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Metalart Exclusive   Call +91-20-24018847
Manufacturer of metal furniture from India offering furniture for home dinning room, living room, bedroom, kitchen etc. Visit the site for more business information and details.
1164, Sadashiv Peth, Ganesh Sadan, Hatti Ganpati chowk, Next to Durvankur Dining Hall, Pune - 411 030, India   (4316)

Retro Metal Lawn Furniture   Call (315) 868-8436
Offer retro metal garden and patio chairs and gliders in eleven colors. UV-Resistant powder coat surfaces, stainless steel hardware. Delivered in 5-7 business days with free shipping. Visit the site for more information.
P. O. Box 503, Old Forge, New York 13420   (4317)

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Furniture is an integral part of our life. It gives us comforts and helps us perform our activities efficiently. Furniture is available for all purposes from leisure to business activities. Furniture is also an important decor items. Things change with time and so have furniture. Not only the designs and styles but also the materials used underwent big change in furniture industry. Metal is increasingly becoming popular for manufacturing furniture. Retail shopping for metal furniture is on rise and metal furniture business is the new offshoot of the furniture industry.

Wood if the primary material used for furniture even today. Nothing can replace the craftsmanship for wooden furniture but wooden furniture today is restricted only for decorative purposes. However in shopping for regular use wood is fast getting replaced by its plastic and metal counterparts. In fact metal scores an edge in durability over all other materials used in furniture business.

Wooden furniture is very heavy and requires great care and maintenance. Furniture can gets damaged by water or drink spillage. Wooden furniture also requires regular polishing to maintain looks and prevent yeast and fungus attacks. Also decor furniture in wooden is very expensive. With such disadvantages retail consumers are avoiding shopping of wooden furniture for homes and offices. Plastics have limitations when it comes to durability or decor and plastic furniture are usually avoided.

Metal furniture is proving to be an ideal choice for both home and office. Metal furniture is very easy to manufacture. This makes it possible to sell metal furniture at cheaper cost. They are light in weight which makes it easy to shift. They do not require any major maintenance than regular dusting and cleaning. For homes users it provides cheaper solution and for businesses it avoids the maintenance hassle. As it caters to the retail shopping needs of all, metal furniture business is reflecting a healthy growth.

Home users are increasingly shopping in retail stores for metal furniture for its numerous advantages. Apart from cost another features that makes metal furniture popular is that it takes very less space. Metal furniture is ideal for homes and offices where space is the biggest constraint. Metal furniture can be easily folded or assembled and disassembled to make more place in case of functions etc. the flexibility that comes with metal furniture is making it an ideal choice for homes. The resale value for metal furniture is also good which makes it convenient to renovate furnishing. Even those buying furnished apartments are settling down for metal furniture. Due to the high shopping from home consumers metal furniture business have started concentrating on newer designs and styles slowly graduating to decor furniture.

Identify all business area with large furniture requirements. Waiting areas at airport, railway and bus terminus, benches in schools, colleges, roads and gardens, shopping malls and hotels all have a large requirement for furniture. As the furniture in such places is subject to rough handling wooden furniture is a strict no at all such places. This is good news for metal furniture to take advantage of. Metal furniture such as benches, chairs, work and study tables, retail fixtures, beds, storage and wardrobes encounter shopping in large volumes from all these businesses.

Retail business in metal furniture manufacturing is worth a thought. Metal is readily available as raw material. The operations involved in manufacturing are mostly the regular metal fabrication. It requires skilled workers to produce decor furniture in wood. It is possible to produce complex designs very easily by metal casting and do not require highly skilled workers. The labor cost thus is cheap compared to skilled carpenters and it is possible to offer decor items at much cheaper rate compared to wood. With pressure for environmental friendly products wood and plastic products have seen a decline in shopping. This has increased demand for metal furniture and more manufacturers are needed in metal furniture business to close the demand supply gap. If already in metal fabrication business venturing into metal furniture will prove to be a very fruitful expansion.

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