem, those nongovernmental organizations also offer some consultancy services on free basis. If you are not sure about your handbags and purses shopping business’s legal status, you can seek assistance.

No doubt, handbags and purses business offers multipliable revenue generation scope for young and new entrepreneurs. So get the most of it that you deserve.

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