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Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Wedding Gifts Business

Humans are very correctly referred to as social animals. We humans always have the tendency to socialize. There are many occasions and days when we tend to celebrate, do shopping and planning for them. One of the most important occasions in a man's life is when he ties the knot and selects his life partner. On such a happy occasion it becomes customary to gift the wedding couple with something that will make them feel special and at the same time make them cherish the day forever. Therefore the retail business of such products has a very good scope in the market.

Those people entering into this field of retail business need to first understand the emotional and sentimental aspect of the occasion as well as the items that can be gifted to the newly wed couple. Hence you can first get a good study done about the shopping trends in case of this product as well as the types of products that people prefer purchasing. Understanding this will help you in deciding upon the various types of items that should be made a part of the collection. After a person gets married they generally need stuff that can be of some use to them in their new household. These items will vary from individual to individual but there are certain items that make the often chosen category of wedding gifts.

In this business sector it also very important to understand the latest and the various shopping demands of people. As time change the requirement and the trends change with it. In order to keep yourself in the leading names of the retail stores and also get more customers you will need to find out and keep yourself updated about the changes and the recent additions in the wedding gift articles. Such an awareness and alertness will increase your profit margin along with the sales. You can subscribe to the editions of papers and magazines that provide all the latest news and trends about such products and their market.

You will also need to get in touch with the manufacturers and distributors that provide the retailers with these products. Get an overview of the distributors and then based on a careful analysis choose those that are ready to crack a deal with you at the lowest price and at the same time are aware of the shopping demands in the current market. Once you have chosen them you can go through the types and kinds of items and wedding gift articles that they are providing. Then you can at your ease select the best possible products for your retail store. The collection in your store will definitely make a lot of difference in the business that you will get for your product.

All such people who are coming up with the wedding gifts retail business need to keep another very important factor in their mind. You will have to very carefully decide and select the location of your store. It becomes very important to select places that have maximum crowd generation. Generally the common places include shopping malls and shopping complexes where you will find a lot of people. This will also help in achieving a good recognition and familiarity for the company name. People will be noticing the outlet more often and get publicity as well. Therefore the location plays a very important role. Also the way the store is designed and decorated will help in attracting more and more customers.

Another very important thing the business requires is good advertising and publicity. You may have very good products and service but it is important for people to know about it. Hence you will need to do good promotion of your wedding gifts articles. You can use banners and different types of latest signage for getting the publicity of your product done. You can use vehicle wrapping also to advertise your products across the entire city. This will make your company name familiar and you will find more people shopping from your retail store. Such marketing plans play a very important role in the beginning of the business.

You should keep your marketing plans ready roughly in advance so that you are able to hold a position in the market as early as possible. In the beginning stage of the retail business such preparations make a lot of difference. You should also get a complete market research done about the existing companies in the market to understand the level of competition. Once you have understood the strategies and plans of the competitors you can modify your marketing strategies to keep an upper hand in the market. Try and be as creative as possible so that you can come up with new ideas that can attract more customers shopping wedding gifts from your outlet.

In general marriages happen throughout the year but there are certain times of the year where the occurrence of weddings reaches a peak. It is very natural that the shopping frequency for gift items will also reach the apex in such intervals. Depending upon the city or the country you are starting your retail business you will have to find out about the marriage seasons in the year and keep your collection to its best in the peak season. Start the promotional activities well in advance to acquire maximum customer’s attention. It will help you in getting more sales as well as profit generation for the business. Such calculations have a great influence in the entire business.

A wedding is incomplete without gifts. Giving gifts during a wedding has become the part and parcel of a matrimonial celebration. The wedding gifts are the essential features of shopping needs of a wedding. The wedding gifts may range from apartments, jewelries, vehicles, money, home appliances, and flight tickets to exquisite and romantic places, mobile phones and other miscellaneous retail items which are suitable for the marrying couple. The wedding gifts need not be expensive but they must symbolize and signify your concern towards the couple and their affection towards the guests. If you go shopping for wedding gifts you could across various amazing sorts of wedding gifts.

The business dealing with the wedding gifts can be very lucrative and profitable as the number of weddings around the world is increasing year by year. On a global level, the average number of wedding performed per day has crossed 150,000. You can imagine the number of wedding gifts sold in retail per day around the world. A famous company in China which produces the wedding gift articles proudly claims that their annual turnover on the sales of wedding gifts is 180,000,000 US dollars. The number of staff working there is from 70 to 100. If you go shopping for the wedding gifts, you will know that the cost of these items start from 5 dollars. Though the article is inexpensive, the attitude you bear while presenting it to the couple matters.

Wedding gifts are given to the couple and the couple in turn gives the gifts to the special guests of their wedding. Apart from this the bride and groom exchange gifts between them. So the need of wedding gifts is more and the retail business center provides plenty of unique wedding gifts when you go shopping to buy these articles. The companies that deal with the business of wedding gifts in US have enjoyed an average annual turnover of 600,000 dollars in the year 2005 and 2006. The annual profit has increased to 825,000 dollars in the end of 2008 over the sales of the wedding gifts. This business is always highly remunerative as every day at least 150,000 weddings take place around the globe and the need for the wedding gifts is a continuous cycle.

Life style International is a famous corporate in India which sells all the items needed for a person’s day to day life. Their commodities are aptly suitable to be given as wedding gifs. Their annual turnover at the end of the year 2008 was Rs. 300 crores and they expect an annual profit of Rs. 400 crores by the end of 2009. The survey report on their business shows a hike in the business graph that they are likely to reach the peak of 1000 crore rupees by the end of 2012. The crystal products like vase, bowls, pendants, trays, cake knives, memento boxes, dessert bowls, bread platters, ice buckets etc make extraordinary wedding gifts and are sold in retail like never before. As the crystal wares are elegant looking and delicate, lots of people shopping for wedding gifts buy them as to present as gifts. The crystal ware wedding gifts business can reach a peak of 1, 20,000 US dollars as the annual profit.

According to a recent survey, the average number of wedding that were held in 2008 in the US was 2,500,000. If you imagine that a wedding gift worth of a minimum of 5 dollars is bought by each of the guests of these weddings, can’t you calculate the profit obtained on this business per day?

Heritage Hampers Ltd, a renowned company of Ireland which deals in the business of wedding gifts enjoys an annual turnover of 2 million Euros and it has employed around 50 members as its staff. This company was established in 1994. Within a span of 15 years, it has attained the peak of the business. The Indian wedding industry is currently estimated at Rs. 65000 crores and is yet to grow by 25 percent annually giving rise to the increase in the demand for the wedding gifts. The average budget of a wedding is 20000 dollars. The wedding business averages to about 40 billion dollars a year in the US. In this rate 1,772,647 weddings were held in the year 2008 and an average of $ 913,128,960 was spent on the wedding gifts.

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