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Flex-A-Bed  Call 1-800-648-1256
Adjustable beds from Flex-A-Bed fit your body perfectly with the touch of a button. The company also sell adjustable bed sheets and replacement mattresses for any adjustable bed. Visit the site for online shopping.
P.O. Box 568, LaFayette, Georgia, 30728, USA   (3692)

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In layman’s terms a bed is something you use mostly during night to relax, rest and sleep at the end of the day. A bed is a piece of furniture and there is a mattress made of either foam, coir or springs that acts as a support between you and the hard face of the bed’s surface. But that was then (widely used even today) and adjustable beds are today’s products. Adjustable beds are marketed as being "a comfortable night's sleep" and the choice of adjustable beds are so varied that you are spoilt for choice. Adjustable beds have been used in hospitals for decades now but the adjustable beds furniture business has witnessed huge transformations over the last 20 years or so.

Adjustable beds provide a sense of luxury as suppose to the age old style of flat bed experience. Modern adjustable beds can provide a variety of functions such as heat, massage, elevate and recline. Some people have even felt medical benefits of sleeping on an adjustable bed. For instance, people suffering from acid reflux can benefit from an adjustable bed as an elevated upper body posture aids in containing acid levels down. There are different adjustable beds furniture like Electric Adjustable Bed Frames, Craftmatic adjustable beds, Hospital Electric Beds and Tempur-pedic adjustable beds.

Amongst the top adjustable beds frame manufacturer is Leggett and Platt. But is not only the frame that decides the comfort level rather a good mattress is the key to superior comfort. Some of the popular adjustable bed mattresses are – adjustable coil spring mattresses, adjustable memory foam mattresses, latex foam mattresses, dual adjustable air beds and adjustable air beds. When you go for adjustable beds shopping in retail then just do not rely on buying a good frame. Testing the mattress to fit your comfort needs too is one shopping tip that you should follow.

The US market for beds and mattresses furniture has witnessed an annual average growth rate of 6.7% from 1974. The US market for beds and mattresses including adjustable beds is pegged $7.7 billion. A massive chunk of the mattresses & beds market is sales from traditional innerspring mattresses. This segment represents approximately 90% of the entire retail and wholesale market sales. Sales of flotation, foam, air and adjustable beds make up for the remaining 10 percent.

In a recent survey it was found that 76% people who shopped for adjustable beds furniture did so for health benefits while 67% shoppers said ‘lifestyle’ was the reason for buying an adjustable bed or mattress. From 2002 to 2005 sales of adjustable beds grew by 65%. Now that you know there is a huge market for adjustable beds you would consider your own adjustable beds business. So let’s have a look at what all things you can do to set up a business of your own. Firstly you will need to arrive at a decision whether you would manufacture bed frames or mattresses if at all you would like to enter the business via manufacturing. If you are already manufacturing mattresses then you can plan to upgrade to making adjustable bed mattresses.

Starting an online adjustable beds retail business too is a viable business option. To attract people to your website you can display article and information regarding how to and also information about the products on your online retail shopping store. You can get some facts and benefits of adjustable beds written on your website and maybe people would learn about the benefits from your website and ultimately create sales and business for your venture. You can create a shopping cart and payment gateway so that customers can purchase products online. Make sure that since beds and mattresses are large products you should clearly define the delivery charges if any.

There is an ever growing awareness about the benefits of adjustable beds. This is the driving force behind the increasing sales of adjustable beds and specialty sleep shops are leading the way. While shopping for adjustable beds another thing you will need is adjustable beds bed sheets. That because when you elevate the bed settings then the bed sheet would need to be flexible enough to match the length. Shopping tips and guides online too can be referred to before finalizing your adjustable bed.

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