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Akva Waterbeds  Call +45 86 89 34 00
Akva Waterbeds is the largest manufacturer of waterbeds in Scandinavia. Each waterbed is specially made to meet the needs of each individual customer. Visit the site for more business information.
Boeletvej 25 · DK-8680 Ry
http://www.akva.com/   (4341)

Waterbedsplus  Call toll free at (866) 314-2337
The premier online store for all of your waterbed and furniture needs and offer an array of waterbeds and waterbed accessories as well as mattresses, pillows, and much more. Visit the site for online shopping and for more products information and details.
Based out of New Orleans, Louisiana
http://www.waterbedsplus.com/   (4342)

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A good sleep is necessary for proper functioning of body. Men’s continuous quest to make sleeping more comfortable has resulted in significant developments in beds and advanced furniture. Apart from the regular beds men is playing with many new ideas to enhance sleeping experience. Air and water is used extensively to develop new beds. Such beds have found good acceptance in retail shopping markets. Not only sleep but also health is a priority for current designers. Water beds offer the maximum health benefits and are making a good business amongst the heath conscious consumers of today.

Two choices in hard sided and soft sided beds are available in market for retail customers shopping for water beds. The difference is in construction of these water beds. Hard sided bed comes with a wooden platform and a plywood base. Soft sided beds make use of foam instead of wood. Both these types of furniture are available in various price ranges and have their own pros and cons. Depending on the price, application and ambiance people make a choice amongst these water beds. As both these water beds have good sales record one must consider both to remove uncertainty in water bed business.

A single chamber for water was provided in early water beds. They were popularly known as free flow beds in retail shopping markets. The problem with these water beds is that it generates waves on disturbance and needs time to settle down. Sound sleep is out of question on such water beds. This was a discomfort for users and a big disadvantage for the early water bed business. All attempts were made to minimize this wave effect and provide retail customers with most comfortable water beds while shopping for furniture. Significant progress has been made in this area as today water beds are available for shopping that does not produce any wave effects. This is achieved by providing mixed chambers of air and water in water beds. People pay for comfort and one can charge good prices for these water beds. However the first generation water beds still have many applications and have not been extinct from the water bed business.

It is possible to heat modern water beds. Thermostat is provided in all such beds to set temperature valued to a desired level. Warm water beds have many health benefits and are used for healing effect in many cases. Warm beds ensure good sleep, maintain blood pressures, improve blood circulation and relax all body parts. Customers are also shopping in retail for these water beds as they are good stress busters after a tiring work day. It is a good option to include water beds in this category to increase sales of water bed business. The only problem associated with the use of such water beds is the electricity consumptions. Designing efficient heating systems that consume less energy will boost shopping in water bed business.

There are several areas where water beds score over regular beds. Realization of these advantages has made in popular shopping item in house furniture. The biggest advantage water beds come with is the provision for heating. It thus provides numerous health benefits that the regular beds are incapable of. Many serious injuries like spinal, back ache or joint pains are often a result of incorrect sleeping. Water beds get adjusted according to body shapes and ensure correct conditions for sleeping. Although regular beds appear clean on surfaces there are many germs and microorganisms that get accumulated inside the bed over a period of time. As dirt and dust is unable to percolate in water beds they are the most hygienic options as far as the bed furniture business is considered.

Quality of water beds is very important to ensure good shopping from retail customers. Water beds are preferred for the health benefit they offer. People getting diseases due to water beds will be a big embarrassment for water bed business. Water beds are made from artificial fabrics like polyvinyl chloride. Such artificial fabrics if not of good quality can produce body rashes and infections. Many people are allergic to such fabrics and safe materials should be used in water bed manufacturing. Water beds must be properly insulated to avoid shocks when heating. Water beds should not wear out within short use or encounter leakage problems. All measures towards ensuring customer comfort will in turn make water bed furniture business more comfortable.

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