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Fish is a major food in many countries across the world. Japan heads list of countries where consumption of fish as a food is the highest. On an average basis an adult person consumes 67 kilos of seafood every month. In the US the per capita consumption rates have being increasing on a year-to-year basis. In 2001 the per capita consumption rates stood at 6.7 kg per person. In 2005 the figure for per capita consumption rates reached 7.3 kg per person.

But recent studies have said if resources are not managed in a sustained manner then the seafood retail or wholesale business could be faced with a mid-century crisis where there will not be enough fishes, crabs, lobsters, Roe, Tunas, Cod, Shrimp etc.

For instance the lobster is one seafood that eaters very fond of. Lobsters are found in fairly large numbers in the cold seas. The most sought-after are the shellfish. There happen to be many varieties of lobsters all over the world. The main lobster species are the Maine lobster (American) & the European lobster. American lobsters are bigger as compared to their European counterparts and are the best. When lobsters are cooked they return a reddish-orange tan also their flesh is sweet flavored which makes a great serving when baked, steamed, grilled or simply boiled. Butter sauce serving make the delicacy even better.

The top five countries in the seafood business are, Thailand sits at the top of the list with $4.4 billion worth of exports followed by China with $3.7 billion worth of sea food exports. At three is Norway with 3.6 billions in seafood export followed by United Stated in forth place with $3.1 billion and Canada caps off the top five with $2.8 billion in seafood retail and wholesale business.

Fresh fish is the second largest category in the supermarket seafood business just behind shellfish. Fresh fish sales are usually high during the holiday meals period, as families tend to cook fish meals when all members are around. The usual fresh fish dollar sales have in recent times seen a jump to $1,681 per week per store in America. In March 2006 fresh fish dollar sales peaked to an all time high of $2,106 per week per store.

In recent times the US exports to Europe have witnessed a downtrend because the EU is shifting its Pollock imports from once-frozen U.S. fillets to cost effective twice-frozen Chinese fillets. Still the domestic seafood retail business in America remains strong and that is evident from sales figures related to Pollock exports from the United States. In November of 2006 the domestic once-frozen pollock was selling for $1.65 50 $1.75 for 2-4-ounce where as twice-frozen imported pollock was selling for under $1 at 95 cents.

According to the latest IBIS World report on the Fish & Seafood Wholesaling in the United States sales for sea food business have touched $15.4 billion marking a .6% growth over the previous year. The Industry Gross Products for the year ended 2008 reveals that the industry made a gross profit of $1.5 billion. There are 2,743 establishments that are directly or indirectly involved in the seafood retail business in America.

There are 22,347 registered employees working in these establishment and wages amount to $847 million.

The seafood business in the U.S. is mainly derived from the sales of Fresh and Frozen fish which accounts for nearly 75% of the market share where Canned seafood makes for 25% of the over sales. Cured seafood has a market share of 5% in the overall seafood business in the U.S.

So we now know that there exist vast numbers of people all over the world who enjoy sea food products greatly. Thus it comes as no surprise that the world market for seafood is worth billions of dollars.

There are also some things to need to adhere to when going seafood shopping. Till not a long while ago our waters were clean. But chemicals and toxic waste have found their way into our waters. Mercury is one such deadly substance that gets into the skin of fishes and remains there for a long period.

Because of that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have issued a nation wide fish consumption advisory for mercury. It is advised that when seafood shopping you should keep differing the seafood variety as over exposure can prove harmful.

Seafood shopping during holiday meals is a great occasion and surely you too would like to buy the best seafood on offer to celebrate a toast every time you have the chance to do so.

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