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Plants Enhance Online Ltd   Call 01934 710088
Provider of excellent quality artificial plants, fake plants and plastic plants. Can supply artificial plants and trees for both your home and office. UK mainland delivery and VAT included. VIsit the site to know more about this retail business.
Little Acre, Crickham, Wedmore, Somerset, BS28 4JZ   (3670)

Silk Plants   Call 800-496-1997
Offer affordable and durable silk plants, artificial trees, and artificial silk flowers. Visit the site for more details.
Online only   (6497)

The artificial Plants Shop   Call 0191 4877694
Offer online shopping of artificial plants including artificial fruits, flower trees, turfs, deluxe trees, bamboo, spiky plants, colorful trees and much more.
Unit 3, Tenth Avenue Trade Park, Team Valley Trading Estate, Gateshead, NE11 0HL   (3669)

Business Information By Mast Directory: Artificial Plants And Flowers Information

Artificial plants and flowers business is experiencing good growth and demand because of resurgence and interest in interior decoration. These days it is common to note artificial plants stacked up inside the house than the natural ones. Natural plants are mostly kept outdoors because of maintenance problems and artificial plants are kept inside the comfort of the house. Shopping demand in retail has also picked up.

These plants are made from various materials and it is important to shop those artificial plants and flowers which do not have harmful chemicals. Governments worldwide are imposing severe restrictions on plants and flowers which have chemical substances or their derivatives present in them. Some governments have banned countries from exporting artificial plants and flowers which have chemical substances in them. It is important to have clearances from the respective governments before starting an artificial plants and flowers business. These businesses have export potential and to capture this export potential one needs to obtain clearances and permits regarding the safe use of chemicals and clean practises of manufacturing. Before shopping in retail of these artificial plants and flowers one needs to have knowledge about the various qualities.

Many countries recognise these businesses as small scale industries. These have been regarded widely for providing foreign exchange and have earned export points. Some of the countries which have considerable share in the market are China. China from decades has been famous for manufacturing artificial plants and flowers. Advantage in this trade would be to those countries which employ safe and ethical manufacturing facilities according to the laws of the specified country of export. Shopping of plants and flowers should be a primary goal for entrepreneurs planning to start this retail business because they can understand the market and pricing.

Generally these artificial plants and flowers are made from paper and plastic. Some of these artificial plants and flowers are made from finest poly blend and wood. Interestingly these artificial plants and flowers are made from natural wood which makes them look and feel like the original plants. Artificial trees are available in a complete package with pot, marbles, small rocks, little bit of silt and ultimately a wooden or plastic tree with flowers and leaves which give a sense of originality. Actually many of these trees need to be touched or felt to determine whether they are fake or original. These trees are very popular in office spaces because they remove the maintenance cost for original trees and give a pleasant feel for customers. If you consider the shopping patterns many customers would be attracted to a wooden artificial plant and flowers which is close to reality.

These days with the increase of popularity for feng shui and other related luck items artificial plants and flowers have also gained considerable business. Retail Shopping of these plants for luck has given profits for sellers. According to a local in Australia survey many households have shown interest to artificial plants and flowers because they are close to realty and they appear almost original. Some trees like coconut, palm tree, etc have good value and have provided good sales to artificial plants business owners according to a prominent website. Artificial plants and business industry will have steady growth in the future if you consider the amount of interior decoration importance being given out. Customers are shopping different varieties of artificial plants and flowers so it is important to have different variety. This industry primarily needs good sales pitch and it is extensively dependent on marketing. Artificial plants and flowers industry is unorganised and attractive. New entrants need to compete with goods from China which are cheap. This is a labour intensive business meaning this business needs to employ labour to sort, clean, cut, etc for the tree to have its desired shape. This industry can proceed with automation but it would be difficult to manufacture one such system. Shopping patterns needs to be studied to determine the market of certain product.

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