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Diane's Flower Seeds   Call Not provided
Offer germination tested and open-pollinated flower seeds packaged in 2 x 3" ziplock bags. Products include heirloom flower seeds, including rare perennials and easy-to-grow annuals. Visit the site for online shopping in retail and for more information.
1380 N. Hwy 89, Ogden, UT 84404.
http://www.cheapseeds.com/   (4376)

Summer Hill Seeds   Call Not provided
Offers Rare Flower Seeds for every Garden featuring Annual Flower Seeds, Perennial Flower Seeds, Vine Flower Seeds, Morning Glory Flower Seeds, Fragrant Flower Seeds, Tropical Flower Seeds, and many others flower seed varieties. Visit the site for online shopping and for more information.
13505 Hamilton Pike Rd, Whittington, IL 62897, USA
http://www.summerhillseeds.com/   (4377)

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A guide to flower seeds business

Every house would like to have a beautiful garden filled with colorful flowers that provide a sense of attraction and a calmness in the midst of the beautiful flowers. Flower gardens range from roses and lily to crotons and tulips. The seed of beautiful garden lies indeed in the seeds.

A flower seeds retail or wholesale business is not the first thing that would come to the mind of any individual who would want to start their business venture. The common notion is that there are several other businesses that are profitable and involve a lower operating cost. There are two different ways in which a flower seeds business can be set up. It could either be small household type business or the other large scale business spanning different geographies or cities.

People seldom realize how profitable a flower seeds business can be. Especially since the shopping market segment is going to be every single household that would need flowers, this is a common scenario across the globe irrespective of the size of the business whether it is small or large. A common man who goes shopping also would find it a certain attraction to have a flower garden set up that would beautify his home.

To establish a successful flower seeds retail business, the only raw materials required would be the seeds. These can be obtained on a wholesale for any business that is starting afresh. The logistics and the storage of the seeds would be the part that would need more attention. If the target market is only within a city the operational cost on the logistics can be cut down by having a single central chain to which the distribution networks are connected. The number of networks and the range of each network would be purely dependent on the individual business requirement and the profit margin that the region would bring in. A flower seeds retail business operation could include small flower vendors operating across various parts of the city, which would be connected by the distribution networks established.

For a successful flower seeds business it is absolutely essential that the seeds are well preserved for future shopping. There are several types of seeds that can be stored at room temperature under a normal operating environment, on the other hand there are certain varieties of seeds such as the salvia species, columbine and purple cone flower. One other major problem that the storage of flower seeds is going to bring forth is the pests. Since flower seeds are common food for a variety of pests such as birds, squirrels, rats etc care has to be taken to ensure that these seeds are stored well since these pests mentioned above cause natural germination of these seeds and that would be a serious concern that needs to be dealt with. If the business is to be done on a large scale that involves ware houses and shipping, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that there is a good warehouse management system in place. Shipping of these products to different locations would mean additional operating costs but it would be a huge benefit to have overseas operations established which would enable the brand to be recognized. If there is an efficient supply chain management the necessity of frequent shipping could also be minimized for the seeds.

Once you have a flower seeds business established the most important thing would be to ensure that every one is aware of the new player in the retail shopping market. The first stages of marketing could involve a word of mouth or the newspapers which would be inexpensive and have a fair reach. Especially if the business is going to be small scale the return on investment for a marketing program set up using the television as the main source would be low.

From the revenue stand point, the initial investment would be a low one for a small scale business and if a proper distribution network is in place, there will be a minimum operating cost and a higher profit margin. Even if the initial investment cost is low the return on investment is fairly high for the flower seeds business. So next time you go shopping and look at some flowers think about the seeds that could make you rich.

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