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Door County Confectionery   Call 920-868-2290
Company located in Door County, Wisconsin offering confectionery items with mouth-watering chocolates and delicous hand-made fudge with secured online shopping environment. Include gift certificate, candy items, christmas, confectionery gift packages for valentine day and sweetist day.
Main Street Shop 1M, 7828 Egg Harbor Road   (445)

Retro Sweets Shop   Call 01777 704925
Visit the Retro Sweets Shop to buy all your favourite sweets online, we have just about every sweet you can think of, if it isn't listed let us know and we will do our best to stock it. Don't forget to check our Retro decade boxes that are packed full of sweets from your era.
Retro Sweets Shop, 1 West Street, Retford, Nottinghamshire, DN22 6ES, UK   (6895)

Business Information: A Guide To Confectionery Business

A Confectionery in a broad sense can be defined as food products rich in sugar. The staple demand for confectionery food products come from business corporations who order them for staff meetings, motivational meetings, sales meetings with clients or other company meetings. Confectionery businesses can also provide chocolates, candies or other sweets to sweeten a deal in a business event. Hence the key trick to success in this business is to attract the attention of the big enterprises capable of giving big orders. Or get ready to sell these products with online shopping over internet in retail where you can find customers from all over the world.

Any good food product industry would stock and produce goods according to the demands of the customer. Hence, the first step in setting up a confectionery business is market research. Often the occasion demands the type of food product that is ordered. For example – if some foreign delegates have to be welcomed, the confectionery ordered would be solely dependent on the guest’s preference. The companies usually prefer businesses which can satisfy their demands for variety. Hence it is always a wise idea to stock a variety of sweets for people to do shopping.

One thing to remember while preparing the food products is the food safety standards in order to stay in the right side of the law. According to the current legislation, the kitchens of all food processes must be registered with the local authorities unless they operate on a causal basis. Hence before setting up for the retail business it is always better to contact the local council about the rules as the laws are dependant on the location. Also, for regularly selling food products, one has to take up a course in food hygiene. This course can be completed online and mostly covers the basic precautions in hygiene food preparation.

Pricing the confectionery at appropriate rates is a critical tool for attracting customers while they are on shopping. There are many things that have to be taken into consideration for setting up the right price – cost of ingredients, food packaging and marketing, training & license expense and miscellaneous costs( cost of gas/electricity, transportation etc). Once all these expenses are worked out, a rough idea of the price required for breaking even or making a profit can be calculated. Another way to check the price of food products would be to take note of the price other companies or stallholders charge for their confectionery. Offering discounts or other attractive packaging may help in securing an advantage over the competitors.

Once the target customers are identified, the next step is the preparation of food products. It is always recommended to have a variety of dishes to satiate different types of customer tastes. For example – if the recipe is for cakes, one can try out different methods, ingredients, flavors and fillings. With sweets one can try out a variety of different recipes. These food products then have to be tried out for quality checks ensuring the customers are happy while doing retail shopping.

One relatively inexpensive way of trying out the confectionery would be to put up stalls in locations where it isn’t that costly to set up stalls. Such stalls can be used as valuable test runs to gauge customer reactions to the food products. If the initial reactions are positive, then the business can be further developed either by moving the stalls up market or simply by increasing the quantity of the food product sold thereby making a profit.

The final step involves presentation of the food product based on customer preference and location. Packaging can affect sales of confectioneries in a big way. It can also cover up some minor flaws in designs. For example – ribbons are a cheap and effective way of concealing rough edges of cakes. Themed packing can also tremendously affect the sales of confectionery as in the case of increased demand for sweets and chocolates during Christmas and Valentine’s Day when online retail shopping is at extreme.

Once the business is established, aggressive marketing strategies like innovative advertisements and business cards help retain public interest. Thus, setting up a confectionery business is an extremely viable and lucrative profession which requires a low capital investment when compared to other business.