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Corporate Chocolates  Call 0121 314 3472.
Offer luxury chocolates blend with the finest ingredients. Visit the site for more information and details.
40 Great Western Arcade, Birmingham B2 5HU, UK   (6958)

Home Of Fine  Call Phone and Fax: 517-750-4070
Provider of superior handmade fine chocolates from Gilbert's Chocolates including panama assortment, creams assortment, delicious assortment, pecan turtles, sugar free assortment, very best assortment and more. Take a look at the site for detailed information and for online shopping.
American Sales Co., 3215 Chapel, Spring Arbor, MI 49283, USA   (443)

Shari's Berries  Call 916-435-8833
Get the pleasure of online shopping of Chocolate-dipped strawberries in gift baskets, bouquets, and boxes. Chocolate covered strawberries have become one of the nation's most popular gifts.
3715 Atherton Rd., Suite 6, Rocklin, CA 95765   (1024)

The Silky Oak Chocolate Company  Call Phone 845 0908
Online shopping for the finest gourmet chocolates including dairy free like banana creme, blackberry creme, boysenberry creme, kiwifruit creme, lemon and orange creme. Also provide chocolate gifts packed in boxed. Great site to fulfil your confectionery foods products need.
Po Box 7438, Taradale, Napier   (444)

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When you hear the word chocolates automatically you can imagine delicious tasting chocolates melting inside your mouth. Chocolates are usually associated with romance but for children all over the world chocolates are their daily dose of sweetened diets. Chocolates are also the reason kids all over the world have increased dental issues.

Producing Confectionery like chocolates is not a very simple process and the main ingredients for any chocolate making require cocoa powder derived by crushing cocoa beans in the sun. If cocoa powder is not heated in the sun naturally for minimum 7 days then the end product will never be of the finest quality. Other vital ingredients are cocoa butter, lecithin, flavorings, at times vegetable oil to can be added plus a few ingredients for texture.

Europe is the largest market globally for chocolate confectionery business. Out of the total market sales of 40.6 billion in 2001 Europe accounted for 45% of total retail sales. Europe is then followed by US which accounts for a little 33% of the total chocolate food products in the world. The Asia-Pacific region is the smallest of the 3 regions and chocolates sales here account for 15% of global sales. Retail shopping over internet for confectionery is also growing like never before. So choosing to sell online is also a good option.

The recent economic meltdown that became a worldwide phenomenon in 2008 has also had it downing effects on the global chocolate business in retail and wholesale. Europe is the biggest market in the world for chocolates and when Mars Chocolat France President Nathalie Roos announced that the beginning of 2009 that the company was downsizing product and capacity by 10% this year it was clear signal that chocolate confectionery business was feeling the pressure of the economic meltdown.

Mars Chocolat France represents the French operations of chocolate behemoth Mars Inc. Mars has many brands under its Mars Bar flagship brand including brands such as M&M, Mars Bar, Snickers, Milky Way, Twix and a host of other food products. The turnover for Mars Chocolat France stood at €497m in 2008. This figure represents a decent growth of 4% over the previous. There is long established trend that during times of recession or economic down turn families tend to spend more on small snack and the food products industry is hoping this time to this trend will help the chocolate survive tough times.

But amidst the gloom there is further proof that the chocolate business in retail and wholesale is reeling under the financial crisis. Barry Callebaut, the world’s biggest bulk chocolate confectionery maker has announced in that for the first half year ending February 2009 the company’s sales revenue has dropped by 1.6 per cent to 1.64bn Euros. At the same time measures like cost control, margin improvements, and other efficiency measures helped the company attain 15.3% increase in net profit. The Swiss Chocolate maker that is based in Zurich recorded 93.8 million in profits.

If the volumes of Barry Calleabut chocolate business is to be taken into account then the company sold 611.920 tones till February 2009. This represents a miniscule drop of 0.1% on half yearly basis.

The world is now slowly shifting from eating massed produced chocolates to expensive premium brands. Chocolate retail business in the United States is currently pegged at $15.3 billion and Hershey’s and Mars are two of the biggest names. But now people want to taste premium and exquisite chocolates. Donnelly is one of the fastest premium chocolate brands in the chocolate business. Some of Donnelly’s chocolates are priced at $75 per pound. Certainly such chocolates are not for kids or people who would just unwrap a chocolate bar and gulp it down. Such chocolates are for those who enjoy bite as if it were the most aristocrat wine available. Data for sales of premium chocolate confectionery in 2005 showed the market for premium chocolate business stood at $1.2 billion, by 2009 the premium chocolate business is projected to touch $1.7 billion.

Though there is no perfect time for chocolates but the holiday season all over the world is the time for brisk chocolate sales. Chocolate romantics would enjoy their favorite chocolates with wine because to drink good wine you need good taste and the same is said for food products like chocolates.

You too could make chocolate shopping a love affair by follow three steps that will ensure you buy your chocolates correctly. Well made chocolates will always have an aroma about them and you will be well advised to check if the chocolates aroma is nice and fresh. Though you are not hugely educated about chocolate picking still with some extra knowledge you’ll be able to do that.

Also you can ask the food products store keeper that you would like to check the taste of the chocolate you wish to purchase just to make sure that the flavor of your choice is similar to what you would like it to be. Lastly always do a check of manufacturing date and expiry date to make sure the candies are good to consumer. Follow these steps and your chocolate shopping will be a great taste always, Happy Chocolate Shopping!

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